Mudah! Cara Membuat QR Code dengan Microsoft Excel

Hello everyone, in this article we will discuss how to create a QR Code with Ms Excel. All the tutorials that you find here can be directly applied to MS Excel 365 (2021 – 2016), MS Excel 2019, and 2016.

This QR Code has many benefits, you know. Especially in this modern era, everything is demanded to be instant and easy to reach.

When interpreted from abbreviations, QR-Code means Quick Response Code .

Yes the point is the code that provides a very fast response. Before Mr. Denzo Wave developed QR-Code, the world was still full of 1-dimensional barcodes.

After he developed it, the barcode developed into 2 Dimensions as we see and use it today.

So what is the greatness of the QR code that appears to be 2 Dimensions?

The answer is very simple, the ability of a QR Code to accommodate files or data is much better and larger than the Barcode in general.

Try to imagine…

Quick Response Code measuring only 3cm x 3cm can accommodate numeric data up to 7000 characters. Imagine if you meet a character who needs to remember that much, but only for a few moments?

For example:

If you remember the URL above, it’s okay, or just writing it down is already a hassle. This is where the role of the QR Code.

With the QR Code, you can shorten the url to become a pattern that can be scanned via a special QR code scanner, or even now you can scan it via smartphone apps.

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Sample QR Code
Sample QR Code

The good news is, making Quick Response Code can be done with the help of Microsoft Excel. Instead of the lengthy preamble, let’s look at the tutorial below.

How to Create a QR Code with Excel

In this tutorial I practice directly using the 2019 version of Excel with the installed language English. Because in my opinion, English terms are easier to understand than in Indonesia.

So, don’t worry and be confused….

Let’s see the steps.

1. Open Microsoft Excel

This is the most important thing, yes, you must open MS Excel first, hehe…

2. Enable Developer Mode

Click File > More > Options > Customize Ribbon > Tick “Developer” > OK

make qr code in excel

3. Enable All Macros

Click File > More > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Setting .. > Macro Setting > Check Enable All Macros > OK

Enable all macros in excel

4. Select Developer and Visual Basic Mode

Hover over the menu bar and click on the visual basic menu.

Remember, the Developer menu as shown below will only appear if you have done the steps above.

Enter visual basic mode to generate QR code with Excel
Select and click visual basic

5. Enter the Visual Basic Window

After you click Visual Basic, then you will see a new window / new display that specifically displays visual basic.

Click Menu Insert > Module

click insert module

6. Paste the code into the module

After entering the module menu, you only need to copy and paste the code below.

Function Buat_QR(codetext As String)
Dim URL As String, MyCell As Range

Set MyCell = Application.Caller
URL = "" & codetext
On Error Resume Next
ActiveSheet.Pictures("MyQR_" & MyCell.Address(False, False)).Delete
On Error GoTo 0
With Selection.ShapeRange(1)
.PictureFormat.CropLeft = 15
.PictureFormat.CropRight = 15
.PictureFormat.CropTop = 15
.PictureFormat.CropBottom = 15
.Name = "MyQR_" & MyCell.Address(False, False)
.Left = MyCell.Left + 25
.Top = MyCell.Top + 5
End With
Buat_QR = "" ' Masukkan text sebagai optional
End Function

Create QR code with excel

7. Save As Excel-Macro Workbook

The next step is to save it in the ” Excel-Macro Workbookformat . Remember, make sure the format is according to the instructions.

After reaching this step, you can close the visual basic window, and continue to the next step.

8. Create a QR Code with MS Excel

The next step is to apply the function we created earlier to create a QR Code in Excel.

Look at the picture below, here is an example of a Qr code from the url and text that I made randomly.

You can check the QR code below through the QR & Barcode Scanner smartphone Apps , to make sure it’s correct.. he he he…

QR Code results created using MS Excel


    • In the Input data field: You can write anything, from urls, letters, numbers, or a combination of the two. You can write up to 4000 – 7000 characters in the data input field, according to the explanation at the beginning of the article.
    • To display the QR Code image as in the result column, you only need to call the function that was created in Visual Basic before. That is by typing ” =Create_QR(D6)” D6 is just an example, you know, you have to adjust it to the cell where you write the data. If in cell A5, write it as = Create_QR(A5) .


That’s a guide on how to create a QR code with Excel. As long as you follow the steps correctly, any length of letters, numbers, and urls can be turned into a QR code easily.

Still unclear?..

Please ask in the comments column, yes, I will be happy to answer your questions… Good luck..

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  1. Halo selamat siang kak. Sebelumnya saya ucapkan terima kasih atas informasinya. Saya hendak bertanya, kalau kita membuat sebuah QR Code dengan catatan 1 QR Code bisa merangkum informasi dalam 8 kolom menurun dan 2 kolom menyamping, itu bagaimana ya? Apakah ada caranya? Karena misal ada yang hendak diinput seperti contohnya :
    Nama : ABC
    Usia : 12
    Alamat : Surabaya
    Jadi ketika QR Code dibuat, maka informasi di atas muncul. Terima kasih sebelumnya.

  2. Alhamdulillah bekerja di saya kak, namun sepertinya maksimum karakternya bukan 4000-7000. karena pas saya praktikkan, url saya kepotong. mohon bantuan dan arahannya


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