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GoDaddy Review & Ratings: How Good is it ?

GoDaddy is one the most prominent provider of hosting services which digital marketers talk about. Statistically it is the largest domain page name registrar in the world and offers one of the most comprehensive set of website building tools.

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Currently there are over 60 million domain names which it manages and supports. There are positives and negatives about GoDaddy which I will discuss in this lengthy review but one main attraction for newbie marketers and bloggers in the strong customer support it has. At least, I can confirm that being a previous user of the service.

GoDaddy Review

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Earlier  BloggersIdeas used to run on Godaddy Ultimate hosting plan and my experience was good and bad both. I experience some things are  good  in Godaddy like support , bad things were that they ban your site due to  overuse of  resources without any notice. So you must check  this with Godaddy. Now BloggersIdeas run on AsmallOrange. But still some of my other  sites runs on Goddady hosting. It is good  for site having moderate traffic.

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With GoDaddy you surely get a reputed brand which has been in the business for years now and has a very strong influence in the field of web hosting.

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There are innumerable services offered on GoDaddy like:

You can see the details by following the links to the above services. You will see that the offerings are good and under your budget. As your requirements increase so does the level and scale and price of these services.

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