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Ingredients for a good niche blog:

A niche blog focuses on a narrow group of audiences and readers in a larger market with a common specific interest. Niche blogs lay their stress on hyper-specific topics and issues rather than focusing on broad topics like leadership, marketing, sales, etc. This basically means that this kind of a blog works best at targeting a specific section of the audience.


Research for creating niche contents lets you narrow your focus to a specific topic. This will help only a selective section of readers as audiences with specific interests know what exactly to search for. A Niche blog can be used to transform virtually anything you are passionate about into a fully fledged business.

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It can be challenging to consistently come up with new and original ideas since the interest of a niche is narrowed to a specific topic. You may be at risk of running out of ideas and limiting your work.

Ingredients for a good niche blog:

  • Your mind must be well prepared and experienced enough to come up with new ideas in a limited area of play.
  • Don’t ever neglect to observe and study your audience’s interests as it grows over time.
  • Be sure to brain storm and come up with newer outlooks to twist your limited stock and still keep it promising.
  • Experiment with related yet relevant topics but ALWAYS try to keep it sensibly connected to your area of work so that it does not dwindle away from your “Niche”.
  • “Giver” blogs

Giver blogs simply give away useful free bonus content with every post. These are called “content upgrades” . Ask me to define the term? These additional pieces of content are created for a specific blog posts. Such contents are given away in exchange for an email address. A giver blog is a great way to deliver more value to your audience.


You can collect more email opt-ins per blog post with the help of giver blogs. This type of blog allows you to deliver even more value to your audience and makes you better at content creation.


It takes quite some time to create an additional unique piece of content for every blog post.

Ingredients of a good “Giver” blog:

  • If you want your Giver post to be successful, then you need to make sure it is in giving away a content upgrade that is relevant to the specific post you’ve created.
  • What usually happens is that you write a blog and then offer the same downloadable piece of content in exchange for an email address. This is the email address that you offer at the end of every other post on your site.
  • Your post of content may not always be relevant to new visitors who come to your site to read a specific post. This is because you often keep writing about different topics. The Giver creates a new lead magnet that is relevant to each specific post.
  • Guide blogs

There is really nothing much to understand or explain about a guide blog. A Guide simply writes posts that help readers with their personal or professional lives. Many bloggers utilizing this blog type discuss topics like personal development, educational guidance, life coaching and so on.


A guide blog greatly helps you establish a deep and personal connection with your readers. If people can relate to your posts, they will tend to connect more with you. You feel and experience a personal growth through your own writing. Guiding others through your contents will significantly help them improve on their personal and professional lives to a very respectable level.


While dealing with sensitive topics, you will need to have a more sensitive approach and add delicate touches to make your work feel more authentic and relatable or else, your blog may experience a drop in visitor count.

Ingredients for a good guide blog:

  • Focus on emotions, rather than counting words. You should be able to give your readers more than just words and grammar. If you want your guide to be touted as the best of its kind, then you will need to craft something that goes straight through your readers mind and emotions.


  • Work on concepts like anger, lack of confidence, personal fulfilment, emotional struggles, etc. that people can personally relate to.


  • You must be able to explain and express multi-layered concepts of the topic so that it can help people learn in a more simple and digestible fashion. Keep it comprehensive and transparent.


  • Craft your post in such a way that it motivates your readers and creates a positive impact on their minds.


  • Don’t neglect yourself. Try to involve them and connect your readers with your own struggle. They should realize that there is a human brain behind this post and not a robot. Mention your own journey towards the results your post is aiming to teach. This will make them believe in your credibility in dealing or guiding them through sensitive personal issues.


  • Always remember, never talk down to readers or act like you are above the problem you are attempting to help them solve. Make your guide post display a masterful understanding of a mixture of sympathy and empathy.


  • Empower and push your readers to solve their own problem. Make sure that your answers create a sense of self importance and positivity in your readers. You must ensure that your results are genuine and pushes them into a zone of self realization.


Homer blogs

The Homer is any kind of blog that takes its readers on a journey of over 2,500+ words in content. A Homer blog can be about anything starting from health & fitness, Fashion & lifestyle, Educational coaching, Spirituality,

Step by step guides and so on. Work on such blogs often requires excessive brain storming and research to yield effective and observable results and conclusions. What you are reading RIGHT NOW is a Homer blog.


Research and surveys reveal that long form contents that cross over 2,500+ words tend to get shared more than short form contents. Greater word count and research gives you better chances at attracting organic search traffic.


Posts for Homer blogs require a major share of time investment and a hell lot more research. It is very important and rather hard to hold your reader’s attention through such a large word count. If you fail at keeping your readers engrossed in the post, then this will lead to lesser shares and higher bounce rates for your blog.

Ingredients for a good Homer blog:

  • If you are writing a Homer blog post, what must be your prime concern is getting the length right. You will need to master the art of creating a balance between your research content and the word count. Craft your post in such a way, that you plot in key points of your research without pushing in too many words into the post.
  • Keep it comprehensive and direct. Larger word count does not necessarily mean feeding in unnecessary words. Design the content in a direct manner, so that the words compliment your research while maintaining readability and understanding. Try to avoid adding irrelevant facts and figures, etc.
  • Most importantly, always remember to have something worth writing that many words about. It is kind of senseless to write a post of 2,500+ words on “How to cook lasagna?” or “How to download a movie without using torrent?”.
  • “Tell-All” blogs

A Tell-All blog is the type of blog that frequently writes posts that feature both, exciting and new facts and details and highly valuable information/lessons learned. This is the best place for experienced bloggers who have explored to the core and have massive expertise in that topic. Tell-All bloggers dig deep into what they explore and come out with fascinating facts and experiences for their readers.


You get to post the most exciting and compelling stories that you have personally lived and experienced. Such a blog allows you to put a lot of personality into your writing which turns out to be great for building a personal brand.


Sometimes telling “everything” doesn’t really prove very beneficial for people. You need to set a little boundary condition and restrict your content a little bit. Sharing “everything” is quite a difficult writing style to pull off. You will need to toggle your mind heavily to come up with some impressive creativity and narrative ability to keep readers engrossed in your posts.

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