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How To Get Your Parents To Say Yes? 2022– Complete Guide!

As a child, you probably try many times a day to get your parents to say yes to you. How are things going for you? If it’s hard for you to get Mom and Dad to do what you want, it’s because you’ve never been taught the right way to do it.

Scientists in the field of social psychology have recently found out some shocking things about what really makes people agree with us.

Few of the best salespeople know about these results. Most likely, Mom and Dad also don’t know about them. And that’s what will help you do even better with this.

People let their guard down when they don’t know that someone is trying to get them to say yes. And will feel like they made the choice on their own.

Your parents won’t know that you worked hard and used your power to get them to say yes. This is a great way to do it.

The real reason why your parents seem averse to saying yes to you more often

It’s frustrating to ask your parents for something and usually get a “no.” They say no for two main reasons:

Your parents love you and want what’s best for you, but they think they know best about what’s best for you. When you ask someone for something, you are giving them an idea.

People are naturally biased toward new ideas that are not their own. So, they try to find reasons to turn you down and do so.

One more reason has to do with how most people ask for things. We tell them straight out and make them try to talk to us. Psychologists have found that when people are forced to think, they argue and fight back. This is one of the main reasons Mom and Dad usually say no.

How To Get Your Parents To Say Yes? 2022

Here’s how you can convince your parents to say yes to you

People never make choices based on what they know to be true. We do it because of what we think and feel deep down.

So the best way to get your parents to say yes is to ask them in a sneaky way. And to first change their subconscious minds in a way that helps you so they are more likely to say yes.

If your parents are very stubborn, this is the only way to get them to change their minds.

We’ll talk more about this below so you can see how easy it is to use on your parents.

This is a strong way to do things. Always tell your parents the truth. There are still some things they won’t do. You have to accept their choice because you know they care about you.

If you try to trick people with any of this, it will not work.

1. Make your parents happy by doing something for them

How To Get Your Parents To Say Yes? happy parents
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This is one of the easiest ways to get your parents to want to help you before you even ask. First, give them something. It doesn’t have to be in the real world. But it has to be real and have meaning.

If you want to ask your parents for something in the evening, do something nice for them in the morning. If you see them hurrying to get to work, offer to do the dishes or walk the dog.

Or just walk up to them and thank them for something they did for you. Tell them how much it meant to you that you had to give them a hug. You could even make a special card for them.

When someone gives them a gift, they feel an unconscious need to return the favor. So when you ask for something in the evening or the next day, they will be more likely to say yes. Or, at the very least, they will listen to you and give your case a better chance.

2. Show Them What You Want Is Even Bigger

When people aren’t sure what to do, they usually look around for hints and help. Usually, they do this by comparing it to something they just thought of.

Say you want something from your parents that costs $50. They have nothing to compare the item and price to when they look at it. Most likely, they will say it is too expensive and say no.

instead, do this. Talk to them first about anything that costs $500. Don’t say you want it. Just talk about it, but make sure you say how much it costs. Then, after a while, ask for the item that costs $50.

Now, when they think about the price of $50, they have to think about how much $500 is. Now, $50 seems like less to them. This is called “anchoring,” and the contrast principle is used to make it work.

You stuck your parents on a price of $500, which made your $50 item look like a deal. Now it’s more likely that they’ll say yes.

3. Persuade your parents that the sale is not the end of the world

There is a good way to encourage someone to do something. Get them to think about what it would be like if they had already said yes.

Say you want to get a dog from your parents. You want them to think about what it would be like if your family already had a dog before you ask them. 

You could ask your dad, “Given that no one is home most afternoons, what kind of dog do you think would be good for our family?” For him to answer, he needs to picture your family with a dog.

The more your parents think about what it would be like to have a dog, the more likely they are to say yes.

We call that “thinking beyond the sale.” When someone thinks about something for a while, their mind is more likely to accept it as a choice. This won’t always get your parents to say yes, but it will increase the chances that they will.

4. Acknowledge that you only have a limited amount of time with them

If you want someone to say yes to you, what you say to them when you ask doesn’t matter that much. It all comes down to what they think and feel right before you ask them for something. Because of this, most kids know not to ask their parents questions when they are upset or stressed.

But if you can change how your parents feel, you can make them more likely to say yes.


People value something much more if it is hard to get or won’t be around for long. In your case, you are that something. Tell your parents they don’t have much time left with you. They will like you more and want to give you more things.

It’s better to not be direct. Bring up the idea of where you want to go to college in a casual way. This will remind them right away that they only have a short time with you. In the next few hours, they will be less resistant to whatever you ask them.

5. Commitment and Consistency: Ask for something small first

Sometimes, your parents might think about giving you something, but they might not be sure. In these situations, you can try a method of persuasion called “commitment and consistency.”

In this case, you want to start by getting your parents to agree to something smaller but related. When they care about a small thing for a cause, they will feel like they have to stick with this choice in other situations as well.

