3 Cara Mengaktifkan Kartu Telkomsel yang Sudah Mati Dijamin Berhasil

Trivial things, such as forgetting to top up your credit can actually deactivate your simcard. Of course this will be a problem because it can interfere with communication with relatives, friends, and partners. But don’t worry, because there are several ways to activate a dead Telkomsel card.

Each provider has its own policy in providing an active period or time limit for using services on all simcards or cellular cards that are their products.

If the card is rarely used and has not been recharged for a certain period of time, it is possible that the card will be deactivated.

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Telkomsel Card Characteristics Scorched/Dead

Although every smartphone owner must use a cellular card service product.

However, in fact there are still many who often confuse themselves when the simcard used is disabled.

This also often happens to Telkomsel users, which incidentally is the largest provider in Indonesia.

As previously mentioned, each sim card has a limited active period.

To extend the active period, the user needs to consistently top up a certain nominal amount of credit. Because the length of the card’s active period really depends on how much credit you buy.

What if the card is not filled with credit? Automatically the simcard will enter a grace period.

You will usually get a notification from the provider, either in the form of an SMS/Call. If during the grace period you do not top up your credit, the cellular card will be deactivated.

The following are some of the characteristics of a Telkomsel card that is no longer active:

  • Unable to make or receive phone calls
  • Failed to send and receive SMS
  • Signal is lost (A cross “x” will appear on the operator signal icon)
  • The simcard is not read by the mobile device (the operator signal icon does not appear)

When you are faced with a situation like this, especially when you need the simcard number to make calls or send important messages, of course you will feel overwhelmed, right?

It’s even worse if all the contact numbers on the cellphone are stored on the card.

Like it or not, you have to find a way to activate the dead Telkomsel card to get all your contacts back.

Of course, you can also use Telkomsel’s services as usual, such as telephone, SMS, internet, and so on.

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Causes of Blocked or Dead Telkomsel Cards

You have to know, if not all simcards that have been burned can be reactivated.

This can be seen from the things that cause the card to die or be blocked.

Below are some of the causes of dead Telkomsel cards experienced by many users:

  1. The starter card is forfeited because it is lost or damaged
  2. Technical error in Pin Protection
  3. Forgot to top up
  4. Telkomsel SIM card is damaged,

How to Check Telkomsel Simcard Active Period

There are several ways to check the active period of a Telkomsel card, including the following:

  • USSD Code
  • Open call menu on phone / Dialpad
  • Type *888#
  • Tap the “Call” icon
  • Choose a number that says “Check Credit”
  • Information will automatically appear regarding the remaining credit you have along with the card’s active period
  • My Telkomsel App
  • Download the “ My Telkomselapplication then install it on the device
  • Login using the Telkomsel number you want to check
  • Verify according to the command that appears
  • On the main page, detailed information about credit, type of subscription package, and the number’s active period will be displayed

3 Ways to Activate Dead Telkomsel Card

The Telkomsel starter pack (AS/Simpati) that you use has been deactivated, dead, forfeited, or blocked?

Don’t panic, because actually the simcard can still be activated in several ways.

Below is a dead Telkomsel card activation guide that you can try:

1. Grace Period Less Than 15 Days

If your card is still within the grace period, it can be activated by itself and the method is very simple.

Except, if the grace period has passed, where the simcard has usually been deleted by the system.

If this is the case, then you have to buy a new starter card.

2. Contact Telkomsel Call Center

If the card’s grace period is less than 15 days, you can activate it without the hassle of going to Grapari.

You just need to contact the Telkomsel Call Center at 08071811811 / call 188 at a cost of Rp. 300. So, make sure you have enough credit.

You can convey the problems faced in detail to the customer service to get a solution.

However, usually CS will ask you to come directly to Grapari. But by calling, at least your problem will be addressed early on.

3. Go to Grapari Telkomsel

Just like when you want to upgrade a card or change a simcard service, then you also come to Grapari Telkomsel to take care of a charred or dead simcard.

Don’t forget to bring a valid identity card, such as an ID card and family card (KK).

The service to activate numbers that have entered the grace period is actually free.

However, to take care of the issuance of a new starter pack, you have to spend Rp. 25,000. This price is certainly quite cheap, right?

Know What are the Terms & Conditions for Using Telkomsel Products

Every telecommunications provider certainly has terms and conditions that customers need to know, including Telkomsel.

This well-known provider consistently updates the T&C for users of its service products. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked by users.

Below are the conditions for using products from Telkomsel:

  • The customer must agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.
  • Customers are individuals of legal age and can enter into binding agreements.
  • The customer agrees to log out at the end of the application service usage session and notify Telkomsel in the event of an abuse.
  • Customers have full responsibility for all forms of activities carried out using Telkomsel services.
  • Customers are prohibited from creating or using tools to manipulate the service.
  • The customer understands and agrees to the use of security facilities, namely OTP.
  • Telkomsel has the right to take action on any alleged violations by customers.

Terms of use of services from Telkomsel:

  • New users will get a prime simcard.
  • Telkomsel cards can only be activated in Indonesia as long as their validity period is still active.
  • Prepaid starter packs that have expired cannot be reactivated, and all balances will be automatically lost. The card can only be activated if a new card is replaced.
  • In order for an activated Telkomsel card to still be used, two conditions must be met; prepaid users top up their credit before the active period ends, and postpaid users must pay monthly bills before the due date.
  • If your Telkomsel card is lost, please report it immediately and replace it with a new starter pack.
  • There are administrative or other fees required to take care of the process of changing the SIM card.
  • Telkomsel is not responsible for the loss of credit in Telkomsel cards that are lost, forfeited, or damaged.

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If you are currently experiencing problems because your Telkomsel card is blocked or dead, then the several ways to activate a dead Telkomsel card above can be used as a reference.

Besides being easy and practical, this method also does not take so long.

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