Mengenal Apa itu Program Afiliasi & Keuntungan Menjadi Affiliate Marketer

What is an Affiliate program – Some of us may still think that to have a large income and multiple profits must start with a large “capital”. In fact, this assumption is not entirely true.

There are many who can be successful and rich even with low capital. This affiliate program is one of them, this business has been proven to create new job trends.

Yes, because not only millions can be obtained, it can even reach tens and hundreds of millions of rupiah per month.

Not sure?

Relax I will discuss it below.

Understanding Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a program that will allow participants to earn commissions, if they succeed in getting other people to buy the products that they promote. (Of course it has gone through the registration process, I will discuss it below)

In running an affiliate business, of course there are related parties. Those involved in this business circle are as follows:

  • Product Owner – Usually the product owner can be a company, supplier, and seller.
  • Affiliate Marketer – Is a person who joins affiliate programs. Its job is to promote the products sold by the product owner to potential consumers.
  • Consumers – People who buy products from links promoted by affiliate marketers.

In this article, what we will explore is the party in the second point, namely the Affiliate Marketer.

Before becoming an affiliate marketer, we need to register first to a website that provides an affiliate program.

Relax, registering on a website that provides an affiliate program is not difficult. It’s as easy as registering yourself on social media.

After registering, you will be given a link that has a referral code behind it. These links are used by affiliate program providers to track where their customers are coming from.

Affiliate Program Example

For example, you happen to be a person who likes to read and review new books after reading them. Then the possibility of promoting products around books is the right choice.

The next step to take is to find a bookselling site that offers an affiliate program. One of the bookselling sites that provides an affiliate program is Mizan Store .

Please click the link above, then you will go directly to the page to register as an affiliate marketer at Mizan Store.

When the registration process is complete, you can choose which books to promote. Choose the one that sells well and has a lot of fans.

After choosing which product to promote, a referral link will appear. This link can be used for promotions (affiliate marketers) and tracking buyers’ sources.

Example of a referral link:

The referral code listed behind the url shows the tracking code for each affiliate marketer. So you don’t have to worry about where the website owners know that you are the one promoting the product.

Why is Affiliate Program Highly Recommended?

There are many advantages to making this affiliate program a side business. The following are some of the reasons and advantages of being an affiliate marketer.

1. Can be done without capital

What I mean without capital is without money. But other capital in the form of willingness, effort to promote the product is mandatory.

Keep in mind, the fact is that capital is a catalyst. Which will accelerate the success of a business. Without capital you can be successful, but it doesn’t take time.

2. Bigger Profit

Just imagine, which business doesn’t think about shipping, packing, and processing sales transactions? Yes this, become an affiliate marketer.

By becoming an affiliate marketer, you only need to do two work steps to generate income. The first is to register, the second is to promote. After that, they just walked around waiting for the commission to be disbursed.

The amount of commission from the affiliate program of course varies between each product. Usually starting from 25% to 75% of the selling value of the product.

3. Not Limited To One Site Only

The next good news is that you can join tens or even hundreds of affiliate programs at the same time. As long as you do not violate the provisions that have been made by the site owner. Make sure you have read the current terms, to avoid problems in the future.

4. Potential to become passive income

It would be nice if we do not depend on just one income. For example, during this pandemic, many workers lost their jobs because the companies they belonged to collab.

We don’t feel safe because we haven’t been affected. Even though it is currently in a settled position, making this program a passive income is a smart and wise move.

Becoming an affiliate marketer is one way to get passive income, especially if the technique of promoting the referral link is right on target. About how to promote a good link, I will discuss below.

5. Flexible

Being an affiliate marketer will not make the main job disturbed. You can do it while you have free time.

The product owner does not determine how many targets you have to achieve. Because the commission calculation is based on the products sold. This means that the product owner has no obligation to spend funds to pay affiliate marketers when there are no sales.

What Sites Provide Affiliate Programs?

Regarding this question, the answer depends. Which market do you want to target, local and foreign markets you can all follow.

Remember, the Internet can reach any part of the world. The global market certainly has wider potential, but local potential must also be considered.

Here are some sites that provide affiliate programs:

Overseas Websites:

  • Amazon – Any product you can find on Amazon. The world’s largest marketplace provides an affiliate program for anyone and any country who is interested,
  • ShareASale – Is an internationalaffiliate networktype site, which provides thousands of excellent products to promote.

Domestic Websites:

  • Mizan Store – Is a bookstore that provides an affiliate program.
  • AccestradeIndonesianaffiliate networksuch as ShareASale, which has a wide selection of products to affiliate with.
  • – Provides an opportunity for anyone to promote their products.
  • – Freelance site that opens the opportunity to become an affiliate marketer with guaranteed commissions valid for life.
  • – Digital product marketplace, whose model is similar to the mizan store. Everything sold here is in the form of digital products such as: Ebooks, Programs, Blog/website Templates etc.

Is Only Limited Mentioned?

Wow, there are many more that can be searched and followed. But in a nutshell, there are several popular categories today that can maximize their potential.

  1. Fitness
  2. Biz-opp (business opportunity)
  3. Insurance
  4. Gadgets
  5. Books
  6. Skincare, health & beauty
  7. Gaming
  8. Digital products

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What you need to pay attention to in choosing an affiliate program

Before determining which site you want to follow the program. There are two types of affiliates that you need to know about.

