Cara Mengaktifkan Rekening BCA yang Sudah Mati Tanpa Biaya

Welcome to, in this article you will find out how to activate BCA accounts that are dead or inactive. Complete with details of the costs you have to spend to reactivate it.

Speaking of how to activate this BCA (Bank Central Asia) account, I happened to personally just a few weeks ago activate this BCA account that has died because more than 6 months are not used.

Well.. Therefore, this article I deliberately made to share, so that those of you who ask about how and how much it costs to reactivate their account, will get valid information.

Yes, it’s valid…

This is my personal experience. So yes accurate. God willing.

Continue until it’s over.

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How Long Is BCA Account Dead/Closed?

Before talking about how to reactivate BCA accounts, there are a few things you need to know.

If your BCA bank account balance is no rupiah within a certain period of time, then it could be that your account will be closed.

I reported from Bank BCA itself, the provisions are as follows:

  • For The Stage/Tapres/Gold Stage, Xpresi, TabunganKu and BCA Dollar accounts, the BCA system will close the account if the balance is 0 (zero) for 6 consecutive months.
  • The Current Account will be closed by the BCA system if the balance is 0 (zero) for 6 consecutive months.
  • Student Deposit Account will be closed by BCA system if the account is in a dormant condition with a balance below or equal to Rp5 thousand.

Well approximately from the initial explanation you can guess whether your account is still active or already inactive.

Incidentally 7 months ago the balance in my BCA account only 100,000, yes it was already experienced.

But don’t jump to conclusions that your account is closed.

Because it could be that your account is only suspended / dormant, with the following conditions:

  • Rupiah, minimum balance of IDR 10 million.
  • US dollars, minimum balance of $1,000.
  • Singapore dollars SG$2,000.
  • Hong Kong dollars, minimum balance of HK$8,000.
  • Euros, minimum balance of EUR€1,000.
  • Pound sterling, minimum balance of GBP£1,000.
  • Australian dollars, minimum balance AU$2,000.
  • Japanese yen, minimum balance of JP¥150,000.
  • Chinese renminbi, minimum balance RMB¥7,000.

The good news is, if your account is still suspended, you can still make transactions as normal. Both through ATM, m-BCA, and Klik-BCA.


For transactions that exceed the daily limit, you must activate the dormant BCA account to the nearest BCA bank branch office.

…. The point is that if you are still dormant, you don’t have to worry.

It’s different with bca bank accounts that are dead. You need to do a manual check like the explanation I wrote below.

First, you have to check whether your account can still be used or not.

So how do I check it? Follow the explanation below.

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How to find out if bca account is still active or not?

You do not need to rush to the nearest BCA Bank to check it.

Do these 2 simple steps:

  1. Check the balance in Mobile Banking (if you have mobile banking) – If your BCA account is already in a non-active condition, there will be a notification “inactive account, please go to the nearest BCA branch”
  2. Checking the ATM balance, try checking the balance at the nearest ATM. If your atm cannot be used, it means that your BCA account is dead / inactive.
  3. Or Bank BCA call center phone to 1500888, dear credit uey…

From the two ways above, just choose one of the easiest according to you. It doesn’t need both.

How to Activate a Dead/Inactive BCA Account

Once you know and are sure that your BCA account is no longer active by the bank, you can proceed to the following steps.

  1. Prepare supporting documents such as: ID card, Account Book, and ATM Card. Oh yes don’t forget to bring a mobile phone yes, because it will be refreshed mobile banking all at once. The three documents above are mandatory if you have your business at the Bank smoothly.
  2. Free to choose the nearest BCA Bank branch office. As long as you already have an eKTP, you can go to whichever branch is closest to where you live.
  3. After arriving at the nearest branch, you will be guided by friendly security. Just state your goals to the BCA bank. They will gladly help with our problems.
  4. Take a queue number and wait your turn.
  5. After it’s your turn, you just tell the teller what your problem is.
  6. Usually they will ask questions related to the dead account. How many transactions, the last balance and the like.

To make it easier, the steps for activating a BCA account are further below.

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How much does it cost to activate a dead BCA account?

After discussing this with the teller about your account problems, usually the decision is to destroy the old account and replace it with a new one .

Because it turns out that a dead BCA account cannot be revived.

So before Replacing it with a new one, of course the cost is the problem, right?

If you think logically, the easy cost to activate a dead BCA account is zero rupiah .


In fact, this is not the case, because we will still be asked to make a deposit like opening a new account.

The amount of the deposit also varies.

If your goal of having a BCA account is for personal purposes or just personal savings, usually the initial deposit requested is Rp. 500,000  rupiahs.

So if in the case that happened to me, because the BCA Bank branch office where I reactivated the dead account was the office partner where I worked, then the deposit fee was only asked for Rp . 200,000 .

Eits, don’t be confused first.. The deposit is still our property, it’s like the initial savings.

If you don’t want to save, then from the Rp. 500,000 you can withdraw again via ATM later.

But only IDR 400,000 can be withdrawn because the rest is the monthly admin guarantee.

OK, imagine?

After you make a deposit to a BCA bank teller, all you have to do is sign it, and in less than 10 minutes, everything is fine. Starting from your account, ATM and Mobile banking, you can use it again. (No new account you know what I mean).

Can a Dead BCA Account be Reactivated?

From my personal experience, the short answer is no. What exists is to replace the dead account with a new one.

Yes, that’s roughly how to activate a dead BCA account, complete with how much it costs to reactivate a dead BCA account.

Anyway, it’s not too complicated and confusing, rather than dealing with other bureaucracies or the bank next door. Hehehe

So far I am also satisfied with the friendly and fast service of the BCA bank.

Still confused? Okay, you write your question in the comments column, yes, I’ll answer it soon… Good luck, okay?

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