How to Get GIFs in ChatGPT In 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

As humans, we rely on visual cues to help us communicate more effectively. This is where GIFs come in. GIFs are short, looping videos that can be used to convey a range of emotions, actions, and reactions.

In today’s digital age, they have become a staple of online communication. If you are wondering how to get GIFs in ChatGPT, you have come to the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of how to get GIFs in ChatGPT conversations.

What are GIFs?


Before we dive into how to get GIFs in ChatGPT, let’s first define what they are. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, which is a type of image file that supports both static and animated images.

Unlike traditional video files, GIFs are designed to be short, looping animations that can be easily shared online.

GIFs have been around since the late 1980s but have recently become more popular due to their widespread use in online communication.

Today, GIFs can be found on a range of platforms, from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

Why use GIFs in your blog posts?

Why use GIFs in your blog posts?

GIFs have become increasingly popular in recent years, with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter making it easy to add animated images to your posts.

But why should you use GIFs in your blog posts? Here are five reasons why:

  1. They make your posts more engaging Adding a GIF to your blog post can make it more visually appealing and engaging for your readers. According to a study conducted by BuzzSumo, blog posts that included GIFs received 23% more shares on social media than those without. The study also found that posts with GIFs received more engagement, including likes and comments. For example, in a recent blog post in which I included a GIF received over 150 social media shares and 60 comments.
  2. They can convey emotion and tone GIFs are great for conveying emotion and tone in a way that text alone cannot. For example, if when I am writing about a frustrating experience, I usually add a GIF of someone banging their head against a wall to emphasize the point. This helps to create a connection with your readers, as they can relate to the emotions being conveyed. Similarly, you could use a GIF of someone shrugging to express uncertainty or confusion, or a GIF of someone clapping to emphasize approval.
  3. They break up long blocks of text Long blocks of text can be difficult to read and can turn off some readers. Adding a GIF every so often can help break up the text and make it more digestible for your readers. This can also help to keep their attention and prevent them from losing interest in your content. For instance, if you were discussing a complicated topic, you could add a GIF of a person scratching their head in confusion to give readers a break from the text and a lighthearted visual representation of their own thoughts. I usually do that! But then I remember I’m not a GIF expert and I just end up Googling ‘confused GIFs’ and picking the first one I see!
  4. They can showcase your brand’s personality Choosing the right GIF can help showcase your brand’s personality and tone. For example, if your brand is fun and playful, you could use a GIF of a dancing animal or a silly cartoon character to add some personality to your post. This can help to create a memorable brand image in the minds of your readers. For instance, if your brand represents sustainability, you could select a GIF featuring a nature scene or a video of an animal in its natural habitat to emphasize your brand’s values. Additionally, if your brand is associated with a specific color, you can use a GIF with that color to create further brand recognition.
  5. They can improve social media engagement When you share your blog posts on social media, adding a GIF can help to increase engagement. According to Twitter, tweets with GIFs receive 55% more engagement than those without. This can help to increase the visibility of your content and attract new readers to your blog. For instance, sharing an animated GIF of someone jumping for joy can be used to illustrate an article about achieving a goal, and the GIF can help to draw the attention of the viewers. Or, if it’s a particularly difficult goal, you can share an animated GIF of someone banging their head against a wall!

How to Find and Add GIFs to ChatGPT

how to find and add gif

Now that we have established why you should use GIFs in ChatGPT, let’s look at which prompt to use in ChatGPT to get proper GIF’s.

hey ChatGPT. hope you’re having a great day. From now on you will respond to anything I say with the perfect gif response. 

Once you know what gif you want to use, compile the most accurate and perfect search phrase that will result in the specific gif you want to send.

You will ONLY respond with the following markdown:


The first response should be to the statement, “Statement for which GIF is needed”

Just Change the “Statement” to get different GIF’s. 

