Dave Portnoy Net Worth in 2024 (Dave Portnoy Early Life, Career, Favorite Quote)

Dave Portnoy Net Worth is roughly $120 million, As of 2021. He started Barstool Sports in 2003 and it has grown into a media powerhouse with publications all over the world including Forbes Magazine who recently profiled him as one of its rising stars to watch!

Dave Portnoy Early Life

When it comes to a professional voice, David “Dave” Portnoy is someone who can get the job done.

He was born on March 22nd of 1977 in Massachusetts and attended Swampscott High School before going off into college where he received his degree from University Michigan for education!


In 2016, Portnoy revealed that Chernin Group had bought a majority stake of Barstool and they would move the headquarters to New York City. He launched One Bite with Davey Pageviews – where he reviews every pizza place in Manhattan for an exciting new eating experience!

In 2020, Penn National Gaming bought a 36% stake in Barstool Sports for $163 million. Following the sale of this valuable asset (and giving up control), The Chernin Group maintained an equitable share as well – maintaining 36%.

Portnoy was detained in a Mercedes-Benz Stadium holding cell for the final portion of Super Bowl LIII.

Portnoy had been prevented from attending his own game after he created fake passes to go on press events earlier that day – including one at precisely 8:00 AM sharp, which would only have allowed him enough time if there were no other traffic accidents or delays!

Dave Portnoy, founder, and CEO of Barstool Sports has had a busy career. He’s been the face behind some big-name brand names like One Bite with Davey Pageviews (an internet show) for years now!

Dave Portnoy Favorite Quote

“Everything related to the NFL, we’re banned from. Whether it be Media Day, whether it be even doing negotiations for TV shows, everybody’s afraid of the NFL in their relation to us because they know they don’t like us.” – Dave Portnoy

“The fact that Manti Te’o thought for a long time that he was dating, like, a fake girl and then that she died and did the tribute and the girl never existed. I mean inherently that’s funny.” – Dave Portnoy

“We really want Barstool Sports to be a brand that means something. It doesn’t just have to be myself… you see the logo, that bar stool and the stars around it, and you know you’re getting a certain type of vibe, a certain type of brand.” – Dave Portnoy

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Final Thoughts on Dave Portnoy Net Worth

Dave Portnoy, a businessman, and blogger who founded the online sports blog Barstool Sports in 2003.

He has been nicknamed “El Presidente” throughout his career due to how well-known he became from this one project alone–and graduated with an education degree during his university years too!

As of 2021, Dave is worth about 120 million dollars which makes him one rich guy we should all know about

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