7 Bank Dengan Potongan Biaya Admin Bulanan Paling Murah 2021

Opening an account at a bank is not only based on the purpose of saving. There are also for business purposes, work, and so on. However, please note that every month, the bank will deduct the balance in the account. There are several banks that provide the cheapest bank monthly discounts.

The deduction is usually done every month and the nominal is not too big.

However, there are also those who provide enough discounts to make customers complain.

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To avoid overly expensive monthly discounts, you should know which banks offer small monthly discount fees.

Rows of the Cheapest Bank Monthly Deductions

The following is the order of the cheapest bank monthly discounts that you can choose according to your needs.

1. Bank Mandiri: Mandiri Mitra Usaha

Who doesn’t know Mandiri bank? The name of this bank is often heard, its ATMs are in many places. This bank provides a savings product that benefits its customers.

Independent business partners’ products are not subject to monthly admin fees or free.

However, there are conditions that must be met by customers. Customers who have this product must have a balance above one million at the end of each month.

Then what if not?

Then the balance in the customer’s account will be deducted by Rp. 5000.00 five thousand rupiah every month.

Of course, with no admin fees, it will benefit customers. This product is more suitable for middle-upper entrepreneurs. However, it is possible to use it for saving.

2. BNI Bank: SIMPEL Student Savings Facility

The next savings product is from Bank BNI.

What is SIMPLE?

The SIMPEL savings product is a savings product that is intended for students who want to save.

Then what about the monthly discount fee? Students don’t need to worry because the monthly discount for this product is only two thousand rupiah. Very cheap for students.

In addition to saving, students also indirectly receive financial education about savings products.

In addition, students will train themselves to manage finances from an early age, as a provision for later adulthood. By learning to save from an early age, the culture of saving is attached to the students.

3. Bank Danamon

Bank Danamon has the advantage of free monthly discounts. However, there are still requirements that must be met by customers. Savings products from Bank Danamon are more suitable for business people.

Customers can enjoy free facilities such as free transfer fees and no monthly discounts . However, before withdrawing the customer’s balance must be at a nominal value of 2.5 million rupiah.

Quite a large number. Of course, the nominal is achieved by middle-upper entrepreneurs.

4. BRI Syariah Bank

The cheapest bank monthly discount that is worth considering is the BRI Syariah Bank Service.

BRI Syariah Bank provides free monthly admin fees without conditions that burden its customers.

Customers can enjoy free cash withdrawals. The registration requirements to open a savings account are also simple.

Especially for customers who prefer the concept of Islamic economics, this bank is the right choice. BRI Syariah Bank avoids its customers from interest which is classified as usury.

This bank applies a profit-sharing system to its financial system.

5. Bank CIMB Niaga Syariah

Bank CIMB Niaga also provides sharia-based products. This product is not much different from BRI Syariah products, these two banks are sharia-based.

At this bank, you will not find any discount fees per month, aka free admin fees .

Not only that, customers can also enjoy free cash deposit and cash withdrawal facilities. Bank CIMB Niaga also provides loan services.

Because it is sharia-based, Bank CIMB Niaga does not apply an interest system but a profit-sharing system.

6. Bank BTN

Bank BTN is not as popular as other senior banks. However, this one bank is in great demand by the public because of its services and products.

Bank BTN provides a savings service without any monthly deductions or free admin fees . This service has attracted a lot of interest from its customers.

Bank BTN provides Hajj savings services, Hajj savings plus, transparent savings, and e-batara savings. All these services are free of monthly admin fees.

For those of you who have a Hajj plan, you must choose this bank as your choice to fulfill the plan.

7. BCA TabunganKu

This product aims to instill a culture of saving in the younger generation. This program is supported by the government. This service is very friendly because the registration method is simple.

In addition, regardless of the balance the customer has, they can open this savings account.

This service is populist. Customers don’t need to worry about monthly admin fees.

Monthly discount fees do not apply to this service.

Customers can enjoy my savings facility easily. This savings account can be opened by anyone.

Advantages of Saving in the Bank

Interest profit and profit sharing

The first advantage of saving in a bank is getting interest and profit sharing.

Although the actual nominal interest is not much, but if it is stored for a long period of time, of course the interest provides significant benefits.

For customers who are not interested in interest, customers can switch to sharia-based banks.

In the Islamic banking system, the bank will provide benefits to its customers in the form of profit sharing.

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Savings safety

Saving money in a bank is much safer than keeping money in a piggy bank. The security of the customer’s money is guaranteed by the bank that the customer has chosen. There is no doubt about the safety of the bank in saving.

So what if the bank has problems? Will customers’ money be in danger of being lost? Certainly not.

Bank companies have thought about this. The Bank cooperates with the Deposit Insurance Corporation to guarantee the money of its customers.

Free transaction

Not only saving, but customers can also freely make transactions with the money.

Customers can use ATM facilities, SMS banking, and internet banking to make transactions. These facilities are available 24 hours.

Easy and practical

When connecting at the bank, the customer will receive a passbook that serves to monitor the total customer balance.

Of course this is beneficial for its customers. In addition, if you want to deposit, customers don’t have to bother going to the bank.

There are many banks that provide cash deposit ATMs. Customers can deposit cash through ATMs easily and practically.

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Manage finances and be more planned

Customers can view the savings balance through the passbook. This can be used as a benchmark for customers to plan in the future.

Customers can make deposits or long-term deposits on the money. Planning can be done for the short or long term.

Safe Investment

Customers can also invest by saving in a bank. Investments in banks are relatively minimal risk compared to other types of investments.

For example, bond investments, mutual funds, have a high risk. Customers can monitor their assets while investing in the bank. Customers can start investing with deposits.

Well, that’s the list of the cheapest bank monthly discounts . Are you interested in starting saving at the bank? Not to mention the many benefits of saving in a bank.

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