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Blog Marketing Scams: Being Aware

In This Post, We’ll Talk About Blog Marketing Scams

Blog marketing makes possible to write a free blog and still make money selling advertisements or products, but this also created a niche for low life bloggers who simply write fake content hoping to make some money in the process. There are also services which promise millions if you buy their software or book or use their code.

Using such products or services can not only harm your website but your personal identity might be in trouble also. Blogging is all about making relations and providing the content which people will find useful and they will come at your blog again and again. If you are using proper blog marketing methods to drive traffic as well as to write compelling content then you need not to worry about much.

Many companies are offering many lucrative and attractive offers which encourage to use wrong method to monetize your website/blog. And this is also a truth that most of the time newbie blogger got caught in such activities and they end up with everything ruined.

Here are some rules to keep an eye on to spot a blog marketing scam:

1. Promises too much to be true.

This is the most common scam of all. If one blog marketing system offers too much to be true, then it is too good to be true. Remember that there is no holy grail to make money with blog marketing that is not hard work and unlimited human efforts. No computer script or software can replace the hard work of writing a blog and sharing the posts. You should always rely on your personal effort to widen your circle and always use authentic method which should look true.

2. Millions of visitors a day.

No traffic campaign can deliver million of visitors a day without using bots, which refreshes the page every ten seconds or so to give the blogger the feeling he has a wide audience. Such traffic services appear in all forms such as expired traffic, pop up traffic, exit traffic. If that traffic was that good, then the system owner would not be selling it, instead he would be making his own recurring billing sales, but that’s not the fact, instead he tries to sell his own shirt.

Such traffic might give you short term happiness till the date the bot will be working on your website.

Does this traffic going to give you money? The answer is big NO !! because bot is not going to buy product with your links and if this is clicking on your adsense ads then soon you will get message from Google about your account banned.

So better you keep yourself away from such eye catching offers.

3. Unlimited earnings.

The promise of unlimited earnings is quite common. There is unlimited leads, unlimited sales, unlimited traffic and of course, unlimited earnings. If this way true, then the master of the system, the person who knows it the best, would already have unlimited money and would be featured in the top ten list of the richest people in the world. However, that just does not happen, he makes money when more and more people join and when the system is saturated it simply turns itself off.

If there is such type of blog marketing then why not all people who bought their package or service are making unlimited money and ruling the world 😉 You cannot make a profitable business blog with such methods and without efforts.

In internet world money is directly proportional to your efforts.

4. 100% a day in earnings.

There is no site, network or system that can double capital in a day. If this way true the the government would be doubling its money every single and and so would be everyone else. If you see a blog marketing campaign, mostly a traffic campaign that promises such ROI, then it is a scam. 1% a day is still too much to be true, there is no blog marketing system or traffic system with such earnings.

5. One time offer.

Another common scam around the internet since the beginning. This scam makes you believe that their offer is available just one time and that will not be around forever. The easiest way to check if this is true is to refresh the page. For example, there are sites that use a limited countdown to make you believe the offer is about to expire. However, if you refresh the page, the clock will reset and start the countdown again from the beginning.

Blog marketing is a legit way to make money online giving people useful information and content, but always keep an eye on information that looks too good to be true.

Now your Turn !!

You might have also seen some Blog Marketing Scams many times on different sites. Share your experience that what was your thinking when you saw them first and how this post if going to help you in future.

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