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Advanced Link Wheel Techniques for New SEO

In This Post, We’ll Talk About Advanced Link Wheel Techniques for New SEO

The growth of the internet makes it increasingly difficult for a site to achieve good rankings in search engines. In every niche, there’s fierce competition for specific keywords. One of the ways to promote a site, and achieve good rankings is through search engine optimization (SEO).

Link building, getting your site’s links on external sites to boost your traffic and improve the search engine’s perception of your site’s popularity, is one important strategy involved in SEO. Link building is also the most painstaking and costly aspect of SEO.

The New Model of Link Wheel

Abuse of link wheels in the past requires a new spin on this powerful link-building strategy. The link wheel of today, while maintaining its wheel shape, must have a new face. Generally, the main site to be promoted sits in the middle of the wheel, while other sites link to each other in a circular shape around the main site.

Much like spokes on a wheel, every site within the circle has a specific link pointing to the main site thereby connecting the wheel to the hub. The number of links now coming to the parent site increases its backlinks and visibility in the search engines.

Blackhat techniques with defined patterns used in the past, and deemed malicious by the search engines means that any link wheel techniques used today must appear natural. There should be no apparent defined patterns. In fact, the more random the links appear the more effective your link wheel will be.

Advanced Link Wheel Strategy: Basic Overview

Link wheels today must employ randomization which will include using “guest posts“, “web 2.0 sites“, “social media” and “article submission sites” to create the wheel. To increase the effectiveness of the advanced link wheel, smaller sets of link wheels are included in the overall large framework, with a break in the connection between the sets.

How Advanced Link Wheels Work

Internet marketers and SEOs use advanced link wheels to optimize a site for a specific group of keywords. The keywords targeted are usually the words that searchers look for when they use search engines. The goal with advanced link wheels and link building is to get the target site to the first page of search engine results. Users rarely visit the second and third pages if they find what they’re looking for on the first page. This is why it is so important to have a proper link-building strategy to optimize your site for your target keywords.

Backlinks still remain a huge determining factor in how Google ranks a site, and the incoming links that a well-planned link wheel provides will give the site some of the backlinks that it needs.

More than Just Backlinks

When link wheels are used to provide good informational resources to readers – not the spammy content of the past – you’ll increase the amount of traffic coming to your main site. As people find your content through sites in the link wheel, they’ll want to visit your site to learn more. You’ll boost your conversion rates if your content is used to presell your prospects, and they’ll come to your site ready to buy, or at least join your mailing list.

Think of the content you post to other properties across the web as a way to reach your audience instead of thinking of just dropping another backlink. You’ll increase your brand’s credibility with your audience and also with the search engines since you’re not out there spamming the web for backlinks.

Are Link Wheels Legal?

Link wheels that are used in moderation with link diversity and top-notch content will help your site to rank well in the search engines. When used in this way they are legal. Use trashy content, with poor intentions and generally bad SEO, and your site will be penalized for sure.

Why choose either Social Media traffic OR SEO traffic, when link wheels give you both?

What are you waiting for?

Fire up Google keyword tools OR Market Samurai and list down diversified keywords to use for your first advanced link wheels – then tell me how it went!

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