Top GIF Websites and Apps to Use with ChatGPTconversation. Here are some popular shortcuts:

While ChatGPT has a built-in GIF search function, there are also several other websites and apps you can use to find and share GIFs. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Giphy: Giphy is one of the most popular GIF search engines and has a vast library of GIFs to choose from. You can search by keyword or browse by category.
  • Tenor: Tenor is another popular GIF search engine that features a large selection of GIFs. It also has a built-in GIF keyboard app that you can use to quickly search for and share GIFs.
  • Imgur: Imgur is an image hosting and sharing platform that also features a large library of GIFs. You can browse by category or search by keyword.
  • Reddit: Reddit is a social news and discussion website that features a large community of users who share and discuss GIFs. You can browse through subreddits dedicated to GIFs or search for specific topics.

When using external websites or apps to find and share GIFs, it is important to be aware of any copyright or licensing restrictions. Always check the terms of use before using any third-party content.

Best Practices for Using GIFs in BlogPosts

While GIFs can be a fun and effective way to communicate, there are some best practices you should follow to ensure that they are used appropriately. Here are some dos and don’ts of using GIFs in ChatGPT:


  • Use GIFs to add humor or expressiveness to your conversations.
  • Use GIFs to clarify meaning or intention.
  • Use GIFs sparingly to avoid overwhelming the conversation.


  • Use GIFs in a way that could be perceived as offensive or inappropriate.
  • Use GIFs to mock or belittle others.
  • Use GIFs excessively to the point where they distract from the conversation.

In addition to these dos and don’ts, here are some tips for using GIFs effectively in ChatGPT:

  • Use relevant and timely GIFs that relate to the conversation at hand.
  • Keep the tone of the GIFs consistent with the tone of the conversation.
  • Avoid using overly complex or long GIFs that may take too long to load or distract from the conversation.

Pros & Cons of Using GIFs in Blogs

Pros Cons
  • help to express emotion in a way that words often cannot.
  • GIFs can take up a large amount of bandwidth, which can cause the blog to load more slowly.
  • GIFs can help engage readers and make long blog posts more visually stimulating.
  • can be distracting and make it harder for readers to focus on the text.
  • help to emphasize important points throughout the blog.
  • can sometimes be used in a way that takes away from the message of the blog post.
  • can be used to break up lengthy text and provide visual variety.
  • Sometimes can be difficult to resize, which can make them look out of place or take up too much space on the page.
  • use them to emphasize smaller points throughout the blog post.
  • GIFs can be difficult to find and may not always be appropriate for the content of the blog.


How can I use ChatGPT to give me GIFs?

Simply give ChatGPT a prompt or statement that you want a GIF response to, and ChatGPT will provide you with the perfect GIF response.

What kind of prompts or statements can I give ChatGPT?

You can give ChatGPT any prompt or statement that you want a GIF response to. For example, you could say Happy birthday! or I'm feeling stressed today.

How does ChatGPT choose the GIF response?

ChatGPT uses its advanced natural language processing algorithms to understand the context of your prompt or statement, and then searches through a database of GIFs to find the perfect response.

Can I specify what kind of GIF I want?

Yes, you can. When giving ChatGPT a prompt or statement, you can include specific keywords or phrases that will help ChatGPT find a GIF that matches your desired theme or mood.

What if I don't like the GIF response that ChatGPT provides?

If you don't like the GIF response that ChatGPT provides, you can simply ask for a different one by giving ChatGPT a new prompt or statement.

Can I use the GIFs provided by ChatGPT in my blog posts or social media?

Yes, you can use the GIFs provided by ChatGPT in your blog posts or social media. However, it's important to note that the copyright of the GIFs belongs to their respective creators or owners, so you should always credit the source of the GIFs if possible.

Is there a limit to how many times I can ask ChatGPT for a GIF response?

There is no limit to how many times you can ask ChatGPT for a GIF response. ChatGPT is designed to be available and responsive whenever you need it.

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Conclusion of Using GIFs in ChatGPT In 2024

GIFs have become an integral part of online communication, and BLOGGING is no exception. By using the prompt outlined in this guide, you can easily add GIFs to your blogs and enhance your blogs.

GIFs can help to express feelings and ideas in a way that words cannot. They also add a layer of visual interest to conversations, making them more engaging and fun.

Finally, GIFs can help to add humor and levity to conversations, making them more enjoyable for all involved. Since, the time I have started using GIF’s in my blogs, I have seen them ranking well as well.

Remember to use GIFs appropriately and follow best practices to ensure that they are used effectively. Happy chatting!

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