30 Situs Affiliate Marketing Terbaik di Indonesia Tahun 2021

In this article, we will find a list of 30 sites that provide the best affiliate programs in Indonesia. Because every year affiliate site providers update their policies on affiliate programs, it is necessary to do some cross checks to make sure the affiliate programs in this article are still valid.

So don’t worry, this information is valid because it has been checked first. All the information in this article has been selected as the best.

Including the certainty that the program owner will pay the affiliate marketers.

I did not explain about the meaning of the affiliate program, so as not to spread everywhere.

For those of you who want more details about affiliate programs and how to become an affiliate marketer, please read the article here: Understanding affiliate programs and tricks to become a successful affiliate marketer .

Affiliate programs can be categorized according to your interests and niche that is your main focus. Examples:

  • Network Affiliate Site
  • Affiliate e-commerce Physical product
  • Affiliate Web Hosting
  • Affiliate E-commerce Digital Products
  • Book Store/Bookstore Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Travel

You can choose whichever you feel is suitable for the content you are developing.

30 Best Affiliate Marketing Sites in Indonesia

Alright, let’s see what websites provide the best affiliate programs in Indonesia, which you must know and try to be a part of.

1. Involve.Asia

Indonesian Affiliate Site

For those of you who have heard a little about affiliate sites, maybe Involve Asia is not foreign to your ears. This network-based affiliate company provides many well-known sites, both local and international that you can follow.

ECommerce companies such as Bukalapak, Shopee, and Tokopedia are customers of Involve Asia.

You are also free to choose the method for marketing its affiliate products. Starting from social media, discount coupons and also through your personal blog.

Even product advertisement banners have also been prepared.

So in my opinion, Involve Asia is the best affiliate site in Indonesia that you must try.

2. Accessstrade

Accesstrade is the largest affiliate network site in Indonesia. But unfortunately there are still many who do not know this site well.

In accordance with its type, Accestrade provides hundreds of brands that affiliate their products there.

The advantage of network affiliate sites like Accessrade is, we can choose affiliate link marketing methods. In general, websites that provide affiliate programs forbid their affiliate marketers to use advertisements for promotion.

In Access it is allowed to use advertising options.

If we compare with foreign sites, Accesstrade is similar to ShareAshale or ClickBank . For those of you whose goal is to reap greater profits, Accessrade is the solution.

Considering that many big brands also promote their products through Accesstrade.

There are 4 commission systems to choose from:

  • CPS – Cost Per Sales (Commission is calculated in the event of a purchase transaction)
  • CPL – Cost Per Lead (Commission is calculated when consumers register or visit certain web pages).
  • CPC – Cost Per Click (Commission is calculated according to the number of clicks)
  • CPI – Cost Per Install (Similar to CPL, the difference is that the commission is calculated when the customer installs. Usually new apps such as Ecommerce, games, life tools, etc.)

The range of commissions given by Accessrade ranges from 3% to 75%.

It all depends on the type of product being marketed. For those of you who are curious about how to become an affiliate marketer on Access, please read first: Guide to becoming an affiliate marketer on Access .

3. Lazada

Lazada is one of the e-commerce platforms that has touched the Southeast Asian market. With global marketing techniques, the affiliate business at Lazada has a very profitable opportunity.

The range of commissions offered is up to 10%.

At Lazada, commissions can only be earned from the CPS system or (Cost per Sales).

4. Send.Email

Send.email is an email marketing and email auto responder provider platform developed by the nation’s children.

The commission offered can reach 30%, the commission calculation is carried out using the CPS system.

5. Shopee

As one of the largest marketplaces in Southeast Asia, it’s only natural that shopee advertises heavily. In a previous article I discussed how to dropship on shopee , and it turns out that shopee also has an affiliate program.

The commissions offered range from 5%-10% with the CPS commission calculation system.

6. Blibli.com

Not to be outdone by other e-commerce, Blibli also provides opportunities to join affiliate programs. one of the advantages of affiliate in Blibli is, you do not need to promote items one by one.

But only need to promote Blibli, when a consumer makes a transaction the commission will be automatically calculated.

Commission up to 4% with CPS system.

7. Lazada

Maybe it sounds like Lazada has lost more than shopee lately, but the fact is that Lazada still dominates in Southeast Asia. So this one marketplace is also mandatory for you to follow the affiliate program.

The range of commissions given is up to 10%, with a CPS system.

8. Zalora

Of all the marketplaces, the one I recommend the most to join the affiliate program is Zalora. Because at zalora you will get recurring affiliate commissions.

The commission calculation simulation is like this:

When a new consumer buys an item from the link you share, you will get a commission from the sale of 6%.

It turned out that in 2 weeks, the consumer was shopping again at zalora. Then you will get another 4% commission. Great right?

9. Estogado/GoodPreneur

Estogado is a major supplier that sells accessories such as shoes, and various types of bags. This company is based in Bandung. Not only affiliates, they also open up opportunities to become resellers and dropshippers.

Commissions for affiliate programs reach 25%, with a CPS system.

10. Berrybenka

Berrybenka shop is an online shop that sells fashion items. In the past, to become an affiliate marketer we could still register directly on the website, now we have to go through Accesstrade.

11. Hijabenka

Similar to Berrybenka, the online shop that sells hijab products is still in the same group as Berrybenka. They used to provide a standalone affiliate program.

But now they are already using the affiliate network system in Accesstrade.

Web Affiliate Hosting Provider

The site that provides the next affiliate program is the hosting provider. You need to know, hosting providers usually provide extraordinarily large commissions, ranging from 10% to 75%.

Check out what sites offer hosting affiliate programs in Indonesia below.

