Foreclosure Academy Review 2023: Is It Worth the Hype?

Foreclosure Academy, which was created by the makers of Private Wealth Academy, is an online education and webinar center with a set of 37 classes to help teach you how to turn someone else’s foreclosure into a ton of cash for yourself. 

This article will help answer the question, “Is Foreclosure Academy worth the hype?”

Foreclosure Academy Review 2023

Before you think to yourself, “Well, that sounds awful, turning someone else’s misfortune into my own fortune,” you should know that their ads promise that you will not only be making a lot of dough but you will also be helping the person who has gone through a foreclosure. 

Want to see how that works? 

Well, I’ve signed up and will be going through the entire Academy to bring you the facts about what they do and what you can learn and let you know whether Foreclosure Academy is worth the hype.

What Is Foreclosure Academy?

Foreclosure overview

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Before we dig into the information that Foreclosure Academy shares, let’s take a look at their ads and what they offer to the public. 

When urging you to sign up, these advertisements urge you to “Save your seat for the Tax Foreclosure Secrets workshop, and learn how to make $20,000 to $50,000 on tax foreclosure properties anywhere in the USA, even if you are in another country.”

Ads for the site explain that in the United States, there are over a million properties seized by banks or government entities each year from owners who could not pay their mortgages or taxes for one reason or another.

When this happens, those properties are sold, usually at an auction, and often for more than the owner owed in the first place.

Every time this occurs, there is a surplus of money. 

For example, if you had a home worth $250,000 but had been paying on it for years and only owed $100,000, yet you missed a few payments, they’d foreclose on it.

The bank could turn around and sell that property for around $200,000. 

When a bank or government institution does this, they are supposed to take any necessary fees out of the remaining money, and the rest is owed to the homeowner. 

Let me give you an example in numbers:

  • You own a house for $250,000
  • You owe $100,000 on it still
  • Due to miss payments, they foreclose on it
  • Bank sells your house for $200,000
  • The $100,000 that was owed goes unclaimed for years
  • You then claim this unclaimed money and get 30% to 40%

How You Make Money With Foreclosure Academy

How You Make Money With Foreclosure Academy

Anyone who follows the steps that Foreclosure Academy teaches will be able to recover these funds for the property owners, and some for themselves. 

In fact, your cut will be between 30% and 40% of the amount recovered, and you’ll be helping the property owners get back some of what they lost as well.

With as many as 3,000 properties being foreclosed daily, there is plenty to go around.

Now that I’ve explained exactly what Foreclosure Academy claims to do let’s see if they actually live up to that claim. As mentioned, there are 37 lessons in this program, broken into 4 modules. 

Let’s briefly examine the contents and determine if Foreclosure Academy is worth the hype.

Pros Cons
Learn at your own pace – The lessons are pre-recorded and hosted inside a beautiful member’s area that you can access from any device Takes time to get the ball rolling – Just like any real business, it can take some time to get things going from education to implementation
Help others and earn – You are helping homeowners recover surplus money while getting paid 30 to 40% of what you recover Confidence required – You will be speaking to property owners who might be having a hard time in their lives
No license required – All you need to put forward is your time to succeed with this State laws apply – Some states have laws that delay the time it takes to release your funds for up to a year
30-day money-back guarantee – If for whatever reason the program does not suit you, you can request a refund No overages – Not all foreclosed properties have the overages so you have to make sure homeowner you are calling has the overages. 
Amazing support – Insane amount of support and guidance in this program from FB group community to live calls
Super affordable – At the time I joined it only cost me $997, but I hear they have offers on these days
No need to own real estate or need a credit score – You don’t need to own the real estate or even need a good credit score. You don’t need to put any money down to do this.  


Foreclosure Modules

Module 1: Foreclosure Secrets 

The program’s first module is “Foreclosure Secrets.” It is made up of 8 different classes, the first of which grants you access to their “members only” Facebook group and connects you with coaches, online classes, and more.

Here’s what you get in this first course:

Organized Member’s Area

Exclusive members of Foreclosure Academy begin their journey in the Member’s Area. 

Here, you will watch a three-and-a-half-minute video in which “Charlie” gives you a brief of a few different things that will actually help you with the business and different things that are going to help you with this course.

Charlie guides you through your expectations and mindset as you start the course. 

Amazing Support

You are urged to join the Facebook group to learn with other members and form an online community. 

Asking questions and sharing with each other is encouraged. 

Charlie also shares that weekly roleplay sessions will help get you ready and build your confidence about using what you will learn in this program.

This is done on the phone, and will help you to learn how to communicate with the individuals whom you are trying to help recover their money.

He points out that the easiest way to approach this is to focus on trying to help these people as much as possible.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that most people will see it as you trying to help them simply so you can get paid, but this shouldn’t be seen by you as a “get rich scheme.” 

Set You Off On The Right Foot

They don’t keep it a secret that there is studying and work involved to succeed with this business model unlike most courses these days.

Aside from Charlie’s video, there is also a Five-Chapter PDF Guide Book that you can download in this Member’s Section.

It is in Google Docs, which is good for those who don’t want to download an entire book onto their computer or device. 

The book explains a great deal about foreclosure laws in various states, finding and cold-calling people, sealing the deal, and more.

There is a lot of valuable information in this PDF/book, which would benefit anyone considering the foreclosure market.

What is Inside The First Lesson of Foreclosure Academy?

This first class of Foreclosure Academy, Module 1, covers what is said to be two of the most profitable foreclosure types; mortgage overages and tax-sale overages. 

This is what was discussed at the beginning of this review – when a foreclosed property is sold for more than the property owner owed on it. 

