12 Blogging Mistakes That Almost Kill Anyone’s Blog

In This Post, We’ll Talk About Blogging Mistakes

Do you know any blogger yet who never committed any mistake in his whole blogging journey?

To be honest, there is no one.

Why no one?

Because there is no one in this world who is perfect, and we are prone to commit some mistakes in our life. . We live in a world where everything can be rectified based on our learning from our past mistakes. The more you commit mistakes, the more you get to learn from them. .

We all have committed some mistakes in our blogging journey and that’s why ONLY we know how to fix them.

Yes, every professional blogger has made some mistakes in their blogging life, and if they can make such mistakes then why can’t we?

All you need to know is how to fix your mistake to give your blogging life a great peak point.

In reality, every mistake you made till now is a lesson for your blogging journey which can affect your blog’s traffic, revenue, relations and other things.

All these depend on your experience, skills, hard work and learning.

Likewise, I have committed the same stupid blogging mistakes that affected  me in term of activity, income, relations and time. Due to which I lost traffic, Alexa rank, Adsense revenue score and on top of it lost relations with readers and wasted my time.

Well! Well! After a great downfall in my blogging journey, I was able to identify my blogging mistakes and learned how to fix them.

So today we will discuss all those silly mistakes that anyone can encounter in their blogging Journey.

Believe it or not but these silly blogging mistakes can cause a lot of trouble even if you work 24*7 on your blog.

So what are the possibilities of mistakes in your blogging journey and let’s see how we can fix these mistakes.


Talking about laziness, then yes, I am lazy. I don’t know well about you all, but at times I am too lazy to work.

Truly speaking, I am lazy to update my blog  on regular basis. I am too lazy to write all the great ideas that I  scribble on paper. I want everything easily. I don’t want work hard to achieve success.

I forget that achieving success is not that easy.

There is no substitute to  hard work.  If you want to achieve success, then you have to work hard.

You don’t get things easily because others are working hard to succeed in life.

Morever, If we were to get everything easily, then there would be no value left to it.

Therefore, avoid being lazy and become more proactive.


Tips: Avoid laziness and become productive. Laziness may harm your career and destroy your online business, which has  just started expanding. Do exercise; keep your mind fresh and focus on work.

This will help you to avoid the laziness.


I really apologies for not maintaining my blog post frequency in past years due to my illness and other factors.

I don’t get time to post even a single article in  a month, which is my fault.

This mistake  made me lose my valuable audience and I have to work harder to regain readers’ trust and earn their interest again in my blog.

Now I realize why blog post frequency is important for a blog. Users revisit your blog to see a new post and what’s happening on your blog.

If you don’t update them regularly, or they don’t see a new post everytime they visit your blog, they stop visiting your website, and your online business starts decreasing.

This mistake affects a lot in terms of traffic, revenue and Alexa ranking.

Tips: Try to maintain your post frequency, at least, one blog post in a month to keep users engaging. If you are not able to maintain posting frequency, you are bound to lose your valuable audience like I had.

Blog Post frequency is quite important for your online business, and that’s why  popular bloggers keep updating their blog on a regular basis.


In past years, I never responded to comments on my blog. I became little arrogant with my blog because it was growing faster.

I feel very bad for this blogging mistake, because it affected menegatively.

I have lost my regular readers and their trust in me.

I forget that, how replying to every comment is important to build a relationship with readers. It helps you to make relation with readers and persuade them to come back again to visit your website. This method will also help you to build trust among your readers and show your  humility to readers.

Tips: Try to reply to every comment posted on your blog . It helps you to build good relations and trust with your readers.

If you fail to maintain this, you will also lose your readers like I have. So be helpful, reply to every comment on your blog and  avoid spammy comments on your blog.


Build an Email List

Why is email list essential for your blog? (To increase your affiliate earnings, sales and profits.)

No, you are thinking wrong.

Email list helps to achieve those things, but most important, it will help you to build traffic for your blog.

Look at the Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, Jeff Bullas, they build an email list to drive traffic to their websites and keep users’ updated. They don’t really promote affiliate products on their email lists.

I made this biggest mistake and not collected any  emails of my readers from the beginning. This mistake affected me a lot, and I lost great deal visitors and profit from my blog by not building email lists.

I strongly recommend you to build your email list from day one and never neglect this  in your online business.

Always try to provide  useful information to your users and keep them updated.

Never send too much of affiliate emails to your readers as it can    lead to losing valuable readers of your blog.

Tips: Focus on building your quality email list from day one. There are many paid, and free email building tools.. Use them for your online business to grow.


I don’t know what SEO is and what it can do, in my past years of blogging. I was completely newbie at that time.

If you saw my previous posts about blogging, it is not well optimized and poorly written.

This mistake caused me in poor organic traffic to my blog. I lost my value in search engine, but thanks to WordPress and its repository, I am now able to drive a good amount of organic traffic to my blog.

I focus mainly on this mistake and made many improvements in my SEO techniques. Now I can drive a good quality organic traffic to my blog every day.

Tips: As a newbie blogger,  first focus on SEO and learn it. It is a most important element to drive organic traffic to your blog. It is not hard to learn some basic element of SEO at the beginning, but it will help a lot. I make this mistake and it affected my blog growth, but you don’t repeat it.


Recently, Google penalizes a largest guest blogging network.

Why Google took this step, I don’t know, but now I am cursing myself for not using the benefit of guest blogging early.

