Sellerboard Review 2022: Is It The Most Accurate Amazon Profit Analytics?

As an Amazon seller, you understand that tracking your revenues and making data-driven choices are crucial to your business. However, finding all the necessary information in one location might be difficult.

It is tough to gather all the necessary data in one location, but it may also be challenging to comprehend what that data means for your organization.

You may not have the time or knowledge to evaluate all of the data yourself, or you may not know how to utilize the data to enhance your company. Sellerboard was designed with Amazon sellers such as yourself in mind.

They offer an intuitive platform where you can access all the data you want, as well as expert analysis and recommendations from our industry experts.

With Sellerboard, you can make more informed business choices and increase profitability.

Learn how Sellerboard may assist you in expanding your company by evaluating current trends, gaining insight into the most recent transactions, and maximizing your prospective earnings.

If you are a seller not already utilizing Sellerboard to optimize your business, you should immediately upgrade to this all-in-one solution.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of Sellerboard. Sellerboard is an analytics application that accurately analyzes profit predictions and margins for Amazon sellers.

There is no restriction on the kind of online company a seller on Amazon may do. These include FBA (fulfilled by Amazon), FBM (fulfilled by the seller), Prime by Seller, drop shipping, and even online arbitrage.

If you sell one product one or two times each day, you may be able to calculate your income and expenses on your own. It gets pretty challenging when there are several items and sales to monitor.

Sellerboard Review 2022: What Is Sellerboard?

Sellerboard is an Amazon seller profit statistics application. It helps enhance conversion rates, search engine rankings, and customer ratings.

Sellerboard Review

It provides a central location for sales teams to track leads, opportunities, and customer interactions.

Additionally, Sellerboard offers features for creating and managing quotes and orders, as well as for tracking sales performance.

Sellerboard Features

Below listed some of the features & benefits of Sellerboard:

1. Product Insights

The Sellerboard product insights tool assists sellers in enhancing their listings to enhance their sales. Utilizing seller data, in-house computations, and considering all other seller indicators such as feedback, reviews, etc., takes a highly scientific approach.

Using Sellerboard’s product insights, you can detect your listings’ flaws and make the necessary adjustments.

2. Sales Tracker

The Sellerboard sales tracker enables you to monitor the total number of units sold, the money produced, and the profit earned from Amazon items over many periods.

This is useful for sellers who want to witness gradual gains in their Amazon seller company, so they can take action and make adjustments before it’s too late.

3. Rank Tracker

The Sellerboard rank tracker is a fantastic tool that allows you to watch and track your items’ seller rating positions over time.

Using this tool, you may determine how changes to seller ratings, seller performance, and product listings affect seller rankings. This enables retailers to monitor Amazon price fluctuations to take action before it’s too late.

4. Seller Insights

The seller insights are the data-driven suggestions sent to Amazon merchants by Sellerboard.

It is a daily email that includes tips for enhancing conversion rates, seller feedback, seller rankings, and product reviews, among other things.

5. Live Dashboard

The Sellerboard live dashboard is the software’s primary interface and provides an overview of how your Amazon company is operating.

Sellerboard Live Dashboard Features

It may be configured to display the information you want to view, giving you access to all relevant data for conveniently monitoring sales, seller feedback, seller rating, and more.

6. Autoresponder

Auto-responder is essentially a tool for configuring email marketing campaigns. You may send automatic emails to your customers requesting comments and reviews using this functionality.

As long as you agree with Amazon’s terms of service regarding buyer-seller communications, you may design campaigns and apply them to all or chosen goods.

Sellerboard Autoresponder Features

You may build an automatic message template in Sellerboard by including placeholders such as the initial or product short name. And you may request a review.

A regular Amazon “Request a Review” email template may be used instead of a bespoke one. In this manner, you avoid being penalized for violating Amazon’s communication standards. It is up to you to decide which of these two options you will pursue.

Sellerboard Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing for Sellerboard begins at $ 15 per month. Therefore, if you have less than $ 3,000 monthly, you pay just $ 15. If you have more than that, you need to pay a little bit extra since it is tough for us to handle all this quantity of data.

Sellerboard Pricing

There is a demo account on the website. You don’t need to register; you don’t need to enter your email, go on the website and click “Demo,” and then you can practically trial the program yourself without registering.

There is a tiny chat box on the website at the bottom right corner, so you can click on it and drop Sellerboard a note. They attempt to answer as quickly as possible, but you may sometimes need to be patient.

Why do I recommend Sellerboard?

1. Great Customer Service

The live chat window is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for customer assistance. The answer as quickly as possible.

In contrast to others, they ensure that every consumer and seller doubt is resolved. This is the most excellent customer service center I’ve ever found.

