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Chanel West Coast Net Worth 2023 : Career, Life Lessons & Takeaways

How much is Chanel West Coast Net Worth? Who is Chanel West Coast?

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About Chanel West Coast

Chelsea Chanel Dudley is an American rapper, television personality, model, and actress best known for her performance in Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. She was also featured on Young Money: Rise of an Empire, a 2014 album that debuted at #3 on the US Rap chart.

Aside from being an American TV personality, he is a rapper, songwriter, and singer. Her net worth as of 2022 is $3 million. She is famous for hosting Ridiculousness. Follow her path to success in this post.

Chanel West Coast Net Worth 2022

Chanel west coast net worth

Chanel West Coast has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2022. In order to create multiple streams of income for her, she has diversified herself as an entertainer. To this day, she is a co-host on Ridiculousness, and much of her wealth comes from her success as a TV personality.

Real Estate

A $1.6 million property was purchased by Chanel West Coast in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Dell subdivision in 2019. The house was recently renovated in 2018 and includes 2,600 square feet of living space. This property also has hardwood floors, stucco, and a two-car garage.

Chanel West Coast Career


Chanel west coast MTV career

Through mutual friends, Chanel met Rob Dyrdek and made a good impression. Her first job on Dyrdek’s show would be as a receptionist. Dyrdek often invited her to join in on his pranks and antics, as she did standard receptionist work.

It would air four seasons on MTV, and Chanel would gain good exposure from it, which led to her getting a role on the sitcom The Hard Life Of RJ Berger.

Sterling “Steelo” Brim and she co-host the comedy show Ridiculousness. Together with Rob Dyrdek, they commented and reviewed funny homemade videos. She never lost sight of her true passion for music despite her success as a TV personality.


Melting Like Ice Cream was Chanel’s first song when she began making music in 2009. Among her career highlights are appearing in Planet Hollywood’s PHAMOUS and briefly signing with Zone 4, an Atlanta-based record label.


Chanel eventually left Chanel and became a solo artist. Some of her music was freely available online. Lil Wayne signed Chanel to his label, Young Money Entertainment, after spotting her talent.

In 2013, she released her first mixtape under her new label, Now You Know, which was well received. Making an independent project successfully demonstrated her artistic abilities, and it was a big step for her.

It was her first studio album, America’s Sweetheart, in which she addressed the topic of white privilege and her own struggles as an artist.

Top Lessons from Channel West Coast Life:

Destiny plays an important role in shaping your life:

Channel West Coast was always destined for Hollywood success. In 2019, Chanel West Coast spoke to One Room Media about her rise to fame.

According to West Coast, her mother recognized her daughter’s talent for music as soon as she spoke. After finding out West Coast was naturally talented, her mother put her through dance and singing lessons.

When West Coast was in high school, she took part in choir, hip-hop dance, orchestra, and drill team. She also mentioned she is influenced by the fact that her father is a DJ and that he had a big influence on her life. “Just all performing arts. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do since I was a little girl.” West Coast said.

In Touch Weekly reports that in 2008, Rob Dyrdek and West Coast were introduced by mutual friends. She gained a receptive platform to release her music with the help of Dyrdek’s shows on MTV. Her work over the years has included collaborations with big names such as Snoop Dogg and French Montana.

There was actually a track she produced without collaborating with a notable name. Sharon Stone sued West Coast for releasing “Sharon Stoned” following its release.

NBC Los Angeles reports that the lawsuit was settled in May 2020. West Coast is not afraid of taking risks and won’t stop until she has achieved success.

Always pursue your hobbies

Chanel West Coast picked up an unexpected hobby while growing up along with her love for rap – one that would later on in her career allow her to meet a certain celebrity.

The starlet immersed herself in hip-hop before picking up skateboarding in the process, according to her website.

As it turns out, the Ridiculousness star’s hobby helped her when she met former skateboarding pro Rob Dyrdek on MySpace, beginning their friendship and professional relationships. As West Coast once reminisced to No Jumper about meeting Dyrdek and starting out on Fantasy

Factory, she got her MTV start. It’s interesting to me how that led to Ridiculousness,” she said. “I don’t know how that led to me becoming a leader.”

Dyrdek’s presence at ESPN X Games also enabled West Coast to get to showcase her hobby on camera by both hosting and shredding herself. In spite of her skateboarding skills, the starlet has been faceplanted more than once. There’s a good chance that clip will appear on Ridiculousness, too.

Dont forget to nurture and work hard towards your talent

Chanel West Coast, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, has been immersed in music her entire life. After spending most of her childhood between Los Angeles and New York with her parents, and witnessing her father DJ in nightclubs at the tender age of 8, West Coast was destined to be a recording artist from the start.

On her website, West Coast says, “Music has always been part of my life and it is what I intend to do for the rest of my life.” “There was no choice.”

As a youngster, West Coast immersed herself in hip-hop and had singing and dancing lessons, taking singing and dancing lessons to follow her dreams.

In 2013, shortly after signing to Young Money records, West Coast told Vibe, “Tupac was my biggest influence.” “He was a poet, and I began rapping after listening to him.”

In an Instagram post, West Coast said that she always worked hard to prepare for her future. In closing, she said “Never forget to dream!” It’s possible to take your first headshots at five and get your first acting role at 35. Who knows?”

Key Takeaways for Chanel West Coast

  • The power of a great first impression: After meeting Rob Dyrdek through a mutual friend, Chanel’s life changed forever. Throughout her career, she has garnered numerous first impressions that have sparked her career.

If you’re dealing with someone who is a power player, make the most of your first impression.

  • Don’t get swept up in the moment, but stay focused: A television personality wasn’t necessarily Chanel’s dream; music was her first love. Even so, she was able to achieve great success on that platform. Taking a chance that does not fit your goal is sometimes necessary in life. It’s alright as long as you know what you want to achieve in the future and stay true to yourself.

FAQ : Chanel West Coast Net Worth

Q. What is Chanel West Coast’s workout routine?

Ans: Chanel West Coast admits that she works out whenever she can, and advises viewers that she would achieve even better results if she stopped eating At In-N-Out Burger all the time. Chanel discusses her eating habits often. She doesn’t have a typical Hollywood diet.

Q. What is Chanel West Coast’s net income?

Ans: Chanel West Coast had a net worth of $3 million in 2021. The majority of her wealth is derived from her success as a TV personality, and she continues to host Ridiculousness to this day

Q. What makes Chanel West Coast so famous?

Ans: Despite Chanel West Coast’s success in music and television, there have been stumbling blocks along the way. She has been hit by setbacks along the way ever since she rose to fame as a member of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.

Q. Is Chanel West Coast signed to Lil Wayne?

Ans: Chanel West Coast released her mixtape a year after signing with Lil Wayne, but her career failed to take off as many expected.

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