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Jitendra Vaswani

best free messaging or SMS apps for android

Android phones are amongst the hottest on the market, currently accounting for around 70% of the European mobile market. Headlined by flagship handsets such as the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and LG G2, and supported with the strong range of cheaper devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and uber cheap LG Optimus L5 2, there is more demand for the Android market than ever.

best free messaging or SMS apps for android


Whether you’ve just purchased a new Android device, or whether your 23 months into a 24 month contract, you’re going to want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your tech. Fortunately, there are a variety of different messaging apps available on the app store, to complement the variety of apps that come preinstalled.go sms pro

Google is famed for its Gmail service, one that has an amazing array of features such as labels and filters, as well as massive storage meaning you never have to delete anything. The search giant also throws Hangouts, its own IM and SMS service, into Android so that you can message all your Google (and non-Google) buddies quickly.


Most Android smartphones also come with a separate SMS app (the Nexus devices just have Hangouts), although each manufacturer throws in varying levels of customisation, so there are too many offerings for us to comment specifically. What each app will do, though, is send a text.
hello sms

Below you’ll find our list to the best apps out there, to help you stay in contact with all your friends and colleagues.

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