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How to Get Mind Blowing Ideas For Writing Viral Blog Posts

In This Post, We’ll Talk About Ideas For Writing Viral Blog Posts

Writing blog posts are such kind of daily activities for bloggers.

They want to come up with new and exciting contents daily, but unfortunately that couldn’t be possible because of suspicious reasons. One of these is struggling for ideas.

How well you are as a writer, without any niche selection you can’t write. As human it happens to all, especially those who lead deep stress in mind. But that is not a problem at all. It doesn’t prove that you lack in quality or have inability. It happens to all and to come round of it, you have to follow some quick methods.

As far as I know, it is so called brainstorming mind. Let’s brainstorm the mind with these quick strategies to get ideas for writing blog posts.

10 Tips to Get Excellent Ideas For Blog Posts That Go Viral

#1 Take a Pen With Notebook and Think After a Rest

When you are working constantly, you may temporarily unable to insist your mind. In that situation, it is almost impossible to find out any topic for writing.

There is a quick solution for this. Put off your works for short periods, go through your bed along with a pen and a notebook. Now close your eyes and think which topics are not covered yet.

Call to mind your blog categories and think which are still undone. I am sure, you will get a list of items that should be written. Write down these on your notebook and analyze as per your need. Then, you can start writing on your suitable topic.

#2 Visit Similar Blogs in Your Niche

Niche blogs are the best online stuff to find out strategies, tactics, guides on the specific niche. As a result, you can take advantages of it.

Find out popular blogs in your niche and start reading the titles and contents. You will obviously get a bunch of ideas. As an example, suppose I have a blog which niche is blogging. I need to search sites in this niche. Google and Directories  are the choices to get site suggestions in no time.

Then I would go to almost a popular one and find out ideas for next blog posts. This is one of the easiest methods to get ideas. But bear in mind that I am not talking about any copy-paste works. Even, it would be very bad for many reasons. Just get the ideas and write from your own.

#3 Ask Your Audiences

If you are blogging for a long time, you would probably make your own audiences. Audience means your daily blog readers and influences. As they are your targeted audiences, you have to produce what they really like. So, it will be helpful if you ask them what they want to know in the next post.

But a question is how one would connect with his audiences? It’s very easy. The recommended ways are updating your status on social media pages, making polls and so on. All is to get the things the readers want to be written by yourself.

#4 Explore The Questions

Sometimes someone could ask you questions or request for help in your expertise areas. What you will do? Simply answer within a few lines. But I think he would be really thankful to you if you consider some time to create an informative blog post depending on the question and refer him to it.

It will be delightful to both you and the person to spend a period on the specific topic. Even all people with the same question can enjoy the answer. So, with the intention for one purpose, you can serve many.

#5 Reveal Your Working Strategies

Every person has his own working on strategy. As you have chosen your favorite niche for your blog, you are proving that you have the qualities and experiences in it.

So, you could help others like you revealing your working strategies. However, a maximum number of the people won’t agree to share his strategies because it is hard to achieve.

But still revealing it is such sorts of kindness. From your own strategies you will get a ton of blog post ideas.

#6 Read Your Old Posts

When you write a blog post, you try to cover up the whole topic in one post. That is a really good habit. But sometimes you could forget any of the parts. So, you should quickly look over to your old posts and point out the missing areas. Then you can research it and write again on the missing topic. You can easily tweak your old posts and make them more interesting by adding more value in them.

In this way your blog will turn into an unleashed resource. So, you will get both ideas for blog posts and improve your content strategy.

#7 Read Comments on Posts

Another great way of attaining natural is reading the comments by visitors. The visitors will definitely ask questions, criticism matters or argue about specific topics through comments.

So you will get opportunities to clarify the problems through a new blog post. So, the visitors could learn the topic in details. In fact, this will insist you to know the truth by researching on the topics they are commenting.

So, you are going to learn something new and for a post the visitors will also be able to learn.

#8 Visit Forums in Your Niche

Forum is the place of public discussion. Joining Private Forums is a Best Investment because so many people are going to participate there. They will ask questions, request for help or want to share his experience.

By visiting a forum in your blog niche, you can acknowledge where most of the people are getting confused or wrong. You can research on that topic and write your own words describing the matter. After that you can refer the person to read the post to prevent any kind of problems.

It will do promotional part of your blog and however your main purpose will be covered.

#9 Check Social Media Sites

Social media are the places where million million people gather. It is one of the most important places to know about the people. If you are following up great bloggers on your blog, you will get inspiring ideas for sure. So, interact with these ideas and produce content depending on it. You can boost your product branding through social media very easily.

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the top 3 social media platforms of all. Create community there and you will automatically get blog post ideas from them even regularly.

#10 Get Helps of Search Engines

Search engines are the major directories having the list of all active resources on the web. Here anyone can get any kind of help and easily know the unknown. As you are looking for help in topic selection, you better search using your blog niche.

If you are doing this in one of the biggest search engines like Google, you will get related results guaranteed. So, head over to these, know the most trending news and start focusing on it. People of all kinds will like newer and exclusive blog posts on most trending topics.

What You Are Gonna Do To Get Some Blog Posting Ideas?

What you would prefer to get exclusive ideas for exclusive blog posts? I have a few years of experience in blogging and I always tried these methods to get ideas quickly. So, I am sure these methods will work for you as well. However, you have a short time or long, using these methods you will be available to get a ton of blog post ideas in your blog niche.

Always Remember that Blogging is Not Just Writing and Writing, It is The Way To Outreach The Mind.

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