10 Rekomendasi Hosting Gratis Terbaik dengan cPanel 2021

For those of you who already want to try what are the advantages of self-hosted WordPress, but are not quite ready to try paid hosting. The best free hosting recommendations in this article are the right solution for you.

Yes, although it must be admitted that free hosting does not have the performance, speed, and flexibility to manage servers like Niagahoster , it’s okay to learn first.

It’s also called free hosting, right?

Now in this article you will find out the 10 best free hosting recommendations, not only that, some of them offer cPanel as a control panel in managing hosting .

After reading this article, it is hoped that you will know and be able to decide whether it is suitable for you to use self-hosted wordpress in the future.

So don’t hesitate to try out the free wordpress hosting below. To make it more stable to move to using self-hosted WordPress.

10 Best Free WordPress Hosting Recommendations with Cpanel

Let’s look at all the free WordPress hosting recommendations that are not just free.

1. 000webhost

000webhost Free Hosting

00webhost is Hostinger’s Free WordPress Hosting platform.

Yes, actually this platform was created by Hostinger itself with the aim of attracting people to use the paid version.

But in terms of features, this is more than enough for the initial stage or learning stage.

The following are the features that you will get when using this free hosting:

  • Allowed to create 2 websites for free
  • Costom Hosting Dashboard
  • 1-click WordPress Installer by Softaculous
  • Full database and FTP access
  • 1GB disk storage
  • 3GB Bandwidth
  • Ad-Free
  • Free website builder

In each feature, of course there are advantages and disadvantages.

The following is a summary of the comparison between the two.


  • You can use a custom domain (your own domain), or use the 000webhost subdomain.
  • The custom hosting dashboard certainly makes the WordPress install process easier
  • You can access Database and Server
  • Can make 2 websites at once


  • The hosting account will be suspended if it exceeds the limit. (Be careful, because all files can be lost because of this)
  • In the hosting settings dashboard, a notification always appears to upgrade to the premium version.
  • Not supported to create custom email


So far, 00webhost is perfect for anyone who wants to start learning how to create a wordpress-based website for free.

It’s just that the very important thing to note is the limit made by 00webhost. Because when the web has crossed the limit, the account will be suspended.

2. AccuWeb Hosting (Free Hosting + Cpanel)

Free hosting with Cpanel AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb is an American hosting company that offers both Free and Premium Hosting. This company has been established since 2003, or is now 18 years old.

So, for credibility, you don’t need to doubt this one. Because AccuWeb is one of the oldest Web Hosts ever.

Even AccuWeb offers a myriad of features that you can usually only get when using a premium host in general, you know.

Following are some of the features offered in the free version:

  • cpanel
  • 2 GB SSD storage (with an SSD your website will wush-wushh it sucks anyway)
  • 30GB Bandwidth
  • Full server access and Database access
  • 1-Click WordPress Installer
  • Custom email
  • Free Custom Domain
  • Support basic backup
  • Ad-Free


  • The bandwidth offered is quite large
  • Can accommodate up to 5000 visitors per month
  • 25 Custom email accounts – won’t be found on other hosters
  • Dashboard using Cpanel
  • You can custom domain, so you only need domain capital here


  • Can only create 1 website only
  • The server provided is only in Canada, we are not allowed to choose the server location
  • No sub domain available, you need to set it up yourself


In terms of features, panels and storage that Accuweb offers is perfect for those of you who want to seriously use WordPress self-hosting.

And even more suitable if you want to create a Caucasian blog .

Because basically a new website with a limit of 5000 visitors per month is more than enough.

Later you can upgrade when the traffic has started high.

3. Byet.Host

Free WordPress Hosting

Byet  has been around for about 10 years, where this company is a subsidiary of iFastnet .

Byet offers free features but in terms of quality it is very adequate.

The following are the free hosting features offered by Byet:

  • Unlimited disc space (But not every file uploaded must not exceed 10 MB)
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free subdomain or Using a custom domain
  • 1-click WordPress installer
  • VistaPanel hosting dashboard
  • Email custom max 5
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Ad-Free


  • Unlimited Disc and Unmetered Bandwidth, there really isn’t an opponent
  • Can use sub domains or custom domains
  • Can create private email
  • Unlimited MySQL means you can create many (unlimited) websites at once


  • Indeed, Byet Host offers unlimited storage, but unfortunately only allows files to be uploaded to a max of 10 MB. Yes, it’s fair enough, because to avoid naughty users who like to upload movies on the server.
  • This VistaPanel is quite old


Byet Host is the perfect solution for those of you who want to create multiple websites without having to pay for hosting every year.

In addition, this Unmetered bandwidth can be concluded to be sufficient to accommodate large amounts of traffic.

The only drawback is that it cannot set the max upload file.

4. Award Space

Free WordPress Hosting Award Space

AwardSpace is a hosting company based in Germany. AwardSpace itself has been established since 2003.

