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Blinkist Free Account 2022– Get Started with Blinkist for Free!

With social media sites such as YouTube and computer games absorbing so much of our free time, it is difficult to find time to read.

Blinkist is a site that offers both text and audio book summaries in order to help you acquire significant material in little time.

Blinkist Free Account - Blinkist Overview

Blinkist Free Account

What is it priced at? The $14.99 monthly membership cost is unreasonably exorbitant. Doesn’t that seem a bit excessive?

Today’s article will outline a successful method for gaining access to a FREE Blinkist account!

For those unfamiliar with Blinkist, we will provide a brief overview of the program.

The Blinkist app summarizes nonfiction and fiction books so users can gain a fundamental understanding of a work in 15 minutes instead of spending hours on it.

Blinkist Pros

  • Every book summary has been done. A book teaches all fundamental concepts and ideas, not just a select handful.
  • Information is quite simple to learn and absorb. Due to its swiftness and responsiveness, a youngster would quickly learn how to use the software’s most essential functionalities, such as reading and listening.
  • Highlighters make it significantly easier to recall information from summaries. This little-known function can significantly affect how much information you recall, but you must employ it to get the rewards.
  • Blinkist provides an enjoyable listening experience. You press a button to play the sound, which you may then listen to. Perfect for learning while exercising, commuting, cooking, or cleaning.

Blinkist Cons

  • The novel is devoid of all humor and the majority of emotions. Certain authors make it a point to include a description that conveys the work’s distinctive character. Blinkist, on the contrary, is primarily concerned with facts.
  • It is likely that reading a large number of summaries consecutively will get monotonous. This is mostly due to the lack of a plot, thus I recommend reading no more than one or two summaries per day.
  • Some summaries are excessively brief compared to the books they represent. I’ve read summaries no longer than three or four blinks, yet the book was lengthy. I’m certain they will omit a number of crucial things.
  • No analysis of individual works is performed. None of the books are evaluated, evaluated, ranked, or fact-checked by the Blinkist team. That implies you are still responsible for these obligations.

AccountBot lets you create a Blinkist Premium account for free

Blinkist Library

Similar content will appear when you initially visit the Accountbot website.

Select the registration option from the drop-down menu.

To establish an AccountBot account. Enter your email, username, and password. Then press the registration button!

After creating an account, you will be presented with a list of available platforms; scroll down to the “Education” area. Here is where Blinkist premium may be obtained.

This should appear on Blinkist premium once you choose this option. Here, you can select from a variety of available plans. Here are the details of these plans:

  • A monthly subscription costs $3.99
  • Monthly subscriptions cost $7.99 for three months
  • For 6 months, it costs $11.99.
  • Subscriptions are $15.99 per year

After selecting a plan, add it to your shopping cart and complete your transaction.

You will then be sent to the payment gateway. Where you can select from a variety of payment methods:

To generate an account, visit the subscription page and click “Create an Account.” It will create you an account. Because I am now a reseller, I updated my account.

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Final Thought

Therefore, we’ve included everything you need to know about how AccountBot can help you get a free Blinkist premium subscription.

You can use the same procedure to create accounts on more websites. Take Disney Plus and Showtime as examples. I hope that you found this article useful.

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