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Headway vs Blinkist 2023: Which One is Best for You?

If you’re looking for an effective way to learn more quickly, two popular options are the online learning platforms Headway vs Blinkist.

Both offer access to thousands of courses and articles that can help you get up to speed on a variety of topics in no time. But which one is right for you?

Let’s take a look at how Headway vs Blinkist stack up against each other. 

Headway vs Blinkist 2023: Overview

Headway Overview

Headway vs Blinkist-Headway Overview

Headway is a place to read books that tells you what the book is about. This gives people more information. The summaries of the books that are available can be read or listened to.

It also lets you set goals, which will help you improve. You have to sign up for a Headway plan, but it’s easy to use.

Made especially for people who love to read but can’t keep track of their schedules


  • 15-minute summaries of non-fiction books
  • All audio recordings are done by experts
  • Depending on what you choose, you get suggestions
  • Keeps track of your progress
  • Regular updates are sent to you
  • The user interface is friendly and elegant


  • Payments must be made upfront
  • Renewal without confirmation is automatic

Blinkist Overview


Blinkist Overview

Blinkist might be the best-known and most used app for summarising books. It is where book lovers and people looking for information can go to read summaries of books, especially non-fiction ones.

Blinkist is easy to use because you can get to it on your phone, tablet, Amazon Kindle, and even your computer. Downloading the app is all you have to do.

It’s easy to use the app and find what you’re looking for thanks to its beautiful user interface. And you have to do it if you are one of those people who loves books no matter what.


  • All unnecessary information is skipped
  • The scope of learning about different topics is pretty broad
  • Taking notes is not necessary for more classes
  • A better selection of books


  • There will be no fun to be had in the whole story or book if you skip it
  • Some classic books lack the spontaneity and insight of some modern ones

Headway vs Blinkist: Face-Off

User Experience 

Headway has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to find the course or article you’re looking for. You can also easily track your progress, so you know exactly where you stand with any given material.

In addition, Headway allows users to set goals and receive reminders when they need to review material or complete activities. 

Blinkist has a modern design that makes it easy to browse their library of content. However, their interface isn’t quite as intuitive as Headway’s, so it may take a little bit longer for new users to get used to navigating the platform.

As far as tracking progress goes, Blinkist does have some tools available but nothing on par with what Headway offers.        

Ease of use

Both Headway vs Blinkist are about the same in terms of how they work.

As we said earlier in the article, it’s pretty easy to use Blinkist. All you have to do is download the app and choose what you want to read about.

Blinkist gives you a lot of options. It’s done when you add it up in your library.

Both Headway and Blinkist work the same way. So, to use this app, you need a smartphone, a PC, or a tablet. Download, then choose the book you want to read and start.

It’s that simple!

Availability Of Books

Blinkist Book list

When the app has to do with books, it makes sense to put money into platforms that have a better and bigger collection of books.

Here, Blinkist can offer a wide range of options. Yes, you can find more than 3,000 nonfiction books on it. The interface of this app chooses the books that are featured and keeps them up to date.

It makes sure that users always have different choices.

Headway gives you a second choice when it comes to finding a book. It doesn’t have as many books as Blinkist, but it still has hundreds.

On Headway, you can only find book summaries for well-known and recent books.

Price Factor


Blinkist Pricing

It’s always best to put your money into programmes that are cheap and have good resources.

Like every other app that works on a subscription basis, it gives you a free trial period. Blinkist is the same way. You can try Blinkist for free for seven days and then pay for it if you like it.

The monthly price is $12.99, but you can save 50% if you buy an annual plan. 

Headway works the same way as a subscription, but it has three different price points. It also lets you try the app for free so you can learn more about it.

Furthermore, the company offers a seven-day free trial period for all services.

In addition, there is a Free plan that allows you to read and/or listen to one book per day. You can find it on Discover under Free Daily Read.

Readers can also subscribe to Headway for $14.99 per month to access all features. It is also possible to choose an annual payment plan for $89.99.

Summary Quality

Both apps are made so that users can read the summary of a number of nonfiction books in just a few minutes. So, before you spend money, you need to figure out which one has the best collection and quality.

If you want to learn, you can sign up on Blinkist. Getting the feel of reading a book wouldn’t even come close to reading summaries on Blinkist.

Most summaries on this site are based on facts. To really understand, you need to know the summary well.

Headway is just as good as Blinkist, and it’s very similar. To understand something, you need to know what it’s all about.

The outlines on Headway are pretty good, though. If you keep reading, you’ll find out about every important fact and other important facts.


Blinkist Support

Customer service is good for both of these apps.

Blinkist has a helpful customer service team, but you can only reach them by email. You can get help from Headway, though, by sending them an email or calling their toll-free number.

To ask for help, however, you should send an email.

Headway vs Blinkist: Standout features

Book Availability

Headway- Book Availability

When it comes to books, Blinkist is better than Headway. It is what makes an app like Headway better.

You’ve already seen that Blinkist has more book summaries than Headway. It’s perfect for readers, who like to have a lot going on and make a list of things they want to do before picking up a book.

So, people who read a lot should choose Blinkist.

Read or Listen: Headway

As you already know, it’s a place to read summaries, but I’d like to tell you that there’s more to it than that.

You can read the summary, but if you don’t want to, you can also listen to it.

Blinkist doesn’t even come close to having this feature. This feature gives Headway an extra point, making it better than Blinkist. It’s all because of how well the sound was recorded.

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Conclusion: Headway vs Blinkist 2023

Blinkist is a great choice for readers because it gives them everything they could want. Yes, it has a better selection of more interesting topics. The interface is easy to use, doesn’t take a lot of time, and is pretty laid-back.

But, Blinkist’s content is pretty good. To understand the details, you need to learn it well. And you know what to choose if you like both reading and listening to summaries.

Headway is a good app, no doubt about it. Yes, it has fewer collections, but the audio is great, the outlines are great, and it costs less than Blinkist. Headway is the place for you if you like to listen to summaries.

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