10 Rekomendasi Bisnis Franchise Dibawah 5 Juta Tahun 2021

Is it possible to start a franchise business under 5 million? Yes, you can, of course, having a business is the dream of many people. Moreover, if the business being managed continues to grow rapidly and generate quite a decent profit.

However, sometimes many are confused about starting their own business. The reasons start from the capital and the complex startup process and concepts that are not easy to run.

However, in this modern era, it seems that opening a business will not be difficult to do. The most important thing here is to be creative, have the will to start and have a mature concept. There are many business opportunities that of course you can start with small capital, of course.

Talking about a business with small capital, of course there is no need to be complicated. One that is widely recommended is to open a franchise business .

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A business like this has many choices and of course the capital required does not have to be large. In addition, if you are serious about running it, it will provide a fairly promising profit.

Franchise business is one of the modern businesses. Especially now that there are many types of contemporary food that young people like.

It could also be the type of drink that is loved by many young people today, such as coffee and others. Of course this can be used as an opportunity for you to open the business.

The prospects are also quite bright and very promising if you run it well.

Here’s a Franchise Business Recommendation Under 5 Million

Related to the franchise business, of course, it is very synonymous with the contemporary food and beverage business. Of course this will be easier to adjust to the business capital that you will use at the beginning.

The potential of the culinary business is indeed quite bright because food and drinks are everyone’s needs.

Well, here are some franchise businesses under 5 million that can be a recommendation and inspiration for you!

1. Milo’s Ice Cream

One of the recommendations for a franchise business is selling ice cream. This type of drink has recently been quite popular in Indonesia.

In fact, it has become one of the most viral drinks in the community.

Until now, this drink is still quite in demand so it can be a recommendation for those of you who want to start a business with a capital of under 5 million.

2. Cappuccino Cincau

Capcin or Cappucino Cincau is the next popular type of drink for Franchise business recommendations. To start this beverage business does not need a large capital. enough with a capital of 3-4 million only.

The capital is for the needs of equipment, materials, booths and other equipment.

If this place of business is strategic, the daily turnover is quite tempting.

3. Crispy Tofu

Indonesian people, of course, are no stranger to Tofu. This type of food is very common as a side dish at mealtime.

But if you are more creative, then tofu can be one of the ideas for a promising food business. The franchise business of knowing crispy can be the next recommendation with a capital of only 3 million.

4. Your Endog

Still want to reminisce with childhood snacks? This is the concept promoted by Endogmu, a 4 million franchise that provides the main menu of egg rolls and egg sausage.

Of course, it is packaged in a modern, hygienic and contemporary way. The center is in Surakarta, right?

5. Burger Brambang

Nowadays, who doesn’t know burgers? Western food is also still one of the interests of the Indonesian people, especially those packaged at cheap prices.

This has been presented well at Burger Brambang which is a burger food franchise with a stand/booth concept. The initial capital required is only 3,450,000.

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6. Assorted Tea Toping

Another potential franchise business with a capital of under 5 million is tea drinks. Drinks from tea base ingredients can be created into various types of drinks with various flavors and toppings.

For example, the popular ones are bubble tea, cheese tea, thai tea and others. This franchise has indeed become one of the promising recommendations.

With a small capital of under 5 million, this business can grow with very promising profits.

7. Turkish Kebabs

Kebab is one of the snacks that is quite popular and many people like it. The Turkish Kebab franchise business can be the best recommendation for you.

The capital to open this business is quite affordable. You can use capital under 5 million and are ready to run this one franchise.

8. Toast

Still confused about the idea of ​​a franchise under 5 million? Opening a toast shop could be the solution for you. Toast franchise has quite bright progress for small capital businesses.

Especially if you are more creative to make various flavors of toast, of course, it will be more attractive. The capital to open a franchise business, of course, will not be more than 5 million.

It might even be enough with a capital of under 5 million.

9. Grilled Sausage

Other franchise ideas under 5 million can try to open a grilled sausage business. This one snack is quite a lot of fans.

You can run this business with very good opportunities. Outlets for grilled sausages, of course, do not have to be spacious.

The important thing is clean, tidy and provide comfort for customers. The capital required is also of course below the range of 5 million. With a capital of 2-3 million, you can start opening this business.

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10. Five Colors

The next franchise business under 5 million is a beverage business package that applies the concept of partnership. The goods sold are various flavored beverage products such as Dalgona Coffee, Sugar Boba, Cheese Boba and Signature Choholate.

They claim that this business can generate a turnover of millions and is easy to run. The basehome is in Bekasi, West Java.

Tips for Starting a Franchise Business Under 5 Million

For those of you who want to start a franchise business under 5 million, there are several aspects to consider.

What are those things? Check out the following!

1. Make sure to choose a business according to your passion

The franchise business has many varieties ranging from beverage, food, clothing and even service businesses. Well, for those of you who want to start this business, it should be in accordance with your passion. Starting a business that is popular, of course, will be more comfortable in running it.

2. Choose a Strategic Location

The next important tip is to determine a strategic location to support the success of the business. Choose a location that fits the target market of the business you are going to run. If the target market of your business is students, make sure the franchise is close to the campus area and boarding houses.

3. Pay Attention to Capital Management

Capital is one of the most basic aspects of business. Therefore, to start a business, you should prepare and calculate the capital in detail.

The size of the capital required of course refers to the type of franchise business that you will run. Prepare capital and calculate in detail according to what is needed for the continuity of the business.

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4. Don’t Start Right away, First Understand the Franchise Business You Choose

To start a franchise business, of course, requires a conceptual plan. You should not rush to start a business if you have not prepared everything properly.

Careful planning and concepts become one of the things that are really important to do. Do not ignore this if you do not want to experience various losses. Prepare a mature concept and start executing!

Well, now you don’t need to be confused anymore to start a franchise business. Do not hesitate and do not make capital as an obstacle. Come on, start a franchise business! It doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Start a franchise business with a capital of under 5 million. You are interested?

If you are interested in starting a franchise business, try to prepare everything carefully. The most important and basic thing is to make a concept and plan in advance. If everything is ripe, then you can start to run a franchise business with good progress.

Keep in mind that a business does not have to start with a large capital. However, it all depends on intention, creativity and hard work. So what are you waiting for? From now on and keep trying in earnest!

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