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58 Arvind Kejriwal Quotes To Understand Politics 2022

Arvind Kejriwal is a very popular politician in India. He is known for his work with the Aam Aadmi Party and his dedication to helping the people of India.

Arvind Kejriwal Quotes are famous for their wisdom and insight. If you want to learn more about politics or just get inspired, then you need to read these quotes from Arvind Kejriwal!

Arvind Kejriwal Quotes 2022

Arvind Kejriwal Quotes

1. “If we provide quality education to one generation, poverty will automatically be eradicated from society.” — Arvind Kejriwal

2. “It is easy to talk about development. However, it entails painstaking efforts to actually make it happen.” — Arvind Kejriwal

3. “Why should the PM be placed on such a high pedestal? That an ordinary citizen should not even have the guts to write a letter to the PM?” — Arvind Kejriwal

4. “Indian polity has failed to provide solutions to the common man’s problems.” — Arvind Kejriwal

5. “Providing good education to all citizens is necessary if India wishes to be counted as a developed nation.” — Arvind Kejriwal

6. “Our kids are our biggest assets. They are the future of our country. If we provide them a good education, no one can stop India from becoming a developed country.” — Arvind Kejriwal

7. “We have never said that we want to challenge the institution of Parliament.” — Arvind Kejriwal

8. “This democracy is not by the people, of the people, for the people. This democracy is about by the party high command, of the party high command, and for the party high command.” — Arvind Kejriwal

9. “Movements live on a day-to-day basis.” — Arvind Kejriwal

10. “We fought against British not because of the color of their skin but also because of the exploitative character of their government.” — Arvind Kejriwal

11. “Our anti-corruption systems have inherently and intently been kept flawed.” — Arvind Kejriwal

12. “No person can fool all the people all the time.” — Arvind Kejriwal

13. “There isn’t a single developed country which does not have its citizens well educated.” — Arvind Kejriwal

14. “AAP was formed to expose the Congress’s scam. We could never think of an alliance with the Congress, but to fight the BJP we have to think of something like that.” — Arvind Kejriwal

15. “I have not flouted any rules on transfers or posting.” — Arvind Kejriwal

16. “I want to remain a common man, want to spend time with my family.” — Arvind Kejriwal

17. “No one can create a movement. No one can create a Gandhi.” — Arvind Kejriwal

18. “If you walk on the path of truth all the powers in the universe help you.” — Arvind Kejriwal

19. “I am an ordinary man.” — Arvind Kejriwal

20. “Only love can heal hatred.” — Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal Quotes

21. “We have ended the VIP culture in Delhi. We made additional night shelters for the poor. We have started the anti-corruption helpline. We are impartial and are not against anybody.” — Arvind Kejriwal

22. “When you are running the country it means you work for the poor people. It doesn’t mean you siphon off money of disabled people. It does not mean you allot public property like coal for free to rich people.” — Arvind Kejriwal

23. “At the heart of all problems lies the politics of the country.” — Arvind Kejriwal

24. “Economic growth and ‘future superpower’ status is all very good but that doesn’t guarantee dignity for every individual.” — Arvind Kejriwal

25. “We have to make the bureaucracy accountable to the people. It is not something esoteric, it can be done.” — Arvind Kejriwal

26. “I am not against privatisation of the media channels but I stand for a strong regulation and transparency.” — Arvind Kejriwal

27. “Our aim should be to not allow a single corrupt politician or even a family member to enter the House.” — Arvind Kejriwal

28. “My children feel proud of me. Since their father is honest, they have nothing to be ashamed about.” — Arvind Kejriwal

29. “Lots of people tell me I am straightforward.” — Arvind Kejriwal

30. “Actually, no one is born honest or corrupt.” — Arvind Kejriwal

31. “Khap Panchayats are a group of people who come together. There is no bar on people to assemble in this country.” — Arvind Kejriwal

32. “We, alone, can’t change the country. We should do it together.” — Arvind Kejriwal

33. “People like Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi, who have spent Rs 500 crore to build their brands, will take that money back from us only. How can they deliver good governance?” — Arvind Kejriwal

34. “Education is the antidote to poverty.” — Arvind Kejriwal

35. “Yes, I do believe in karma. In my childhood I was a believer.” — Arvind Kejriwal

36. “Many people say that we have sufficient laws in our country, just that they are not implemented properly. I completely disagree with them. I have studied many of the laws very carefully. We are still being governed by the same colonial laws which existed in British times. They have not been changed. Many of these laws need to be changed.” — Arvind Kejriwal

37. “One thing that is great about India is the freedom to speak and the spaces available in our democracy to protest which doesn’t exist in many places in the world.” — Arvind Kejriwal

38. “MPs are basically bonded labourers of their parties. And it is the party high command of each party, which takes decisions.” — Arvind Kejriwal

39. “We are not entering into politics to acquire power.” — Arvind Kejriwal

40. “We need to work out what kind of systems of governance we should have.” — Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal Quotes

41. “Every person in this country is suffering because of bad governance.” — Arvind Kejriwal

42. “I completely disagree if someone says that corruption of junior government officers should be overlooked.” — Arvind Kejriwal

43. “I will keep repeating, that if you find me guilty of corruption then take the strictest action against me.” — Arvind Kejriwal I don’t agree that the Somnath Bharti incident has been an embarrassment.” — Arvind Kejriwal

44. “No one gets punished for corruption in our country.” — Arvind Kejriwal

45. “I want to make Delhi a place where people of all religions feel safe.” — Arvind Kejriwal

46. “We have a democracy of elections to elections. After winning an election, the parties become brazen and arrogant. They would do all wrong things and if you question them, they would say – why don’t you change the government next time? But that would be five years later. What do I do right now? I am suffering right now.” — Arvind Kejriwal

47. “We have police stations for the poor but CBI, CVC and CAGs for the rich with nearly nil recovery of ill usurped wealth.” — Arvind Kejriwal

48. “Right to Information is a small concrete step in making our polity more democratic.” — Arvind Kejriwal When ordinary people come together, they can upset the mighty.” — Arvind Kejriwal

49. “I’m diabetic.” — Arvind Kejriwal

50. “The CVC and CAG are independent but merely recommendatory. The government often ignores their advice.” — Arvind Kejriwal

51. “In fact, the media should not be run by the government at all.” — Arvind Kejriwal

52. “Doing politics over water is not good as people from Punjab and Haryana are also our own like that of Delhi. Everyone should get water.” — Arvind Kejriwal

53. “No alliance can be formed on Twitter.” — Arvind Kejriwal

54. “It is a British legacy that we have such a strict hierarchy that we can’t even write a letter to our PM.” — Arvind Kejriwal

55. “I am a man in a hurry. We have to work both from office and roadside. I am impatient.” — Arvind Kejriwal

56. “We want to spread the movement and want people to join in. Any one who is against corruption should join, be it Baba Ramdev or the common man.” — Arvind Kejriwal

57. “The representatives of people become uncrowned kings and queens once they get into Parliament.” — Arvind Kejriwal

58. “We never said that we don’t have faith in Parliament. We have great respect for Parliament.” — Arvind Kejriwal

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