2. Cashflow

The Cashflow tool enables the management of cash flow. By choosing “add,” you may input your further investment in the company, the cost of the items, dividends, and VAT.

Sellerboard Cashflow Features

Amazon payments and expenses are automatically populated.

3. Tracks hidden costs with the power of AI

Sellerboard is an expert at accounting for up to seventy(70) hidden Amazon fees and expenditures and revealing them to the seller in a manner that is simple to comprehend and well-presented.

This assists merchants in comprehending the intricate workings of their commercial partnership with Amazon. It allows the seller to search for information on any product, variant, and charge at any time and for any period, whether a day, week, or month.

This is incredibly beneficial for minimizing manufacturing and sales expenses to increase earnings. It also helps merchants maintain a positive connection with Amazon by increasing seller visibility.

4. Tracking Trends

The trends function of Sellerboard allows you to monitor all relevant KPIs for every product to ensure no negative trend. Such KPIs include BSR, sales, refunds, and profit.

If any of these recently deteriorated, the seller must take action (e.g., decrease price, check the quality, run ads, etc.).

You may pick a KPI (e.g., return rate) and a period to see a table with your goods’ month-to-month performance (including the value of the KPI and the percent change compared to the last month). Sorting the table will reveal all problematic SKUs quickly.

5. Wide Market Reach

One of the most important factors to consider while operating enterprises and selling items in the market.

Whether or not it has a scope, whether or if it is user-friendly, and whether or not the company will be lucrative, these questions are constantly present in our thoughts.

Therefore, a list of the most critical markets on Sellerboard may assist you in catering to needs such as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, and Mexico. It has extensive worldwide coverage.

6. Accessible and Inexpensive

It may be utilized by almost anybody who must launch a company and optimize revenues in real-time and with accurate figures. I have never before seen my company expanding and earning so nicely.

Therefore, even novices can use it. There are no limitations put on entrepreneurs or small businesses. Even low-income and disabled users attempting to achieve financial independence via business may comprehend and apply this material.

At the same time, they’ve managed to make the service’s design and use options engaging enough to satisfy the needs of sophisticated sellers. They remain abreast of market developments and deliver superior service following the times.

Once a user of Sellerboard, always a user of Sellerboard! The majority of sellers who use it get addicted and faithful.

Even if one investigates rival services such as Acceler List, Distribion, Bindwise, etc., they always return to real-time since it offers the most user-friendly and cost-effective analytics tools for each package.

You need to choose the service bundle that best meets your requirements. What could be better than a service that meets our predetermined requirements and is affordable?

FAQs On Sellerboard Review

Can I try Sellerboard for free?

Yes, it gives a free trial with access to all services for thirty-one days. Before evaluating whether or not it’s worth your money, you should test out the Sellerboard dashboard and its profit metrics and product review notifications.

Is my data secure with Sellerboard?

It takes seller protection very seriously. Your seller metrics will not be shared with anybody outside the firm without your agreement since all data is encrypted.

Can Sellerboard help me get more reviews?

Yes, it has a free product review alert function that notifies you whenever seller feedback or consumer review is posted on Amazon. You may then respond to them after verifying that they are honest reviews, which might result in future seller feedback and reviews.

Does Sellerboard track product reviews and inventory as well?

Yes, it can assist with any data. You may determine your items’ monthly or daily profit, the best-selling keywords for each ASIN, and much more. Sellerboard also provides Amazon merchants with seller central inventory monitoring and product review notifications, which are highly useful.

Does Sellerboard work for Amazon Seller Central?

Yes, both seller central and vendor central are supported. Before inputting any data, it’s crucial to make sure you’ve picked the right choice for your company; nevertheless, there’s no harm in using their free trial if you’re unsure about your seller account type.

Can Sellerboard track my Amazon Business in Europe?

Yes, it can monitor the whole of your Amazon seller company. Input the correct ASINs, and Sellerboard will be able to gather the information you want for all of your European items.

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Conclusion: Sellerboard Review 2022

Sellerboard has severe competition from all-in-one platforms and advertising tools, yet it is the most acceptable Amazon Analytics solution.

It offers cost-effective tools, a very responsive customer support team, and data that is presented in an easily digestible format, all of which are packaged in very budget-friendly ways.

Every day, Sellerboard offers your items to thousands of new customers. For your Amazon company, it has excellent features like detailed historical data, market trends, seasonality, and more.

Every day, Sellerboard assists you in analyzing the overall health of your company. It is the only solution that lets you see how your orders are split among many warehouses and which distributors are accountable for each order.

You may optimize your sales and increase conversion rates by evaluating and contrasting the performance of various company components.

It is suitable for both novice and seasoned sellers. There is no better option than Sellerboard for merchants with a limited budget and many items to monitor within the pricing range of Sellerboard.

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