How To Get Personal Blog On Instagram In 2022

This article will show you How To Get Personal Blog On Instagram. If you are interested in doing so, continue reading. When you use a computer to access Instagram.com and sign in with your account, you’ll also learn how to add your own link to your profile.

  • Downloading and Using the Mobile App
  • Open Instagram. The icon for the application is a square with a gradient going from yellow to purple that contains a camera. You may locate this application by searching, placing it in the app drawer, or finding it on the home screen.
  • If requested, log in to your account.
  • Tap the emblem or image of your profile. The bottom-right-hand corner of the app is often where you’ll locate this option.
  • Select the Edit Profile option. This will appear to the right of the icon or picture that represents your profile.
  • 4. Select “Website” from the menu that appears. This will cause your keyboard to glide up from the bottom of the screen when your pointer moves inside the area.
  • 5. Type your own blog URL. When you view your blog, the contents of the address bar at the top of your web browser will appear as follows. There is no need that “HTTPS://” to be included in the website field.
  • 6. Select “Done” or the checkmark image labeled “Android7done.png” from the menu. You should be able to find this in the app’s upper right-hand corner.

You’ll notice that your website is linked to your personal blog via a clickable link that is included in the bio section of your profile.

How To Get a Personal Blog On Instagram

Method 1: How To Get Personal Blog On Instagram

On the surface, a personal Instagram account and a corporate account appear to be quite comparable to one another.

They are both totally free to use, open to applications from anybody, and fantastic for distributing information in an internet setting.

However, there are many significant distinctions to be made between personal and professional alternatives, and it is important to be aware of these differences. For instance, if you want to use things like Instagram Insights (which provides data on marketing), Instagram Ads, and other features, you will need a business account.

To be able to add contact information to your profile, you will need a business account, which is the only method to do so.

Before Instagram introduced Business accounts, companies had to cram as much relevant information as they could into their Insta bios in order to attract the attention of their intended audience. Instead of accessing the personal profile, firms now get access to an enhanced version of that profile.

Method 2: How To Get a Personal Blog On Instagram

Utilizing Instagram.com on a Desktop or Laptop Computer

1. Open a web browser and navigate to the address https://instagram.com. You will now proceed to the website for Instagram.

If asked, please log in.

2. Select the profile silhouette picture that is labeled AndroidIGprofile.png with your mouse. You’ll head to your profile page.

3. Select the Edit Profile option.

4. Select the text field located next to “Website” and click it. The blinking cursor will be in the appropriate field.

5. Type your own blog URL. When you view your blog, the contents of the address bar at the top of your web browser will appear as follows. There is no need that “https://” to be included in the website field.

6. Click Submit. Confirmation that the changes you made to your profile have been saved will appear in the form of a dark bar that slides up from the bottom of your web browser.

To see the updated version, simply click the silhouette symbol once again. There will be a link to your personal blog as well as your profile page that will show.

How to convert your personal profile to a business profile on Instagram

Let’s examine how to switch to an Instagram business profile now that you are aware of how advantageous it may be to have the proper profile on Instagram.

Before you begin the procedure, check to see that the privacy settings on your profile are set to public. There is no option to transform private accounts into business profiles.

To begin, go to your Instagram settings by clicking on the “Options” button.

Continue scrolling down until you see the option to “Switch to a business profile”

If you select this option, Instagram will inquire about the possibility of connecting to your Facebook profile.

If you wish to convert your personal Facebook page into a Business profile, you will need to have access to the Admin section of your page.

Select the page that you would want to link to your Instagram account, as well as the category that you would like to use for your profile. Personal blogs and health/beauty topics are examples of the kind of content that fall under several categories.

Create a profile for your company by providing the following information: your email address, your physical address, and your phone number:

After you have gone through the steps of reviewing your company contact information, you should verify it again and then hit the “Done” button.

Quick Links:

Instructions on how to revert to a personal account

You are not obligated to have a business account if and when you come to the conclusion that you no longer require one for any reason. You only need to sign in to your Instagram account, and then you can:

  • Proceed to your device’s Settings.
  • Select the Business Settings menu option.
  • To go back to your personal account, click the button.

When Instagram asks you, verify that you still want to switch when it does so.
There is no restriction on how you switch between your personal and professional accounts, so you are free to do it whenever and however you choose.

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