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Faze Rug Net Worth 2023: How much does FaZe Rug Earn in an year?

Do you know how much is Faze Rug net worth?

He has made himself quite a fortune from his work as a YouTuber and co-owner of FaZe Clan. In 2022, FaZe Rug will be worth $4 million, thanks to his gaming videos and pranks. I describe how he was able to achieve his success in this post.

Who is Faze Rug?

Faze Rug Net Worth

The famous YouTube channel of Faze Rug has made him an internet sensation. Faze Rug was born on November 19, 1996, in San Diego. As a kid, he loved to play pranks and would record them on video.

While studying in college, he started his YouTube channel so that other people could enjoy his experiences.

Due to its popularity, he became a full-time YouTuber. He is a Call of Duty gamer with more than 8 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Faze Rug is worth $1 million as of 2018. Brian Awadis is Faze Rug’s real name, but he goes by the name on the internet. Rug mainly posts prank videos, vlogs, and Call of Duty videos, which feature members of his family, including his brother Brandon Awadis, and parents, who he calls Mama Rug and Papa Rug.

More than 10 million people have viewed his video “Cocaine Prank”.

Faze Rug also directs Faze Clan, which posts Call of Duty vlogs and videos. With the meteoric rise of Faze rug on the internet, other teenagers hoping to gain popularity through their videos and channels can take inspiration from his success.

How did Faze Rug become popular?

San Diego, California, is the place where Brian Awadis was born on 19th November in the year 1996, to parents Sana Awadis and Ron Awadis.

He has also appeared on numerous YouTube videos with his parents known as Mama Rug and Papa Rug, respectively. Another member of FaZe Rug’s family is social media star Brandon Awadis.

A YouTube channel called fathersonchaldean was launched by Brian and his brother Brandon on October 11, 2008.

On the same day, they uploaded their first video to the channel and continued to upload more videos throughout the year. By the end of 2009, however, the channel was no longer active.

In July 2012, FaZe Rug launched a YouTube channel with the same name. The channel featured short gameplay clips from Call of Duty. After that, his popularity skyrocketed. In January 2013, he received an invitation to join FaZe Clan, eventually becoming one of the team’s owners.

The first video on FaZe Rug’s YouTube channel was uploaded on December 7, 2014.

In less than a year, the channel had racked up more than 1 million subscribers from the video.

Awadis received the Diamond Play Button award for FaZe Rug’s YouTube channel crossing 10 million subscribers on September 8, 2018. In the time since we wrote this, there have been 17.4 million subscribers and 3.9 billion views on FaZe Rug’s YouTube channel.

FaZe Rug also has a YouTube channel called FaZe Rug Games in addition to his primary YouTube channel.

Faze Rug Games consists only of gaming videos and has more than 720,000 subscribers.

They are also actively involved with the Clout Gang. In addition to Alissa Violet, Faze Banks, Sommer Ray, RiceGum etc the group also includes Faze Banks (founder).

Among his acting credits, FaZe Rug has appeared in Ridiculousness (2020) and Crimson (2020). As a singer, his best known song is Goin’ Live, which was released in November of this year. The video came out in January of next year.

How much money does Faze Rug earn through YouTube?

Faze Rug wealth and net worth

Since July 2012, the channel has amassed over 5.8 billion views and has over 22 million subscribers growing daily. Around 2.5 million people watch the videos in the channel every day from different sources.

According to YouTube, the views will generate around $20,000 per day ($7.3 million per year) in advertising revenue.

US, UK, Canadian, and Australian YouTubers get a cut of $2 to $12 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes its cut. About 40% – 80% of views are monetized. Several factors determine whether someone will view a video, for example, the device they are playing on, the time of year, the location of the viewer, the number of ads on the video, whether they skip the ads, the type of advertisement, engagement with the advertisement, and content type.

Ad views are priced according to an auction between advertisers based on views. For each view, advertisers must bid at least $0.01.

In addition, there is a program called Google Preferred that allows deep-pocketed companies to target their ads at the top 5% of most popular content. These ads are more expensive than normal.

As well as YouTube ads, YouTube Red subscribers, who pay a monthly subscription fee to view premium content and without ads, also provide extra income to YouTubers.

In this case, YouTubers earn money based on how long their videos are viewed. For example, if viewers watch a video for an extended period, they earn more.

By selling merchandise and doing sponsorships, Brian earns more money. On top of the prize money earned from competing, he earns more money by selling merchandise and doing sponsorships.

FaZe Rug’s Net Worth

In 2012, FaZe Rug launched his YouTube channel and quickly became one of the most popular vloggers on the platform. In addition to all of his fame, he has also earned a huge amount of money from his YouTube videos.

Approximately $4 million was FaZe Rug’s net worth as of December 31, 2020. His main source of wealth is YouTube.

A month’s worth of YouTube views is generated by FaZe Rug’s channel. The company’s monetization terms translate into approximately $290,000 in YouTube income each month. On average, FaZe Rug earns approximately $3.5 million on YouTube alone each year.

FaZe Rug also earns money from merchandise sales in addition to YouTube monetization. Among the items, he offers on his website are t-shirts, hoodies, sunglasses, and backpacks.

FaZe Rug earns money from endorsements as well, just like most established vloggers. Fuel Energy Formula is probably his most notable endorsement to date.

In addition to his vlog career, the sensational vlogger is also a film and music producer. His net worth is definitely impacted by these endeavours, regardless of how much he makes.

Life Lessons from FaZe Rug

1. Involve your family in your endeavours

His family has always been involved in Faze Rug’s YouTube endeavours. In allowing his family to share in his accomplishments, he appears to be taking pride.

2. Giving up is not an option

With his brother, FaZe Rug co-founded a YouTube channel called fathersonchaldean. The channel, however, didn’t exactly succeed, as it went dormant after a year or so. Despite that, Faze Rug continued to launch subsequent YouTube channels.

3. Spread your wings

The YouTube star has also pursued several other endeavors besides those related to social media, which have also brought him fame and fortune. Recent endeavors include acting and singing.

4. Never Accept The Negative Words

Positive words are typically ignored when one is down, and negative words are accepted. It doesn’t get better for those people.

5. Low Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is usually low in those who project negativity. It is simply a reflection of their negative feelings that they are negative.

6. Be Happy

A negative person is addicted to the dark shadow that lingers around every human form … you can transform negativity into your own light by making it face toward your own light.

Faze Rug YouTube Popular Videos

Faze Rug’s YouTube channel has 20.5 million subscribers.

Faze Rug on Social Media

Summary: Faze Rug Net Worth

When he posted prank videos on YouTube, FaZe Rug first caught the attention of viewers. In no time at all, his videos became extremely popular, with the video titled ‘Cocaine Prank’ being viewed by almost 8.9 million people.

The estimated net worth of FaZe Rug in 2022 is $4 million. The FaZe Rug YouTube channel rose to prominence after posting a series of prank videos.

His social media following has grown exponentially over the years, and he has gained millions from his various ventures as well.

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