This section really helps explain how this works and how you can make money from it while helping the homeowner retain some of what they’ve lost. A 15-page PDF guide for this section also includes a lot of valuable information. 

Other Classes in the Foreclosure Secrets Module

There are eight classes in all in just the first part of this program, all with informative videos and PDFs to help guide you along the way, with the Foreclosure Secrets section being number 1.

Number 2 is the Lead Generations section, followed by Skip-Tracing Secrets, Lead Outreach Secrets, Overage Paperwork and Attorney Section, Fast Track Secrets, Outsourcing Secrets, Auto Dealer Secrets, and Business Setup Walkthrough. 

Module 2: The Foreclosure Business Setup Walkthrough 

The Business Setup Walkthrough Section has a total of 8 classes which teach you how to Install and Setup Xampp software, as well as WordPress, and how to install WordPress plugins and activate your WordPress theme, customize the theme to fit your style, and move your WordPress site to a Live website. 

This is all very important information as you can’t launch any business without a professional website. Luckily, they made it easy to get your website off the ground.

This module alone is worth a lot of money to anyone in any business! You can save a ton of cash by learning how to set up your own website, as this class teaches you.

Each part has a short video showing you exactly which steps to take on the screen, so even if you mess up, you can just replay it and try again. 

Module 3: Implementation Training

Just as it sounds, this part of the program teaches you how to implement all that you have learned and put it to work for you. 

There are 18 lessons in this course, including the Introduction and Part One of Q&A. 

Then there is Part 2 of Q&A, Tax Leads Outreach, CRM Insight, Role-Playing Q&A Part 1 – 5, and classes on CRM Insight/Googling Leads, CRM Contact Tab, Skip Tracing, Finding Leads, Researching Court Documents, and more using various sites and programs. 

This is where the program really gets down to the secrets of finding both the money and the people to who it is owed to.

Most courses tell you what to do but never dive deep into how to do it, most likely because they are not doing it themselves.

Foreclosure Academy, however, doesn’t hold back on anything and tells you everything exactly how it is.

Module 4: Foundations of Overage Business

The last section of the program, Foundation of Overage Business, features Weekly Leadership and Mindset Calls for Emotional Resiliency, Growth vs Fixed Mindset, Self-Discipline, and Unwavering Purpose. 

When you visit the site, you actually get to “sit in” on pre-recorded group calls and learn a great deal from each one. You are also encouraged to join the “Private Members Only Community” to participate in the calls.

Information is great, but if no one teaches you how to apply it or answer your questions, how will you move forward? In the same way, we don’t go to school just to read books. We can’t go through a course without support.

Once again, Foreclosure Academy holds strong in its promise here as they offer substantial guidance and support.

For Fast track members, there will be calls each week with one of the world’s best Leadership and Mindset Coaches.

This really helped me push through my doubts and get over any hurdles that were in the way of getting results.This also is a great benefit for anyone in any business.

Foreclosure Academy FAQs 

Now that I’ve shared a bit about each course and what you can expect to learn, let’s go over some of the frequently asked questions about Foreclosure Secrets and I will tell you what I learned from actually going through this program.

Can anyone go through Foreclosure Academy and get results?

I absolutely believe that almost anyone can benefit from these classes. The Business Setup Walkthrough and Foundations of Overage Business offers a wealth of information for anyone in any type of business.

Is this program for US residents only?

No, Students from all over the world are included in the community and all seemed excited to learn how to conduct such a profitable business by phone, internet, and mail.

Is Foreclosure Academy really legit?

Yes. I went through the program myself and can say that this is a legitimate course that shares a lot of great information and knowledge. While they do not guarantee results, they make it very easy to get them and offer a money-back guarantee if you’ve followed the steps and don’t make at least one deal.

Why would homeowners not just do it themselves?

Once someone has gone through a foreclosure and lost their home, they often don’t have the resources, time, or knowledge to fight for what is owed to them. You step in to do the legwork for them, and they are usually more than happy to see you get a percentage for your hard work.

What if they don’t pay you for all of that “hard work?”

This program teaches you how to ensure that all of the “i”s are dotted, and all of the “t”s are crossed so that you cannot be cheated out of your percentage. The legal paperwork included in each process protects both you and the homeowner from being ripped off.

Should I really pay for the premium service?

Yes, after taking the course myself, I think that the premium “fast track” course is necessary for the kind of success that I would want. Sure, you might learn to get a few leads without it and come back to pay later, but think how much more money you can make by investing from the beginning!

What is in the fast track program?

As they explain, they took the time to listen to their customers and discovered that the main thing that kept them from moving on to create their own business was the time that it took for them to do the research, find the available overages, gather leads, do skip tracing, make the lists, make the cold calls, prepare the paperwork, and create the website. They just didn’t have the time. So Foreclosure Secrets created the Fast Track program, which uses their own teams to do all of that legwork, and allows the customer to simply learn from them as they go. They will even hire a VA for you to do all of the above, and you’ll just have to pay them around $3-$5 an hour! All you have to do besides learning is jump on calls with the VA, verify the paperwork, sign the dotted line, and get paid!

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Final Verdict: Foreclosure Academy Review 2023

Overall, Foreclosure Secrets is an awesome program that can help almost anyone learn to make money in this unknown market. 

While it would probably be impossible to go through the entire course, learn all of the information, and put it to use while working a full-time job, they’ve made the Fast Track program available to do most of the work for you.

Compared to similar products in this same market, I feel that Foreclosure Academy offers much more value.

The sheer amount of content in the form of online books, PDFs, videos, classes, and access to coaches and the community is outstanding for the price, and they often have promos which make it possible to get it for even cheaper than I did!

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