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Download Your Resume From LinkedIn 2023: 4 Easy Steps!

Whether you’re looking to update your resume, or need an easy way to apply for multiple jobs, downloading your resume from your LinkedIn profile is the perfect solution. 

Download Your Resume From LinkedIn 2023

Here are four simple steps that will help you download and customize your resume in no time.:

Step 1: Customize Your Profile by clicking on right side on pencil

Download Your Resume From LinkedIn-Customize Your Profile 

Before you can download your resume from LinkedIn, you’ll need to make sure that your profile is up-to-date.

This means adding any new experiences or skills that you have acquired over the past few months or years. Make sure to include any accomplishments, awards, or certifications as well.

Once you’ve made all the necessary updates, it’s time to move on to step two. 

Step 2: Select Your Resume Template 

Once you’re ready to download your resume, head over to the “Profile” section of your account and select “Download PDF.”

You’ll be prompted with a few different templates to choose from – take some time to look through them and pick out the one that best reflects your skills and experience.

Once you’ve chosen a template, click “Download” and it will save directly onto your computer as a PDF file.  

Step 3: Customize Your Resume  


Now that you have downloaded the template onto your computer, it’s time for some customization!

If there are sections on the template that don’t quite fit with what’s listed on your profile (such as awards or certifications), go ahead and delete those sections.

Then add any additional information about yourself – such as volunteer work or extracurricular activities – that would make for a good addition to your resume. 

Step 4: Select “More” 

Select “More” 

Once on the public view of your profile page, look for three dots located next to the “Share Profile” option at the top-right corner of the page; these dots are labeled “More”.

When clicked, several additional options will appear including “Save To PDF” which allows you to save a copy of all information listed on your public profile as a PDF document file—this document is essentially a copy of what employers will see when viewing your LinkedIn profile online!   

Step 5: Save & Download 

After clicking “Save To PDF”, you will be prompted with two final options; one that allows you to save only certain sections (Experience or Education) and one that allows you to save all sections (Full).

Choose whichever option best suits what information should be included in your downloaded resume and select it with another click; then click “Save As…” which will open up another dialogue box allowing you choose where on your computer or device should this file be saved too—select where desired and press OK!

Congratulations, you have now successfully downloaded an electronic version of your linkedin profile as a resume ready for use!

Step 6: Check Out Your Downloaded File  

Check Out Your Downloaded File  

Once downloaded onto your device/computer, check out what this document looks like on its own without having to be connected with internet access anymore!

Make sure that everything looks correct here before sending out any resumes or submitting them anywhere else online – just double check one last time before sending out anything!

All done? Congrats! You now know how to download a copy of your resume from LinkedIn in four easy steps!  

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Conclusion: Download Your Resume From LinkedIn 2023

Downloading and customizing your resume from LinkedIn is easy!

Just follow these four simple steps – customize your profile, select a template, customize further if needed, then finally save & share – and within minutes you’ll have an updated version of your most current professional experience ready for potential employers. Good luck!

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