15 Peluang Usaha di Batam yang Menjanjikan Tahun 2021

Do you need inspiration to find business opportunities in Batam? If the answer is “Yes”, then you have come to the right article. Everything I write here is based on observations during my stay in Batam.

As we know, Batam is a city that is predicted to be a rival to Singapore. Of course, this is an opportunity that cannot be taken lightly.

Coupled with several areas that have been designated as Special Economic Zones , such as Nongsa Digital Park and MRO Batam Aero Technic.

The establishment of Nongsa Digital Park as a new SEZ is a sign of the potential for online business to become a trend in Batam in the next few years.

For this reason, it is better for us to start looking at the opportunities and potentials that can be exploited. Read more about what business opportunities have opportunities and potential when combined with online media in Batam.

15 Promising Business Opportunities in Batam

1. Kosan Business Opportunities

As I said at the beginning of the article, with the addition of one more special economic zone. It will increase the flow of migrants from outside the island to work in this city.

For example, myself, I am one of the newcomers who work in the SEZ Nongsa Digital Park (NDP). During the year I worked there, almost every day a new employee joined the NDP.

NDP employees alone, currently has more than 500 employees. Which, they all need temporary housing or boarding houses.

That’s just the purpose of the NDP, not to mention the other companies. Can you imagine?

Don’t many already have boarding houses in Batam?

Yes, there are already many who have it, but only a few have online their business.

I myself have also had difficulty finding a place to live when I just came to this city.

This is due to the lack of online information.

You need to know, online information is very valuable for newcomers. Apart from being used to everything online in Jakarta, not all newcomers have relatives and colleagues here.

So, a boarding house business that can be accessed online is a super complete combination.

Try using a boarding house platform like Mamikos .

Another alternative if you are constrained by capital is to take advantage of unused room space.

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2. Vehicle Rental Business Opportunities

After the migrants who will work in Batam get a place to live, a second opportunity appears. Namely the car rental business.

Rarely do I meet migrant employees who bring their own vehicles. If you intend to rely on public transportation, I don’t think public transportation is too helpful here.

Using online transportation?

The price is not comparable, this will cause expenses to swell.

There are two solutions, namely buying a new vehicle or renting a vehicle. Well, from some of the friends I talked to, they were more likely to rent a vehicle than to buy a new one.

In addition to complicated administration, they don’t want to bother when they have to leave Batam in the future. Finally, the right choice is to rent a vehicle.

So make sure, information about this vehicle rental business can be reached by anyone. Starting from social media, or by making a special website for this business.

With this data and analysis, I believe, the car rental business for employees is still promising in 2021.

3. PO-Based Home Food Catering Business

Well, this opportunity is still very much correlated with the flow of immigrants in Batam. However, it is not limited to employees.

I have observed that this business opportunity has great potential, which the residents around my house complex have already implemented.

They created a whatsapp group, whose members were all residents of the complex and several nearby housing complexes.

What is done here is very simple.

Photograph the dishes made for one week.

The second, posting the results of the dishes that have been made. Then it was offered in the WhatsApp group earlier.

You don’t have to bother to cook several times, because the dishes that are sold are dishes that you also enjoy with your family. Enough to make more portions to sell. Pretty easy isn’t it?

4. Catering Business for Offices

This business opportunity in Batam needs marketing first. For those of you who are quite confident in the quality of cooking and packing capabilities, the Office is an opportunity that cannot be underestimated.

As an industrial city, Batam has many offices and companies that require catering services.

To open a catering, steps that can be taken, for example, are as follows:

  • Make a food menu list brochure, try to be varied for one week.
  • Create a Special Account on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. If you want to reach a wider market, use a website. In addition to a wider range, it will seem more professional.
  • Offer services to existing offices. Complete the proposal with prices, delivery hours, menu lists and payment methods.

Besides having great potential, an order-based business like this has less risk of loss and capital.

5. Home Laundry Business in Batam

For me, this business has no end, even in housing like the one where I live (Nongsa).

Why is that?

This is my experience living at Perum Arira Garden, there are several laundry rooms that are open even though they are in housing. Amazingly, the business I noticed was never quiet.

Although at first I thought “who wants to do laundry, this area is still a village”. It turns out that my assumption was wrong. This business never dies!

You just need to provide a few extra washing machines, and offer services in complex groups.

Considering, the price of a second washing machine in Batam is very affordable, perfect for starting a small home-scale business.

Tip: Try to offer clothes pick-up while still in the vicinity of the complex.

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6. Vehicle Washing Business in Batam

The next business opportunity in Batam is to open a car wash service. There is still a lot of vacant land that can be used as a place to open a business, is the biggest reason I include it in this article.

No need for fancy systems, such as using hydraulics and the like. Enough cement floor and a spray tool for washing is very sufficient.

I rarely see anyone owning a well in Batam. Almost all housing uses PDAM, plus the location of the house does not allow washing 4-wheeled vehicles.

So the opportunity to open a car wash business is still very big potential. In front of my house complex, I just opened a fairly simple car and motorcycle wash. I thought it would be quiet, but again I was wrong.

Never have I seen his workers relax during working hours.

7. Gymnastics Studio Business in Batam

The next business opportunity in Batam is to open a gymnastics studio. Massive housing development, making a lot of abandoned 2-storey shophouses.