Before it gets too late, to take a benefit of guest blogging, I write some post on other blogs to join the wave of guest blogging. After posting some articles on other blogs, within the two weeks, I had seen the good sign from my guest blogging activity.

Guest blogging is important for you. It helps you to build your brand, create network with other bloggers and establish your authority. If you want to build strong authority, then get started with guest blogging.

Tips: Start guest blogging early as possible, but before applying for guest blogging maintain at least 50 good quality posts at your blog. This is a good sign to get you accept fast for guest posting by other bloggers.


I would not hesitate to say that in past years I got little arrogant with my blog success. I  was  getting a good amount of referral traffic from other blogs which resulted in a mindset where I felt no need to network with peer bloggers. I underestimated the power of networking with others. Therefore, I never tried to build relationship with other active bloggers.

I underestimated the power of networking with others. Therefore, I never tried to build  relationship with other active bloggers.

Why is this networking important?

There are many benefits of building network with other bloggers. You can ask for help, reviews, technical help, guest posting, etc.

This networking technique helps you in long term . This is the best way to survive in blogging world and help each other to grow.

Tips: Networking is the most important element in blogging. Connect with other bloggers using social media, email them, comment on their blog regularly. These things help you to build relations with other bloggers and get you noticed by them.


Why do I need to read other blogs, I have my blog to publish and invite other people to read it.

But later I understood  this mistake. Without having a proper knowledge, how can you entertain your online readers? You are a newbie, and if you don’t keep proper updates or knowledge, you are going to end your online business.

Many well-established bloggers are still using the advantage of other ProBloggers knowledge to keep readers entertaining. You are not a master or have an experience in blogging properly. Without gaining the knowledge, you are going to lose your audience, and it is harmful to your online business.

So, gain the maximum knowledge first, keep updating yourself with industry trends and then spread your own words to your online readers. This method also helps you to build your own persona online.

Tips: Go and visit other popular blogs. Read their blog post, which they have published on their blog. It will help you to gain knowledge and keep updating with industry trends. Learn how they present their thoughts through their blog and try to learn those skills.


I am an addict of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google +. I spend hours of time in  hanging out with my online friends, updating my status and photos.

I never realized the power of social media for my online business. This is my biggest blogging mistake I have ever made in my blogging journey.

Social media has a great influencing power. It helps to create your brand awareness and spread the word of mouth, but I underestimate this power of social media. After a few years, I realized my mistake, and then I started building my online presence.

This blogging mistake harmed my online reputation a lot and I lost my valuable followers and likes.

Tips: Social media has a great branding power. Focus to build your online presence from day one. It is  helpful to gain traffic as well as online branding. This helps you to get free publicity for your online brand.


As I said, I am an addict of social media and love to hang out with my online friends. I spend hours of my time  in chatting, tweeting, status updating, tagging and many more things.

Now I realize this was mere a waste of time and you become lazy and addicted. This mistake affected   my blogging productivity. If I could have utilized the precious time in branding and blogging that  I wasted on my social media then I would have definitely produced good results.

I suggest you to avoid using social media as too much of it is a diversion from your real work and waste of time.  Use it for social branding purpose. It is more beneficial for you and your online business for gaining a trust with your online audience

Tips: Social media have its plus points and negative points also. Use it for building networks and online business branding. Stop spending too much of time on it and become productive. It will give you a good return in long term for your online business.


This is my mistake that, I never treated my blogging as a business. I always considered it as a hobby. This blogging mistake reduced my productivity.

Blogging as a business and as a hobby are two different things. If you treat it as a business, then it helps you to increase your productivity and branding. If you treat it as a hobby, it reduces your productivity and kill your online business.

Look at other pro-bloggers like Copyblogger, BloggingCage, QuickSprout andShoutMeLoud, they treat their blogging as a business. Therefore, they produce maximum productivity and make a living from it.

Tips: Always consider your blogging as a business. This will help you to maximize your productivity and plan your future growth for your online business. Never see it as a hobby or it will kill your online business.

#12: Imagining Money Will Magically Appear

If we talk about Money then definitely neither it  grow on trees nor  it come through the Internet by some magic tricks. The only way to get money is to put your efforts in right direction  no matter what you are doing. What matters in the end is-  how you are doing and how you are working for it.

There are lots of people who sitting around and  dreaming big. If you want to achieve some real goals then you have to wake up yourself and work on your dreams to achieve success

Tips: If you want to earn money then you have to face this real world where everything is getting done with some well-crafted Plans & Ideas. All you need to do to is to look forward in your blogging journey to make your blog worldwide famous.

Work for global even if you’re local- by garyvee


In my past year, I have made many blogging mistakes in my journey. I did not focus on my blog. I  wasted lots of time in other activities  rather than focussing on blogging. I never treated my blogging as my online business.

These mistakes caused me to suffer a  lot and reduced my productivity.

I don’t want to let his happen to you. Take a lesson from these mistakes, which I have made and keep yourself productive in your blogging journey.

Share these mistakes with your friends and I hope  that this guide become helpful for them as well in case they are also on the verge of committing these mistakes in their blogging journey. These  mistakes look small, but can be tremendously harmful in a long term and there is no way out then to accept your mistakes and start working on them as early as possible.

Thanks for your precious time to read this article.  If you have any query/suggestion regarding your blogging journey then please free to share with BloggingCage  through comment section below.

Have a nice day!

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