  1. Independent Affiliate – This means that you register to become an affiliate marketer on a site that provides affiliate programs directly. Usually the conditions are more stringent, such as not being allowed to do paid traffic so that your promotion is considered valid. (Read more in the sub-chapter below about paid traffic)
  2. Through the Affiliate network – This affiliate network rules are more lax, because you are allowed to use paid traffic as a way to do promotions. Examples of affiliate networks I have mentioned above: ShareAshale and Accestrade.

Tricks to Promote Affiliate Products (Rarely Known by Others)

Untuk mempromosikan produk afiliasi, ada dua hal yang perlu anda ketahui.

  1. Cara Mempromosikan
  2. Sarana Promosi

1. Cara Promosi

Mempromosikan produk afiliasi tidak dapat dilakukan sembarangan. Jangan berfikir dengan menyebar link kemana mana dan tinggal menunggu hasil.

Nyatanya perlu teknik khusus untuk melakukan promosi. Membuat promosi tanpa biaya adalah dengan menggulas produk yang anda promosikan.

Menerbitkannya di blog, website, dan membuat artikel ulasan yang diunggah di slide share.

Selain itu, konversinya rendah!

2. Sarana Promosi

Dalam mempromosikan produk afiliasi, ada beberapa sarana yang ampuh untuk digunakan. Kalau anda baca di beberapa website, pasti jawabnya menggunakan sosial media seperti fb, Instagram dll.

Sayangnya pendapat ini tidak tepat!.

Sosial media itu sarana promosi yang dibesar-besarkan.Nyatanya nilai konversinya rendah. Tujuan orang bersosial media saat ini hanya untuk mencari hiburan. Kelemahan lainnya adalah, ruang lingkup sosial media sangatlah kecil, ditambah postingan akan tenggelam begitu ada yang membuat postingan baru.

Sarana paling ampuh untuk program afiliasi adalah website dan blog. Mengapa demikian?

Trafik jawabnya. Website dan blog memili trafik dari hasil pencarian organic dari search engine seperti Google dan Bing. Artikel yang muncul di halaman pertama google bisa di baca oleh puluhan ribu calon konsumen setiap harinya. Dan hal ini akan bertahan dalam waktu yang lama, dibanding dengan sosial media.

Selain sarana untuk promosi produk afiliasi blog juga dapat di jadikan ladang pemasukan lain. Silahkan baca di sini: Cara membuat blog untuk menghasilkan uang dalam 7 Langkah Praktis.

Ada dua cara yang bisa anda lakukan untuk mendapatkan traffik, free traffic dan paid traffic.

Free traffic

Free traffic artinya anda akan mendapatkan pengunjung secara natural dari hasil pencarian google.

Sangat cocok untuk yang baru memulai bisnis ini, karena modal yang dikeluarkan tidak begitu besar. Paling hanya untuk membuat website dan optimasi SEO, kalau pakai jasa pihak ketiga.

memanfaatkan free traffic tentu ada kelemahannya.

Kelemahan pertama yang sangat terasa adalah waktu, untuk bisa mencapai halaman pertama hasil pencarian membutuhkan waktu 1-3 bulan.

Yang kedua, website anda dapat terlempar dari halaman pertama kapan saja. Karena google selalu mengupdate algoritmanya.

Tapi bagaimanapun, menggunakan free traffic yang terbaik untuk yang minim modal. Karena kita hanya perlu menunggu traffic datang secara otomatis dan fokus akan lebih banyak dalam membuat konten ulasan.

Paid Traffic

Artinya anda akan mengiklankan produk yang anda promosikan. Langkah ini dapat dilakukan untuk menskip waktu berbulan-bulan yang dibutuhkan untuk mencapai halaman pertama hasil pencarian.

Dengan memanfaatkan Google Ads, konten promosi yang anda buat dalam sekejap akan menduduki halaman pertama.

Namun dengan memanfaatkan paid traffic, tingkat konversi akan lebih tinggi. Apalagi desain web dan blog dengan aja dibuat layaknya online store.

Langkah-langkah yang perlu dilakukan untuk membuat paid traffic:

  • Mendaftar di Google Ads.
  • Mmebuat Desain Iklan
  • Lengkap dengan banner iklan maupun Text.

Intinya anda sudah memperhitungkan berapa biaya untuk iklan dan berapa pendapaan yang akan masuk setelah melakukan cara ini.


Saya mengiklankan konten web yang berisi link afiliasi, dengan budget 450 rbu. Dari hasil pengiklanan tersebut saya mendapatkan hasil 1 juta. Artinya keuntungan yang didapat adalah 55o ribu dalam sehari.

ROI ( Return Of Investment) dari pengiklanan yang saya lakukan adalah (550/1 juta)*100% = 55%.

Untuk mendapatkan ROI positif, perlu dilakukan beberapa kali percobaan dan analisa. Seperti penargetan calon konsumen dan analisa daerah efektif pengiklanan.

Teori memang mudah. Namun cara di atas lebih mungkin untuk mendatangkan penghasilan yang berlipan ganda.


In order to add insight and experience to become an affiliate marketer, you need to join several groups that discuss affiliate themes. Also attend free and paid seminars to find the latest methods and tips that have been done by successful affiliate marketers.

The rest is practice. There is no successful and successful business without practice. The price of an experience is very expensive.

Although often underestimated and easy to do. In fact people who take affiliate business seriously will be successful and generate more income than you can imagine.

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