With this Hoster, the website that you create can accommodate up to 5000 visitors per month.

And it’s also very easy to upgrade when the website you create has developed.

Here are the features that you will get from this free hoster plan:

  • Up to 4 websites
  • 1-click WordPress Installer
  • Can use a custom domain, or get 3 choices of sub domains
  • Custom Hosting Panel
  • Web-base file manager
  • Full MySQL database support
  • Email hosting
  • 1GB storage
  • 5GB bandwidth
  • Ad-Free
  • Can also be used to create Joomla-based web


  • Allowed to create up to 4 websites
  • You can create an email with your own domain, for example: [email protected]/id
  • Get full access to servers and databases


  • The bandwidth offered is quite small when compared to other free hosting. That is only provided 5 GB
  • When you want to create 4 websites there, only one is allowed to use a custom domain. Others are required to use sub domains.


AwardSpace is a bit stingy with bandwidth, but it’s good that they provide access to create custom emails.

If it is enough with 5 GB of bandwidth per month, this is legal.

5. X10Hosting 

Cpanel Free Hosting

Want to try hosting with cloud-based technology? X10Hosting is a cloud-based hosting that you can enjoy for free.

With a cloud-based server, it means that your website does not share resources with others. X10Hosting is a free hosting that offers Cpanel as its control panel.

Here are the details of the features that you will get from this one hoster:

  • Cloud Technology Hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 512MB storage
  • Bisa menggunakan Custom Domain ataupun sub domain
  • Tersedia 2 hosting dashboard. Non Cpanel dan Cpanel
  • Full akses ke server
  • 1-click WordPress installer


  • Bisa menggunakan custom domain ataupun sub domain
  • Disk storagenya 512, namun bisa lebih kalau kamu request.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, artinya website dapat menampung traffic yang cukup tinggi.


  • Lokasi untuk mengakses X10hosting saat ini masih terbatas. Saat ini vietnam belum bisa menggunakan hosting ini. Kalau Indonesia lancar jaya..


X10Hosting menawarkan free plan yang cukup keren sejauh ini. Karena insfrastructure server berbasis cloud memang yang terbaik saat ini.

Website menjadi anti lemot dan uptime lebih baik. Hosting gratis untuk wordpress yang dilengkapi Cpanel satu ini adalah pilihan tepat untuk menjajal hosting berbasis cloud.

Namun kalau target audience mu adalah Vietnam, sepertinya akan repot hehe…

6. Free Hosting No Ads

Free Hoting Cpanel from Free Hosting No ADS

Hoster yang satu ini memang namanya tidak cukup keren kalau dibanding penyedia hosting lainnya.

Perusahaan hosting yang satu ini sudah berdiri sejak 2010, kamu juga bisa bergabung bersama komunitasnya di facebook page yang sudah disediakan.

Berikut ini adalah fitu yang akan kamu dapatkan dari free plan yang ditawarkan:

  • 1 GB storage space
  • 5 GB Bandwidth
  • 1-click WordPress Installer
  • Bisa menggunakan custom domain dan subdomain
  • Email hosting
  • Bebas Iklan


  • Storage yang diberikan adalah 1 GB, ini sudah lebih dari cukup untuk website yang baru dibuat
  • Dapat membuat custom email
  • Terdapat sub domain gratis atau dapat juga menggunakan domain sendiri


  • Tidak mendukung versi PHP terbaru. Hanya tersedia PHP versi 5.4, yang mana versi PHP ini sudah kadaluarsa atau tidak direkomendasikan lagi demi alasan keamanan dan performa. Kemungkinan besar tidak cocok dengan plugin yang kamu install nantinya.
  • Bandwidth 5 GB tidak memadahi kalau traffic sudah tinggi


Hosting gratis ini cocok untuk belajar membuat website saja. Kalau untuk professional sudah tidak direkomendasikan, karena versi PHPnya sudah kadaluarsa.

7. Free Hosting (Hosting Gratis Cpanel)

Best Free Hosting

Kalau sebelumnya nama web penyedia hosting gratis namanya adalah Free Hosting No Ads, sekarang ada versi lebih singkatnya yaitu Free Hosting.

Free Hosting adalah salah satu penyedia hosting yang cukup terkenal di Republik Ceko.

Berikut ini adalah fitur yang akan kamu dapatkan dari free plannya:

  • Control Panel Hosting Cpanel
  • 1-click WordPress Installer
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Custom Domain available
  • 1 My SQl database


  • Kontrol panel yang di sediakan adalah Cpanel, yang mana untuk sekelas hosting premium saja masih jarang yang punya lisensinya
  • Mampu menampung traffic yang tinggi
  • Storage 10 GB adalah space yang sangat besar
  • Bisa membuat custom email, max 1 saja


  • Hanya diperbolehkan membuat 1 website saja
  • Tidak ada opsi subdomain, artinya kamu mesti punya domain sendiri
  • Meskipun bisa membuat email custom, namun mengirim email tidak dapat dilakukan, kamu harus membayar sejumlah dollar agar dapat diaktifkan.


