15 Supplier Dropship Terpercaya dan Terbaik tahun 2022

It’s never too late to start a business. One of them is an e-commerce business without storing inventory. Therefore, it is very important to find information about trusted dropship suppliers. Make sure that the dropshipper can be the best business partner.

Learn how the business schemes that these suppliers provide. If necessary, do detailed research so that you can best understand the ins and outs of the supplier world.

15 Trusted Dropship Suppliers from Indonesia and Overseas

Have you decided to set up an e-commerce business? If so, then all you have to do is determine which dropship supplier can be trusted as the best business partner.

The following is a selection of the best and most trusted dropship suppliers in our summary. Which can be used as a reference source.

1. Dropshipping Reseller

Dropshipping reseller logo

The Dropship Reseller Platform which is addressed at resellerdropship.com can be one of the mainstay suppliers. This platform provides a supplier focus related to fashion which is certainly very loved by the wider community. For example, clothes, shoes, pants and so on. Everything is very complete and quality.

The fashion brand that is carried by Reseller Dropship is also very diverse and of course popular. For example, Adora, BSM Soga, Boro.co, Blackkelly, Java Seven and so on. This supplier will always support online marketing to various social media pages effectively. This platform is very accessible.

2. Dropshipper Friends

Dropshipper friend logo

Just like Reseller Dropship, Sahabat Dropshipper is an online platform that can be used to bring together dropshippers with product suppliers. Not just to bring together dropshippers and suppliers, Dropshipper Friends also have other benefits.

This platform to serve dropship suppliers also encourages the competitiveness of local Indonesian brands to increase in the online world. The services provided by Dropship Friends are ready-to-sell products so there is no need to do inventory. Stock checking can be done online and always updated.

3. Research

Riseloka dropshipping supplier logo

For those of you who have been in the e-commerce world for a long time, of course you have heard of the Banros.co.id brand .

Now, they are rebranding to become Riseloka , with the hope that this new management, platform and system can provide better services.

Bandros, which is now Riseloka, is an e-commerce platform that specializes in dropshipping.

Interestingly, Riseloka continues to supply products that come from within the country only, so that local products can always continue to develop well.

No wonder this platform is filled with MSME products in Indonesia.

Before becoming Riseloka, Banros did not have an online store, but Bandros provided rewards for members who participated to join.

Apart from that, Bandros also offers a unique lineup of highlighted systems. Now the good news is that they are now turning to developing an online store like any other e-commerce.

So, don’t miss it….

4. TokoDistributor.com

logo distributor shop

At first glance, this platform is very similar to Dropship Aja. However, this platform will not charge a registration fee for anyone who wants to become a member. No wonder this platform is so recommended for beginners. Of course, the dropship supplier scheme here is very easy to understand.

How to sell using WinMarket is very easy. Business people only need to create an account on this platform. Then, copy the link of a business partner and immediately do the promotion. Later you can immediately bring in commissions. Not only is registration free, this platform also has many other benefits.

On this platform, businesses will be able to get promotional support, affiliate cookies for up to 30 days and report analysis. Of course this will be a consideration of its own advantages.

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5. Just dropship

Dropship logos

The next trusted dropship supplier is Dropship Only. This dropship supplier provides offers in the form of superior products from the non-clothing side. For example, custom flash drives, contemporary cellphone cases and so on. Of course, these are unique things that the current millennial generation can consume.

However, take it easy. For those who want to find clothes here, you can too. There are many benefits that can be obtained when joining this community. The suppliers are very active. In addition, the marketing kit is also very useful.

Interestingly, the choice of products is very diverse. The customer service team will be ready to help to serve the needs of their customers. There is even a promotion for free shipping all over the country.

6. Alidropship /Aliexpress

alidropship logo

Still not familiar with AliExpress? It’s weird if you don’t know him.

This dropship supplier is part of Alibaba, which is the largest B2B-focused e-commerce company in the world and was founded by Jack Ma.

AliExpress is a wholesale and dropshipping platform that connects players.

The AliExpress platform offers millions of products from multiple suppliers in 40 specialized categories. For example, fashion and electronic products. What’s even more interesting is that joining AliExpress is all free. Anyone can be a part of AliExpress.

This platform is very well known in Russia and has become one of the most popular websites in Brazil. His ranking is at number 10 in the country known as the Little Canary football.

7. SaleHoo

Salehoo's newest logo

The next trusted dropship supplier is SaleHoo. This platform is a wholesale directory that will connect dropshippers to various suppliers worldwide.

