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10 Beginning Blogging Mistakes You Can Fix In 2023

In this article, we have featured 10 Beginning Blogging Mistakes You Can Fix In 2023. Congratulations!

You’ve decided to join the ranks of bloggers. You’re going to love it! Before you get too far into it, though, I’d like to help you avoid some common beginning blogging mistakes.

These mistakes are almost a rite of passage, but why waste that time with mistakes you can easily avoid?

5 Beginning Blogging Mistakes You Can Fix In 2023

Blogging Mistakes

1. Auto-loading music.

Please. I beg you, your readers beg you: ditch the auto-loading music! Auto-loading music is not only annoying and surprising, but it’s a bandwidth hog. It makes your blog load slowly.

Do you really want to lose a reader because she couldn’t wait for your site to load?

And if she waits for your site to load, will she be annoyed because she didn’t know there would be music, accidentally had her speakers on high, and a sleeping husband (or child) right beside her? I can tell you this: She won’t be back.

2. Using a design with a dark background & light text.

This issue is less about your aesthetic (though that is part of it) and more about usability and readability. Reading online is harder on our eyes than reading the traditional paper.

Using a dark background with light text makes it even harder for your readers’ eyes.

3. Not Defining Your Niche.

As much as we would like to believe that our interests are the most interesting ones on the planet, we need to realize that to stand out, we need to have a specialized area of focus.

Trying to appeal to everybody usually leads to failure. Therefore, you must select a certain topic or area of interest and build your brand around it.

Make sure your content revolves around your niche. You will then be more likely to attract the perfect audience that shares your interest.

4. Too much sidebar clutter.

A sleek, uncluttered design goes a long way with readers. The less clutter, the more white space you have. You can use this white space to help lead your readers’ eyes toward specific content. Your images and headlines will stand out more.

Are you proud of your awards, badges, and various trinkets and show them off on your sidebar? That’s OK, those things are a rite of passage too.

You don’t have to get rid of them, but why not put awards on their own page and link to them from your main page? You’ll trade 20 links for just one link and de-clutter the sidebar. De-cluttering your sidebar eases navigation for your reader.

When there are fewer items competing for your reader’s attention, they’ll be drawn to what’s important.

5. Not Publishing Consistently. 

Not Publishing Consistently. 

We understand that life gets busy. However, if you want a successful blog, you must commit to regular publishing. Random posting here and there is not going to be useful, especially in the initial stages of your blog.

You must demonstrate to your audience that you are organized and serious about your blog. Set a posting frequency and stick to it. It could be daily, weekly, or bi-weekly.

Consistency builds trust in your readership, and they will be more likely to come back for more.

6. Accidental plagiarism (even with photos).

Very few legitimate bloggers plagiarize on purpose. Most likely a new blogger won’t realize what they’re doing (but that doesn’t make it OK).

Plagiarism applies to using any content that isn’t originally yours, whether it’s words, photography, music, pictures, or anything else.

Many new bloggers will Google a picture, then save it and use it in a blog post. That’s plagiarism — even if you cite where you found the picture — because you haven’t asked the owner if you can use it.

The U.S. Copyright Office bluntly says: “Acknowledging the source of the copyrighted material does not substitute for obtaining permission.”

So take a minute to find out about and understand the issues of plagiarism and copyright. You may also want to know about Creative Commons.

What about your words being used without your permission? You can check to see if anyone has copied your content with Copyscape.

And if you find that someone has used your content without your permission, click over to What to Do When Someone Steals Your Blog Post.

7. Use “click here” instead of keyword phrases for links.


Choose your link words carefully. When you are writing a post and need to insert a link, consider how you are going to write that sentence and where you will include the link. For example, which of these is more effective (potential links in bold)?

We can help you find information on the most popular blog posts.

For e.g.- For information on the blog, hosts click here.

The top sentence is more effective because it has a keyword phrase that helps with SEO and is more descriptive for readers.

The words “click here” or even just the word “here” linked to other files or pages are everywhere on the web. When was the last time you did a search for “click here”?

8. Not Engaging Your Audience.

Engaging with your audience is a crucial aspect of blogging. You must understand that your online presence cannot thrive without the people who come to read your posts.

So, make sure that you respond to comments on your posts, and encourage discussions around it. Also, social media is an excellent platform for reaching out to and engaging with your audience.

It allows you to share thoughts, ideas, and build relationships with your readers.

9. Monetizing Too Early.

Monetizing Too Early.

We get it; you want to make money from your blog. However, it would be best if you earned your board first. Nowadays, a lot of people start blogging with the sole purpose of making money.

It is essential to remember that what makes a good blog is quality content, not adverts. Therefore, focus on creating excellent content that is valuable to your audience.

Engage and connect with your readers first, and then, think of monetizing options, like e-books, sponsorships, or affiliate marketing.

10. Neglecting Promotion:

You may have quality content, but if no one knows about it, your blog may flop. Promoting your blog is equally essential as creating content.

Use social media, email marketing, forums, and other channels to raise awareness about your blog, build an audience, and drive traffic.

Additionally, engage with your readers through comments, emails, or social media, and respond to feedback and criticism.

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Conclusion 10 Beginning Blogging Mistakes You Are Doing in 2023

Remember, blogging is a process and it takes time to learn how to effectively write and manage your blog. Don’t let these 10 beginning blogging mistakes get you down.

Instead leverage them to help you learn and grow along the way. If you make mistakes, own up to them and strive for improvement with each new post.

In no time, you’ll find yourself well on your way to mastering your blog like a pro. Rely on peers who have been in the business for a while and are experienced with blogging for tips and guidance.

Their expertise will help propel you forward so don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions!

As long as you follow these best practices, avoid the common blunders discussed in this article, and continue learning along the way – then you’re sure to create an exceptional blog that gets you noticed!

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