12. Dewabiz

Dewabiz is one of the best web hosting and domain seller providers in Indonesia. Qualified quality supported by competitive prices, will be suitable for those of you who

Commissions ranging from 10% to 50%. If you succeed in selling the flagship package, you will get a recurring commission of 50%. Commission system is calculated based on CPS.

13. Qwords

The next hosting provider company is Qwords. In accordance with the jargon, cheap Indonesian hosting, package options and prices offered are very competitive.

The commission offered reaches 70% with the CPS calculation system.

14. Domainesia

Domainesia is a hosting provider that has its head office in Jogja. Similar to other hosting providers, domainesia offers an affiliate program with a commission calculation as shown in the image below.

one of the business opportunities is an affiliate business

Of course all commissions are calculated based on the CPS system.

15. Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the World’s hosting provider companies that opened branches in Indonesia. So the quality of the products they offer is not a mock-up product.

The commission offered will reach 60% with the CPS calculation system.

16. Dewaweb

If you often open YouTube, you may have come across one of the ads from Dewaweb. Dewaweb is one of the biggest web hosting in Indonesia.

Its affiliate program offers commissions of up to 20% with a CPS system.

17. NusantaraHost

This one hosting provider provides cheap and practical web hosting services to use. Its unlimited hosting service is one of the best. In addition, Nusantara Host also provides a 90 day money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied.

The commission offered reaches 70% with the CPS system.

18. Hoster’s Gate

Gapurahoster is a competing webhosting domainesia. The operation center is in Jogja, besides that, many users are satisfied with the quality and price that GapuraHoster has.

The commission offered is 55% and recurring. This means that consumers you have recommended will continue to provide commissions if they continue to use the services of Gapura Hoster.

19. IDwebhost

Similar to other hosting providers, Idwebhost is one of the best cheap hosting providers in Indonesia. by joining the affiliate program at Idwebhost, you will immediately get a balance of 100 thousand.

The commission offered reaches 70% with the CPS system.

20. Hosting Expert

The next hosting provider is Jagoan Hosting, they are a host provider that prioritizes cloud performance, and sells VPS flagship products.

The commissions offered start from 100,000 for vps products, and other products from 10% to 50%. With commission calculated based on CPS system.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Site in Indonesia for Digital Products

In the past, I only knew the marketplace, namely Tokopedia and Shopee and the like. It turns out that there are also many marketplaces that specifically provide digital products.

What distinguishes digital product marketplaces from physical products is the delivery process. Because in general digital products can be sent via a download link. Examples: Scripts, Programs, Software, and ebooks.

Check out any marketplace sites that sell digital products in Indonesia below:

21. Sugeng.id

Sugeng.id is one of the nation’s children who is creative and understands how to take advantage of the potential of blogs. From his blog, he sells blogger templates that are both in terms of performance and visually.

For those of you who are actively using blogger, it is very suitable to join the affiliate program.

The commission offered is 25% with the CPS calculation system.

22. Flatten

Ratakan is a marketplace and affiliate network for buying and selling Indonesian digital products. Using a joint account system and bringing together product owners and affiliates.

The commission offered reaches 75% with the CPS system.

23. Projects.co.id

Project.co.id is actually a freelancer site that has been around for a long time in Indonesia. But not a few also use this site to sell digital products.

The commission offered is 10% and is valid for life with no membership time limit.

24. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is the world’s largest freelancer site. Now it’s opened for the Indonesian version. Even if you register in the Indonesian version, you will still be able to access job opportunities from any part of the world.

The commission offered is $20 for each successful transaction.

25. P-Store

P-store is one of the digital marketplaces that has a center in Solo. The founder is Tri, a former blogger.

The commission offered for its affiliate program is $0.35 for each new registrant.

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Affiliate Site for Book Sellers

For those of you who like to read books, and make reviews about a book. Taking advantage of this potential by joining the book seller affiliate program is the right choice.

The following is a site that provides book sales affiliate programs.

26. Mizan Store

Mizan Store is an online bookstore based in Tangerang. The categories of books sold are also very diverse, ranging from science, business, children and many more.

The commission offered is 10% with the CPS commission calculation system.

27. Booksbeyond 

Just like Mizan Store, Booksbeyond is an online bookstore that provides various types of books. Ranging from local to international.

The commission offered is 5% with the CPS calculation system.

Best Affiliate Marketing Site for Travel & Travel Category (Suitable For Travel Influencers)

The best affiliate program in Indonesia For Travel & Traveling Sites

For an influencer in the field of traveling, joining the affiliate program from the sites below is the right choice.

Because there is a correlation between the main topic and the product being marketed.

28. Agoda

Agoda is a company that handles hotel, flight, lodging and apartment bookings. The company made by the state of Singapore has expanded its business in Indonesia.

Many have become Agoda’s partners throughout Indonesia.

The commission offered is 5% with a minimum commission calculation of $200 transactions.

29. Tiket.com

Tiket.com is currently booming because the ticket prices they sell are relatively sloping compared to other platforms. This causes many to consider Tiket.com

Affiliate commission offered is 60% with CPS system.

30. Traveloka

Who does not know traveloka, the company that handles booking various types of accommodation is the largest in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia.

The commission offered reaches 10% with the CPS commission calculation system.

31. Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is the largest booking site in the world, which has now penetrated into Indonesia. The services offered are very diverse, ranging from plane tickets, hotels, even about places to eat.

The commission offered is 50%.


Well, that’s a list of sites that provide the best affiliate programs in Indonesia that you can try and become part of the Affiliate Marketer program.

This profession is highly favored by some people who want to keep earning from home without having to own a product.

Indeed, there are many choices that the program can follow, but you should choose one that fits your topic and branding. For example, if you are an influencer in the field of traveling, then the last mentioned sites are the most suitable.

Anything else that needs to be added? please write in the comments column..

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