31 Daftar Niche Blog Bule Terbaik (Hasil Riset SmartBlogger)

As Indonesians, of course, we don’t really follow trends abroad. Especially if you intend to create a Caucasian blog, determining a profitable niche is certainly not as easy as a local blog.

In-depth and accurate research is needed.

So that the results obtained are suitable niches for Caucasian blogs themselves.

The good news, one of the top foreign bloggers shared a list of the most profitable blog niches.

Profitable here I mean in terms of monetization.

Whether it’s Google Adsense or Affiliate.

If there are people abroad who share the results of their research regarding the description of a blog niche that is still, and will continue to be profitable in the future. Why not use it? Right?

For that, before discussing what are the profitable Caucasian blog niches. I give thanks (credit) to Jon Morrow, owner of SmartBlogger . If you often read foreign blogs, you must know Jon.

I wrote this niche list in Indonesian, so it’s easy to understand. Let’s look at what foreign blog niches have been researched by Jon.

31 Niche Blogs for the Best English-Speaking Caucasians

This list is made in alphabetical order for easy navigation, happy reading…

1. Art

This art niche focuses on content related to the art world. Including works of art, news about art, stories of art activists. And of course the work of art.

2. Blogging

From the beginning, the blogging niche has never been quiet. This niche focuses on how to properly create, develop, and monetize a blog.

But the problem is, the competition in this topic is very high. Heavy, for those just starting out. It’s a good idea to look at the other topic options first.

3. Career

In Indonesia, the topics discussed will be around the world of employees. Starting from how to start a career, tips and build a good CV.

Yes, the point is to build a brilliant career. It seems, as long as employees are still in this world, niche careers will never be empty.

4. Crafts

Usually the posts made will focus on the results of handicrafts. With the aim of helping and inspiring others.

5. DIY

Somewhat similar to craft, but in DIY what is done is modifying or repairing a tool so that it can be used for other uses.

6. Education

Niche Education or in Indonesian it means that education is very popular among Caucasians. Why?

The answer is simple, they have an interest in reading and a higher interest in education. The topics posted usually revolve around teaching, learning and motivational tips for the teachers there.

7. Fashion

The main topics targeted by this niche are fashion and style. Like inspiration about outfits, accessories that match the latest trends.

8. Film Making

As the name implies, the topic of the blog about film making is to discuss all aspirations in the world of cinema. Both from making videos and tips.

9. Fitness

For me, this niche is very powerful compared to others. As we know, Americans and Europeans are very concerned about their health and body fitness.

This topic will discuss how to build a good body and gym and workout guides. Moreover, it can still be translated into Home fitness and fitness studio.

10. Food & Drink

Loh there is already a youtube? isn’t it more interesting with youtube?

Make no mistake, this one niche blog is actually very popular with mothers. Because they prefer to read rather than spend time watching YouTube.

Topics discussed in the food and drink niche blog are about recipes, cooking and making drinks that can be made at home.

11. Gardening

Along with the rise of the green life campaign, there is a very widespread trend of making gardens in the yard of Europe and America.

The topics will focus on gardening tips and guidelines, planting flowers, and making the yard more aesthetic.

12. Health

The topics discussed will revolve around health, advice to maintain body condition and other health-related tips.

Especially because of this pandemic, it turns out that niche blogs like this are increasing in demand. Because many are starting to pay attention to health.

13. Interior Design

The topics that were shared were inspiration about decorating and arranging the layout of the house to make it more stylish.

14. LeaderShip

Contains posts focused on helping people in leadership positions to improve their own and their team’s performance to achieve personal and business goals.

15. Marketing

Marketing topics will focus on the art of selling and sales tricks.

16. Online Business

In accordance with the times, the topic of online business is skyrocketing. Because every day people need information about how to start an online business and make a profit.

17. Parenting

In our country, many have created blogs with this parenting topic. You can use their posts for inspiration.

But still consider the cultural differences in educating children between Caucasian culture and Indonesian culture.

18. Personal Finance

Personal finance focuses on topics that target people who have difficulty managing personal finances. Like how to save, invest and lifestyle.

19. Personal Growth

The Self-Development Niche contains posts that help people hone their talents, overcome obstacles, feel happier, and improve their overall quality of life.

20. Pets

Contains posts by and for pet lovers covering everything from interesting pet facts to advice on pet training.

21. Photography

Niche Photography the topic has to do with the art of taking beautiful pictures with your camera.

22. Primal/Paleo Diet

The Primal/Paleo Niche Diet contains blogs relating to the so-called “caveman” diet inspired by the food our hunter ancestors would have eaten. Trends!!!

23. Productivity

Regarding tips and motivation on how to manage time, manage work more efficiently.

24. Religion

Although in the movies they are often depicted as not religious. But in fact these Caucasians are religious people.

The topic of religion is never lonely.

25. SEO

This topic is also familiar to us, but it seems that the topic of SEO has very heavy competition. Considering that the competition for this topic is like a digital agency, it can even be a company class. You can also try some amazing SEO tools that give discounts such as Spyfu Coupons.

Also read: How to disavow Backlink Spam

26. Social Media

Social Media Topics contains posts related to the tactical use of social media to strengthen your brand, promote your business and increase your sales.

27. Style

The Style blog contains posts that help people understand the basics of dressing well so they can look sharper and feel more confident in their clothes.

An example of Ivan Gunawan’s figure in Indonesia.

28. Survival

Contains posts for people who want to prepare themselves for whatever disaster may come at their doorstep.

29. Traveling

The Travel Niche contains blogs that share the adventures and travel tips of world travelers who are constantly moving from one place to another.

As we know, westerners prefer to travel all over the world.

30. Web Design

Contains blog sharing tips and tutorials related to the art of designing websites and web applications.

31. Writing

Blog topics to help aspiring writers and professional writers sharpen their skills and make a (better) life out of their art.

Expandable with tips and tricks to become a freelance writer and beyond. As we know the world of writing is very wide.

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Which Bule Blog Niche is the Best?

Of the 31 niche blogs that exist, you don’t need to bother choosing which one. Considering the 31 lists are the result of research.

All you need to do is write down some topics that you are good at. Then re-check the topic in the search results.

Analyze the domain power that occupies the first page of the SERP. Use the MOZ bar to do the analysis, usually the domain authority of 20 and below has a greater chance of being rivaled.

Recommended Blogging Tools For Overseas Targets?

The first weapon that must be used is wordpress and hosting of course. Choose a foreign hosting provider so you don’t have to worry about website speed problems.

Because the closer the server location is, the better the loading speed will be.

With WordPress, you can follow western blog design styles and trends. So it will affect the User Experience.

What Are the Advantages of an English Blog?

In short, the advantages are in terms of target audience and monetization.

English blog readers have a very wide reach, not limited to one country.

Blog monetization is also more profitable, because the CPC from Google Adsense is much greater than the CPC in Indonesia.

Thus the list of the best Caucasian niche blogs that have been researched by Jon Morrow. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments column.

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