Free Hosting adalah penyedia hosting gratis cpanel yang cukup lengkap fiturnya. Dan akan sangat cocok untuk kamu yang ingin fokus pada satu website saja

8. Infinity Free

Free WordPress Hosting

InfinityFree adalah salah satu anak perusahaan iFastnet. Sama dengan list sebelumnya yaitu Byet.host.

Sama halnya dengan Byet,host. InfinityFree menawarkan segudang fitur premium secara gratis.

Berikut ini adalah rangkuman fitur yang ditawarkan oleh hosting wordpress gratis yang satu ini:

  • Unlimited Storage ( Max 10 GB per upload)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, namun dibatasi sampai 50.000 pengunjung
  • 1-Click WordPress Installer
  • Bisa menggunakan 1 custom domain, atau menggunakan 25 sub domain gratis
  • 10 Email account
  • 400 MySQL database
  • PHP 7.3
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • SSL Gratis
  • Bebas Iklan


  • Dapat menampung hingga 50 ribu pengunjung per hari
  • Bisa membuat 10 email custom
  • 400 MySQL berarti kamu bisa membuat 400 website disini


  • Max upload file hanya 10 MB, akan susah apabila ingin mengupload file besar
  • Kontrol panel yang disediakan adalah VistaPanel, sudah jadul.


Karena InfinityFree ini punya induk yang sama dengan Byet, saya rasa tidak ada beda untuk fitur keduanya. Silahkan pilih mana yang paling cocok saja.

9. FreeHostia

Free Hosting FreeHostia

Namanya sih FreeHostia, tapi nyatanya hoster satu ini punya dua opsi, yaitu versi premium dan gratis.

Infrastruktur server yang dibuat oleh perusahaan ini menggunakan teknologi load balancer, sehingga server akan lebih sustain dan stabil.

Berikut ini fitur yang disediakan oleh Freehostia:

  • Max 5 Website dalam satu akun
  • Gratis SSL by Let’s encrypt
  • 250 MB storage
  • 6 GB Bandwidth
  • 1-Click WordPress Installer
  • Max 3 email custom
  • 1 MySQL database
  • Free support by ticket


  • Mendapatkan SSL gratis dari Let’s Encrypt adalah fitur premium kalau di hosting lokal
  • Dapat menggunakan email custom


  • Storage yang tersedia tergolong kecil yaitu hanya 250 MB
  • Hanya diberikan 1 MySQL database


Memang Freehostia menawarkan SSL gratis, jadi kamu tidak perlu keluar biaya untuk SSL lagi. Namun masalahnya storage yang tergolong kecil ini hanya cocok untuk kamu yang ingin sekedar belajar saja.

10. 100WebSpace

Cpanel 100WebSpace Free Hosting

100WebSpace adalah penyedia hsoting murah yang menawarkan 2 opsi, yaitu gratis dan berbayar.

Untuk versi berbayarnya sendiri bagi saya sudah sangat murah, karena hanya berskisar di 99 cent US saja. Atau sekitar 1 Dollar perbulannya. Murah sekali bukan?

Berikut ini fitur gratis yang dapat kamu nikmati dari Hoster yang satu ini:

  • Support 1 Domain custom
  • 100 MB storage
  • 3 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Database dan 5 MB storage
  • 1-click WordPress installer
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Gratis SSL via Let’s Encrypt
  • Customer support via ticket
  • Bebas iklan


  • Customer service siap membantu apabila terjadi kendala, meskipun masih dalam versi gratis
  • Dapat mengelola hingga 3 custom email
  • Full acces ke server,s eperti FTp dan database


  • Storage yang hanya 100 MB ini adalah problem utamanya. Untuk menginstall WordPress saja sudah penuh
  • Hanya diberikan 1 MySQL database, yang artinya hanya diperbolehkan untuk memiliki 1 website saja.


Dari fitur yang ditawarkan, 100WebSpace hanya cocok untuk gunakan oleh pemula yang ingin mencoba menggunakan WordPress self hosted. Kalau untuk professional saya rasa belum memadai, kamu perlu mengupgrage ke versi premiumnya.

Hosting Gratis Mana yang Terbaik?

Now, if you have reached this stage, you should have realized that to create a website using self-hosted WordPress, you don’t have to spend money first.

There are many things you can learn before deciding to migrate.

Regarding which free WordPress hosting is the most suitable or the best, please decide for yourself. Adjust to future goals.

For example, you want to use self-hosted WordPress whose control panel uses Cpanel. Then what you choose is the one that provides Cpanel.

Those are the 10 best hosting recommendations that you can use. Good luck..

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