Jitendra Vaswani

Internet Marketing – It’s All Online

The way the world looks at business and information has changed dramatically in the past decade. In order to survive, yellow pages are not only found in telephone books, but also online. If I want to know what’s playing at the local movie theater I am more likely to go online to find out than I am to give them a call and wade through a never-ending phone message. If I want to know of a certain city I am visiting has shops my family likes I take a tour online to find out which stores are available and where they are located – and I can download a map to that destination in most cases.

When I need to book a hotel I do so online where I can take a photo tour of the facility and can compare prices and amenities.

The Internet has changed the rules for business. This is why it is important to make sure Internet marketing is an important component to your online presence.

Many of the most successful online businesses are an extension to an existing brick and mortar store. It is quite possible that at the onset of the online presence the feeling may have been, “What can it hurt?” However, as these businesses caught a glimpse at the possibilities of taking an already successful business to a global audience a newfound respect for the Internet emerged. Check out best website builders 

Would it surprise you to learn that brick and mortar stores that began operation as many as ten years ago have seen a dramatic shift in where their income is generated? A jewelry store in New York started online and saw 20% of their overall sales were facilitated in their online store. They were happy because this gave them a revenue stream that improved their bottom line. Today more than 80% of their sales are online. What may be worth noting is the brick and mortar store has also grown in sales, but still only accounts for 20% of the company’s profits.

Internet marketing is not a one-time event. It’s long-term, daily, and vital to the success of your online presence.

So the next time you go online to find out what’s on TV, how your favorite team is doing, or where you can find a special fishing rod, remember the infrastructure of online business was pioneered by men and women who fought to find ways to get the message out that their store was online, open for business and it never closes.

People will go on line to find what they need. Will they find you?

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