Even SaleHoo is also known as a supplier of various niches with the best service in many countries of the world.

For example, Australia, England to the United States. To become part of SaleHoo, businesses need to prepare funds of up to 67 dollars per year with a money back guarantee of around 60 days.

8. OfficeCrave.com

Office Crave Dropship

If you want to meet the needs of office business products, industrial equipment, electronic goods and so on, you can try stopping at OfficeCrave.com.

There are more than 100,000 products sold on this platform. The choice of products is guaranteed to be very diverse.

OfficeCrave.com will make it easy to build a dropshipping store with just one supplier store. The dropship supplier program in this place is free of charge for those who want to join.

In addition, OfficeCrave.com also offers drop-blind shipping to customers everywhere.

Don’t worry, starting a dropshipping business here is also very easy. Just register using the form on the dropshipping page provided.

9. Spocket.co


Spocket is the next choice of the best global dropship supplier. Spocket is a marketplace that makes it very possible for every retailer to start and increase the scale of their online store.

Spocket will offer retail connections to thousands of suggested suppliers.

Of course, most have locations in the United States and Europe. Don’t worry, Spocket also offers subscription packages including free dropshipping options.

10. National Dropshippers

national dropshipper

The next dropship supplier option that is no less interesting is National Dropshippers. National Dropshippers are a source of wholesale products that offer offers of more than 250,000 products at prices 50% below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price or MSRP standard.

National Dropshippers have a large selection of products that are sure to be able to meet the needs of their clients. Starting from kitchen utensils, home appliances, outdoor cooking utensils and so on. The service from National Dropshippers charges a monthly fee of 19.99 dollars.

Meanwhile, the dropshipping fee reaches 2.49 dollars for each order. The costs are quite affordable for the needs of the best dropship suppliers.

The choice of 10 trusted dropship suppliers can provide the best references. Choose which one can be reach. Also make sure you have identified the choice of the supplier well and carefully. Don’t forget to adjust it according to your needs.

11. Shopee Dropship

Especially for this one, you don’t need to worry about “trusted dropship suppliers”. Because it is very secure.

In addition, to become a dropshipper on Shopee you also don’t need any fees at all, you know…

You can take advantage of the send as dropshipper feature in the shipping menu for the goods you buy. So Shopee can already support those of you who are still students or students to start a business as early as possible.

Read the guide here: How to Dropship on Shopee .

12. Dropshipping Basket

dropshipping basket

For those of you who are looking for imported products at adequate prices and quality, this platform is the solution.

You can find various kinds of imported products here.

Starting from:

  • Men Clothing
  • Women’s Clothing
  • Shoes, Etc.

13. Camou Dropship

camou dropshipper

Camou might be the most unique among the others.

Because Camou only specializes in selling one type of product, namely “SANDAL”. Yes, you can find various kinds of sandals here.

Starting from:

  • Men’s Sandals
  • Women’s Sandals
  • Flip-flops
  • and other sandal accessories.

Even though they only provide sandals, they focus on providing the best performance by ensuring that their inventory is always ready (ready stock). Discount prices are available, to have bonus programs and other event promos.

14. Tanah Abang.Com (Trusted Dropship Supplier for Tanah Abang Products)

Who doesn’t know Tanah Abang?

Instead of you being busy traveling around Tanah Abang and confused about how to bargain there, using the website they created is the solution.

Many have recommended that the Tanahabang.com site is one of the trusted dropship suppliers that you must consider.

The prices listed there are very cheap if you shop directly there.

The products they sell are certainly similar to the original.

Starting from:

  • Clothes man
  • robe
  • Pajama
  • Children clothes
  • and Thousands of other textile products.

15. Inventory Source (Trusted Overseas Dropship Supplier)

One of the most trusted overseas suppliers: Inventory source

For those of you who want to explore the international world, Inventory Source is the solution.

Because you can market products from trusted dropship suppliers, which is of course first-hand.

You can sell their products at:

  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • eBay
  • Walmart and many more.

What products do suppliers sell there?

  • Fashion
  • Vitamin
  • Electronics
  • Baby and Mom
  • Hunting and Fishing


Of the 15 trusted dropship suppliers above, all of them already represent what you need to start a side business.

No need to be confused about which one to choose, just find a product that sells goods according to your business plan. And don’t forget to look at reviews from users, so that the choice you make is the one that best suits your business.

Hope this helps, and don’t forget to share…

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