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How to Turn 10k into 100k Quickly: The Best Methods To Try!

Is it possible to turn 10k into 100k? Yes, but not everyone can make this happen. You need a strong will and some work ethic before you’re going to see the results.

Furthermore, you need strong planning to make the 100k happen. According to the 2018 Census, 29.9% of US households earn $10,000 per year.

That means there are literally millions of people trying to do this very thing. But, what about the other 70.1%? They aren’t working hard enough to get their money up, so why should you work your butt off to get theirs?

Is it really possible to turn your 10k into 100k?

The answer to this question is; Yes. In fact, there are a number of people who are making profits by investing their money into various assets. It doesn’t matter how small the investment is, the point still stands that you could invest $10 and turn it into $100.

The high amount of investment will often come with higher risk levels. Therefore, your 10k could be gone forever. However, this is a risk that you’ll have to take to turn your money into more money.

Hence, there are various ways to turn your $10k into $100k.

Best ways to turn 10k into 100k quickly:

Invest in Index Funds

Index funds are a great way to diversify your portfolio without having the hassle of picking individual stocks.

how to turn 10k into 100k with funds

They’ll automatically invest in all companies that make up an index, which means you get less risk but still have access to some good lucrative opportunities for higher return investments

Since they have so many customers, they can afford to take on more risks. This will result in higher returns while keeping risks low.

Since index funds may be a new concept for most readers, there are various large companies that offer this service. These include Vanguard and Fidelity Investments.

Index funds are a good investment. You do not need a financial advisor to get started. It can help you build a diversified portfolio with low fees, and it has little risk in the long term.

When you buy an index fund, it becomes like a form of investing since you will receive dividends (interest on profits) regularly. There are a number of consultants and advisors who can assist you in buying or selling the index funds whenever needed.

Invest in Real Estate

Image Source: Forbes.com

Real estate is one of the safest ways to turn your 10k into 100k over time. When you buy a home, the value will rise with inflation. The main reason for this is; homes are constantly needed by people (demand), and there aren’t enough homes available (supply).

As stated by real estate websites, the average housing price in US is $188k. However, you can find homes for less than $100 and more than $700k.

Real estate investment also has tax benefits. You’ll be able to deduct certain expenses such as interest on mortgages, taxes, and utilities from your taxable income.

You can invest in real estate with a minimum of 10k. With this amount, you can get your feet wet and begin to learn about the market. Real estate is known to provide better cash flow than investing in Index Funds or Mutual Funds.

Real estate is a great way to invest since the risk level is low. You have many years to build equity and continue your ROI. There are several annual costs but these are often offset by tax deductions.

Real Estate is a great way to invest without needing too much experience due to it being relatively low risk. If you have an average job, you can make a lot of money from investing in real estate.

Let’s say, the property was purchased for $100,000. You spent some $15,000 to spruce up your property and the property is now valued at $130,000. This is known as forced appreciation.

You have now rented the property at $800 per month and the mortgage amount is $500. The mortgage amount is building some equity along with the extra cash flow of $300.

Now, calculate this equity in a year. That is roughly around $5000 plus the forced appreciation cost.

Invest in Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are also a great way to diversify your investment portfolio. It is basically an investment in a pool of various stocks, bonds, and other securities.

investing in mutual funds

They often do research on the market before investing in various securities to ensure that they’ll have stable gains over time.

Mutual funds are very easy to get started. You can invest in mutual funds with as little as $1,000. If you’re looking for simplicity, this is one of the best ways to get started.

This investment option is considered safer than Index Funds since they are professionally managed by experts on the market who know which stocks or securities will do well in the future at any given time.

Mutual funds are a great way to invest since they allow you to make money without knowing anything about stocks and buying and selling securities.

You can start making $3,000 per month in just 2 years with mutual funds. This is because of the power of compounding which can turn your original investment amount into a big number over time.

The returns are fixed for the entire term of the investment. You can find mutual funds with terms ranging from 1 year to 5 years. The longer the term, the higher the return rate.

Invest in Stocks & IPO to Turn 10k into 100k

If you have enough experience or knowledge about investing, you should consider investing in stocks and IPO’s.

Stocks are securities traded on stock exchanges while IPO refers to the first sale of stocks by a private company into the market.

You can easily turn 10k into 100k with this method since it has high potential if you do things right. However, not everyone will be able to make money from investing in stocks or IPO’s.

If you choose to invest in stocks, it’s best to invest in low-risk securities for beginners. This means investing in blue-chip stocks which are established companies with longevity and strong financials.

Investing in Stocks vs Mutual Funds You can easily turn 10k into 100k with this method since it has high potential if you do things right. However, not everyone will be able to make money from investing in stocks or IPO’s.

Let’s look at the example of Amazon. When they first went public in 1997, their stock was only $2 per share.

Today, it is $1,970 per share which is a gain of over 1 million percent.

Amazon is a great example of making money from investing in stocks and IPO’s since their stock has given such high returns over time.

That said, there are also examples of people who bought into Amazon early on and bought at $1 per share only to see the price drop to $0.01 later on.

Flip on Amazon and eBay

The most profitable way to turn $10k into $100k is by flipping on Amazon and eBay.

There are many items you can flip for a profit like a furniture, clothing, shoes, and sports cards.

All you need to do is search for items that are selling well on sites like Amazon and eBay than buy them when the price is low.

You can then sell them for a higher price at your own convenience either online or offline.

The best part about this method is that you don’t need any experience or knowledge at all to get started.

You can even turn 10k into 100k with just $1,000 by using this method efficiently.

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Create a dropshipping store

The global dropshipping market size was estimated at USD 122.3 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 149.4 billion in 2020.

how to create a dropshipping store

Dropshipping stores are the easiest business to start since you don’t need to invest any money.

All you need is a simple blog or website where people can place orders online. The store owner will then buy the items from their suppliers and ship out the goods to the customer.

You make your profit by marking up the price of each item sold on your site. You’ll also gain a commission from some suppliers for referring your customers to them.

Using the lucrative dropshipping stores, you can definitely turn 10k into 100k with just $1,000.

Use Affiliate Marketing to turn $10k into $100k

When you have a blog with high traffic, you can use affiliate marketing to your advantage.

All you need is a common product or service that has a high demand and promote it on your blog via an affiliate link.

You earn money by selling the products through your site which will lead to a commission from the supplier. You can also choose to promote multiple products from various suppliers at the same time.

There are various affiliate programs that you can join such as ShareASale, CJAffiliate, ClickBank, and various others that offer a good affiliate commission. As a freelancer, you can start your affiliate marketing site to get the revenue coming.

Furthermore, since they offer a wide range of products, you can choose from many different niches in your affiliate marketing business.


Investments can be risky, but if you do your due diligence and find the higher-yielding investment for you, it will pay off in time.

You don’t need to take on a large risk right away; start with something manageable like flipping products on Amazon or finding more clients through networking events.

You can easily turn 10k into 100k with this method since it has high potential if you do things right. However, not everyone will be able to make money from investing in stocks or IPO’s.

For those who are just starting out, it’s also best to start off with smaller amounts of money instead of big chunks at once. This way you won’t make hasty decisions on your trades and lose a lot of money in the process too.

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