You tell them you want a dog. That’s a big promise for both of you. If you ask for a puppy right away, they might say no. So you first ask for an easy-to-care-for pet. It could work with a fish or a guinea pig.

Now, they see themselves as parents who buy pets for their kids. When you ask for a dog a few weeks or months later, they will feel a need to be consistent with their previous position, which was that parents should get their kids pets, and they will be more willing to take a bigger step with a dog.

If you want your parents to let you go on a date, ask them first if you can go out with a big group of your friends.

When you earn their trust and come home on time, they will be used to the idea that you can go out and be responsible. So, when they think about you going on a date alone with someone, they will be more likely to say yes.

6. Make your parents believe that you came up with the idea

Make your parents believe that you came up with the idea
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Your parents think they know what’s best for you better than anyone else. Sometimes, but not always, that is true. So, they might say no to you mostly because you made the suggestion and not them.

Before you tell your parents about your idea, get them involved in making it. Even if they are just a little bit involved, they will see it as coming from the whole family. And not just the idea of a child.

Your parents like their IKEA or other furniture they put together because of this. IKEA took care of all of the hard work. It was just put together by your parents.

But that’s enough to make them talk about how great their IKEA furniture is. They end up liking the furniture more because they helped make it. They will do the same thing if they think the idea was also theirs.

7. Admitting your mistakes or doing something wrong

Admitting your mistakes
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Just before you ask for something, you’ll think this is the worst thing you could do. But if you tell your parents about a mistake you made in the past without them finding out on their own, they will trust you more.

If they know you will tell them on your own if you do something wrong, they will be much more likely to give you things.

Your parents might not let you go on a date, buy you a car, a phone, or a cool new toy because they don’t fully trust you. And they want you to stay safe and out of trouble.

But if you find ways to show them that you are honest with them even when it hurts you, they will open all doors for you. Getting things is all about trust. Do everything you can to get it.

Your Parents Will Say Yes To You More if You Do This

Most of the time, your parents will tell you no. You might be able to change their minds if you argue and cry. But if you work on their subconscious minds before you ask for something, they won’t realize that you were the one who persuaded them. They feel like they made the choice themselves and are still in charge.

People start to say no when they think someone is trying to force them to do something. If you work quietly, you can take away reasons why they might say no to you. You make it so that they automatically start saying yes to you a lot more.

How to ask your parents for specific things

The most important thing to remember as you use these tips is that you should always be honest. No making stuff up. If you use any of this to trick your parents, you will hurt yourself and their trust in you. If you don’t trust, you won’t get much. No matter what kind of psychology you try.

The most important thing you should learn from this is that if you want something from your family, you have to give something first.

Give them your honest opinion, love, and appreciation, and do what they ask of you. If you tell them you’ll do something, do it. Just doing this will lead to a lot more from them coming to you. Most of the time, they will come without you asking.

Don’t throw a fit if they still say no to something. Keep your cool and go with the flow. This time, they might be right. Save yourself for a different day and request. If you make a big deal every time someone tells you no, they will feel like they have good reason to keep telling you no.

Based on what we’ve learned so far, here are some ideas for how to ask your parents for certain things.

Is Your Parent Buying You A New Phone Or Laptop?

Before you ask for a new iPhone, you should first add them to your plan. Make sure you tell them if this phone or laptop would help you with any of your school work.

If you want your parents to buy you a new phone, which will cost them a lot of money, use the anchoring method described above. If you want them to buy you an expensive phone model, tie them to something that costs even more.

How To Get Your Parents To Say Yes To You Buying A Car

You are almost ready for college if you are old enough to drive and want your parents to buy you a car. Before you ask for a car, you should work on how they feel.

Tell them they don’t have much time left with you. Work for one or two summers first. Show them you’re willing to pay for some of it.

How to get a dog or pet from your parents

First, make sure that your mom and dad really want a dog. If they had a dog when they were younger, ask them to tell you about it. Ask them if they have any old photos of their dog. As they think back on these times, they will want the same for you and be more likely to buy you a dog.

If your parents didn’t have a dog when they were growing up, and you want to convince them to get one, try being committed and consistent.

First, get a small pet that is easy to care for. If you can show them you can take care of a small pet, they will be more likely to let you get a dog.

Sleepovers: How To Make Your Parents Say Yes

To get your parents to let you have a sleepover, trust is the most important thing. Keep your word, and people will believe you for a long time. Say that you did something wrong.

Stick with them and show them you care. Start small. First, ask this friend to play with you. Get your parents used to the idea that you might hang out with him or her.

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Conclusion How To Get Your Parents To Say Yes? 2022

In conclusion, every parent is different. Your parents and your friend’s parents are not the same. You shouldn’t be mad if your parents don’t agree with everything you want. There is always a reason why your parents say no to what you want.

You need to figure out how to get your parents to agree to what you want. I hope that the above method will help you get your parents to say yes.

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