Cara Mengatasi Low Value Content Pada Google Adsense

In this article, we will discuss how to overcome low value content, along with what the causes are. As we know, Google Adsense does have its own charm for every blogger. Even I myself still play Adsense on several other blogs that I manage.

This is an interesting experience, because a few weeks ago I tried to register my new blog to Google Adsense. And yes, the answer is that your site is not ready to serve ads.

Yes, the cause is low value content….

Regarding what is meant by low value content adsense, it is still gray.

There are no valid facts and sources yet.

Most only guess based on personal experience, such as stating the age of the influential blog, the amount of traffic, the tld domain, and so on.

Maybe yes, maybe no.

So as smart people, it is the concrete source that must be used as a reference. right?…


Frankly, while registering a blog to Google Adsense , this is the first time I have experienced it.

Usually, the addition of a blog site to Google Adsense will be immediately accepted without babbuuu.

Well, the good news.. I found a formula that will make you free from the problem of low value content when registering for Google Adsense.

So what is the way to solve it? Check out the detailed explanation below.

What is Low Value Content

low value content

At first I tried to read some articles on Indonesian blogs, but I was not satisfied.

Because almost everything on the first page is less specific.

Some even say that the age of the blog also has an effect. Due to the fact, my blog, which is less than 1 month old, has been approved by Adsense.

…..Please, don’t mislead the readers!

So, here it is…

Low value content or which, in simple Indonesian terms, means that the content that we have published, is judged by Adsense to not provide useful value for readers.

But it can’t be swallowed raw either.

Because there are several things that are the main points of this problem, and have been explained by Adsense in detail.

Causes of Low Value Content

The points that became the cause of the rejection I collected from Adsense emails and overseas discussion forums.

So this information is valid and can be accounted for.

1. Minimum content requirements

What is meant by minimum content here has two meanings.

  • Blog display , for example, the design and layout of your blog is still in the development stage. At some point during the review process, you may change the design or theme. Well this seems to be the cause of my blog not being accepted by Adsense.
  • Number of Content , for this one Adsense has answered the question what is the minimum amount of content that must be published in order to be accepted. One Google product expert replied that “the minimum content that must be indexed is approximately 20 posts”. Unfortunately again this is not true either, because there is also my blog which is less than 10 articles can be accepted. It’s not clear right? hehe yeah that’s it..

2. Less Interesting Content

Less interesting means that your blog readers are still quiet. A quiet blog is not only because your content is not interesting, you know.

It’s hard to explain about this less interesting.

You need to know, the Google indicator states that this unattractive content is related to ” Keywords “.

Make sure the article you publish is an article that contains Keywords.

Makes sense right?…

You have written 20 articles, but the contents are just stories and articles that have no interest. Yes, obviously not interesting..

The solution is, you must research keywords before writing articles.

3. Duplicate Content

This is a lazy disease and wants to feel good on its own from beginner bloggers.

Hey man….

There is no instant success.

Everything needs a process…

You must know, yes, the most frequent cause of rejection is content plagiarism.

You have to be careful with this one problem.

Well, which includes duplicate content is as follows:

  • Copy ( copy paste ) other web content purely.
  • Rewrite by changing a few sentences from the reference web.
  • Using content rewriting tools.

4. User Experience / UX ( User Experience )

Providing original content is only one component of creating a high-quality site. Yes, that’s about the percentage

Your blog should also be informative and organized in such a way that it is easy for users to navigate.

It’s simple, the navigation menu is complete.

5. Low Quality Content

Google can detect pages that have low quality on your blog, you know.

Here are some page categories that fall into the low-quality content category.

  • Automatically Generated Content (AGC)
  • Affiliate Pages that do not provide benefits

How to Overcome Low Value Content Adsense

How to overcome low value content on Google Adsense is easy already, but there are several solutions to solve it.

The most important step is to be honest with yourself and admit whether there have been violations in the process of creating blogs and content.

The second step is to explore from the technical side of the blog, about what needs to be improved from the technical side of your blog.

below is a solution to the problem of points causing low value content.

1. Don’t Change the Visual Appearance of the Blog

During the review process by Adsense, it is better to avoid changing themes, logos, layouts, and categories. According to Adsense, there is no such thing as being included in the content.

For the case that I experienced, after the display was fixed and did not change again, I immediately resubmitted and was approved.

2. Make sure the content is indexed

The indexing process by Google bots does take time, especially since your blog is a new blog. Usually index speed is still not stable.

For that you should be patient first, continue to create content while waiting for the index process.

The more content, the better the odds.

For example, making the minimum standard for indexed content is 20 pieces when registering.

3. Interesting Content

What is meant by interesting content is not the visual appearance, and the style of language used.

As I described above. Keywords are the key…

Don’t feel confident that you have written a lot of content, but it turns out that no one is searching.

To do keyword research, you can use the tools below.

  • Google Trends
  • Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest

Well below is an example of a blog that has 2500 keywords.

Hey, how many keywords on your blog have been read by this tool?

keywords overview

4. Avoid Copy Paste Is The Most Basic Way To Overcome Low Value Content

Plagiarism, duplication, and copy paste are just as bad in the eyes of humans and in the eyes of God.

Make sure you have removed the content indicated by plagiarism, before registering your blog with Google Adsense.

But… this indication can also be caused by your content being stolen by other people too.

People who copy and paste your blog, but they are the first to get up in the SERP.. Hemm… sadly..

The trick so that incidents like this don’t happen again is not to share articles that have not been indexed to social media.

5. Pay attention to the Navigation Menu and UX

Menus such as categories and important pages must be accessible by users.

Do not let there are pages that can not be searched by the user.

Regarding UX, there are 3 things to consider:

  • Site Performance, check with search console and light house
  • Display on mobilephone
  • Web design is modern.

Please read more here .

6. Improve Content Quality

The last thing to note, it turns out that pages that contain affiliate links are also considered bad by Google Adsense.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be.

If you have already put an affiliate link of course you can.

But what is expected is, affiliate content must provide value. For example, make an honest review, and of course the product you are promoting is a quality item, which you yourself would want to use.

Thus a brief explanation of the causes and ways to overcome low value content and some of the solutions. Still unclear? Let’s discuss in the comments column…

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