Those of you who are here will agree, in front of your housing there are also uninhabited shop houses. Instead of letting it go, it’s a good idea to consider this effort.

Usually the target of this business is the mothers.

Take advantage of social media to market this business, so that it is easily recognized by the people closest to you.

The equipment needed is not too much, such as a sound system carpet and a few dumbbells.

8. Blogging Business

How to create a blog - writing the first article is the first step to making money

Yes, the next opportunity that can be used is blogging. You can create a blog that is managed by someone else, or managed by yourself.

The advantage of a blog business is that you don’t need to spend a lot of capital like the business above. It is suitable for those of you who still have a permanent job outside, but want to increase their income.

No need to be confused about what kind of writing will be filled, just about hobbies or experiences that have been done.

For example, if you are a housewife, then becoming a food blogger can be done. Please read some tips about Food Blogger in this article: Tips to become a successful food blogger .

Don’t worry about programming etc. Because by using wordpress, the process of creating a website/blog can be done without coding at all.

You just need to buy a domain and hosting at a local hosting provider. The story is different 7 years ago, when you want to rent hosting you have to deal with foreign hosting providers whose budgets are quite large.

One of the Indonesian hosting providers that I recommend is Domainesia . You only need 16 thousand per month to generate millions from your blog. In addition, if you encounter a problem, the support team will be available 7×24 hours.

There are many ways you can do to make money from a blog. I’ve written about it in this article: 8 Ways to Monetize Your Blog .

9. Affiliate Program Business

Affiliate program is worth your consideration. Affiliate is a program to promote a product belonging to a company, through referral links.

To follow this business, you only need to register with a website that provides an affiliate program.

Once registered, you will be given a referral link.

This link is what you need to promote.

When someone buys a product through the link you share, you will get a percentage of the commission from the sale.

The picture below is a list of commission amounts from Domainesia Hosting providers .

one of the business opportunities is an affiliate business

That is if you manage to get one person to buy one service. Imagine who bought the service in the thousands.

There are several methods that you can use, if you want to become a successful affiliate business.

  • Marketing through blogs
  • Using Youtube
  • Utilizing Social Media

Of all the methods, in my opinion the most effective is using blogs and personal websites.

10. Online Shop Business

In this internet era, who is not good at playing with their thumbs for shopping? Almost everyone has a gadget. Too bad it’s not used.

Creating your own online shop business is now very easy. You can maximize the potential of social media, websites and blogs to start selling online.

Find the product you want to sell, market it all online. With this method, you don’t need a physical store at all.

Confused do not have capital?

Try becoming a Dropshipper in well-known marketplaces, such as shopee and lazada.

You do not need to spend capital to buy goods first. Your job is to promote the goods you want to sell.

Determine how much profit, and the rest of the shop owner who will process. Easy isn’t it?

Need a guide? Don’t worry, I’ve written it here: How to Dropship at Tokopedia with a Supplier from Shopee . Without initial capital, you only need one, namely ” Want “.

11. Online English Course

The next business opportunity in Batam is to make an English course. Considering the special economic zone in Batam, it will allow a lot of job vacancies from foreign companies.

English has a big role, you can take this opportunity if you have good English skills. You can also choose the english learning courses like Magoosh or Kaplan if you are preparing for GRE. To decide the better one, check the comparison on Magoosh vs Kaplan. 

12. Opening a Graphic Design Business

Actually all the odds that I wrote are correlated. Create brochures for prospective catering entrepreneurs, website logo designs and brand designs for prospective new businessmen.

You can prepare for a surge in online business trends by opening a graphic design service.

To make it easier, try using a personal website to display your work. In addition, you can use it as a testimony to potential customers.

If you want to reach a wider market, you can use a freelancer platform in Indonesia. Because it’s not limited to this city, your customers can come from all over Indonesia.

You can use the Projects.co.id website to market your graphic design products. The transactions used are modern, namely using a joint account.

So you don’t have to worry about being scammed by consumers.

Currently the price of making a logo for a website alone has reached 250 thousand to 1 million. It’s great…

13. Freelance Writer Business

This business opportunity is suitable for those of you who have good writing skills. No need to bother creating a blog or website.

Currently, there are many freelancer sites for writers available in Indonesia. Such as sribulancer.com and freelancer.com.

You only need to register on the website, then follow the bidding when there is a new project.

14. Photography Business

Almost all the businesses I wrote above need photos. That’s where your opportunities are, such as: opening a food photo service, it can also be a pre-wedding photo.

Not sure about the quality of the shots?

You can try selling your photos on foreign marketplace sites.

Please try to sell your photos on this site:

  • Freepik
  • Pexel (Must win the Contest)

15. Programming/Coding Course Business

For those of you who have coding skills, it’s a good idea to build this business. Currently the absorption of programmers is very high.

In the environment I work in (NDP), almost 90% is filled by programmers. They work for foreign companies, such as Singapore, England, and even Australia.

And the good news, Apple will also be moving closer to NDP. So don’t waste this opportunity. It’s good to use this kind of information.

Opening this business is easier than 10 years ago, because I think almost every student already has a laptop at home. So you don’t need to prepare a computer, LCD, whiteboard, desk chair, and of course the location.


Those are some business opportunities in Batam that you can do. Apart from the 15 things above, of course there are many more that can be explored.

But the best business is one that starts with the first step. Plan your business carefully, choose a location and execute it..

Good luck and try..

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