10 Cara Mengubah Gambar Menjadi HD Secara Online Gratis

With technological advances like today, you don’t need additional applications like PhotoShop to be able to HD images. Because at this time, tools are available to optimize images and photos faster and easier.

Curious about how?

So, check out this article, so you can find out how to convert images to HD online without the need for other applications.

As we know, an image or photo that has a small pixel resolution will definitely break and lose its quality when enlarged.

In terms of dimensions, the size of the image becomes large, but not in terms of quality.

Therefore, we need to optimize so that the images and photos become HD.

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10 Ways to Convert Images and Photos to HD

The following is a collection of tools that can convert and optimize images to HD quality online and without additional applications.

1. Convertio

How to Convert Images to HD Online

Convertio is a platform converter owned by Tekno company in Cyprus.

The features offered by this site are very complete. Because it’s not limited to images or photos in JPG format that can be converted to HD.

Even Covertio can have more than 200 formats to choose from.

Cool isn’t it?

How to HD an image with Convertio:

  • Go to the Convertio.co site
  • Upload pictures/photos, Files can be taken from HP devices, computers, Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Select to HDR to convert the image to HD
  • Wait for the conversion process, then download the file when finished

The weakness of Covertio is that the upload file is limited to a maximum of 100 MB.

This will certainly be inconvenient if you want to convert a large number of images at once.

If for just a few pictures this site is more than enough.

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2. Online-Convert

How to Convert Images and Photos to HD Online

Online convert offers many features for the editing process.

The available formats are also quite a lot, ranging from SVG, BMP, TIFF, WBMP, PNG, JPG, and many more. You can also edit the image size, color, pixels, and more.

However, this online converter has drawbacks, namely the number of ads that appear and the maximum upload is 100 MB.

3. ConvertImage

HD Images Online

ConvertImage is an online site designed to convert from one format to another.

With ConvertImage, you can increase the size without breaking old images.

Not only that, you can also add a watermark on the edited image or photo.

You can enjoy all the features for free.

4. iloveimg.com

How to convert image to HD

IloveIMG is a site that can be used to convert photos and images into sharper and higher resolution images.

Not limited to resizing images, IloveIMG can also be used to edit, compress and create memes.

Amazingly, you can edit multiple images at once to be resized and converted to HD quality.

Slightly different from Convertio, where the maximum file upload limit is 100MB.

5. ImageOptimizer.net

How to Convert Images to HD online

As the name implies, this ImageOptimizer was created with the aim of optimizing images to increase their quality.

You only need to upload a photo/image, then select the size you want.

Although the online version is more than enough, you can also download the application, you know. So at any time even though you are offline, you still resize the image.

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6. ResizeImage.net

Of the 5 image conversion tools to HD above, ResizeImage is one of the best.

Although the image options that can be changed are still few, the option to maximize the available images is very satisfying.

Starting from resizing, cropping, to optimizing the editing results.

7. OnlineJPGtools

This tool claims that the quality resulting from its optimization is the best in the world.

Not only that, to HD images online the method is also very simple and practical. That is only by uploading and setting what percentage of the desired image quality increase.

The appearance of this tool is also clean from ads.

8. Online Convert Free

The next way to convert images to HD online is to use Online Convert Free .

This one tool is easy to use with a variety of format options. Ranging from PNG to JPG, 7Z to ZIP, RAR to ZIP, MP3 to OGG, and many more.

9. FixPicture

Optimizing Images with Fixpicture

FixPicture ‘s simple and simple appearance makes its performance even lighter and more effective .

Support conversion results for today’s popular formats (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, GIF, BMP, ICO, ICNS, PDF, WEBP …) and RAW photo formats Photos from digital cameras (DNG, CRW, CR2, NEF, RAF, MRW, PEF, S3F, SRF, ARW, SRW, X3F, RW2).

The only drawback of this tool is that the maximum upload is only 3MB.

10. IMOnline

The last way to HD Images Online is IMGonline . This site produces a fairly adequate image quality.

However, it has a weakness, namely the maximum upload file is 35MB and the number of ads that appear on the front page.

This is certainly annoying and slows down the image optimization process.

For the image optimization result format itself, it is available in many formats that are currently popular.

Those are 10 ways that you can use to change image quality without requiring any photo editing skills.

From the 10 lists above, you don’t need to try them all. Just choose the one that best suits your needs. good luck…

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