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Jungle Scout Alternatives 2022: Which One Is Effective To Its Cost?

Jungle Scout is a great tool to do your market research and find the best products to sell on Amazon.

Jungle Scout is mainly a product hunt tool that will definitely help you in choosing a profitable niche on Amazon along with finding profitable Amazon products.

As we all know that there are always some pros and cons associated with any tool the same here is in the case of Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout may not be the right tool for everyone as some of us have special requirements that Jungle Scout can’t offer us.

Don’t worry if you’re looking for Jungle Scout Alternative then you’re at the right place. The best part is that we have also included some of the free as well as paid alternatives to Jungle Scout that you can give a try.


🤷‍♀️Top 15 Jungle Scout Alternatives To Try In 2022: Effective 

1) 😎Teikametrics:

Teikametrics pricing details

Teikametrics is an Amazon and Walmart ad management platform that helps sellers maximize their return on ad spend. Sellers can set up ads with algorithms, automated keyword actions, and goal-based campaign optimization.

It is a powerful software that can help Amazon sellers get more sales. Jungle Scout Alternatives Sellers will see an increase in their revenue within 60 days of using the software while keeping the cost-per-order at a constant level.

Teikametrics provides five different services for Amazon sellers: inventory management, keyword research, A/B testing, PPC campaign optimizer, and product review analysis.

The automatic Flywheel 2.0 AI software helps you set up your advertising workflows by automatically optimizing the campaign creation, targeting, and bidding processes for you.

Entrepreneur plan:

  • $149/month + 7% monthly ad spend
  • Up to $15,000 in monthly ad spend
  • + variable on monthly ad spend

Pro plan:

  • $799/month + 3,5% monthly ad spend
  • Up to $50,000 in monthly ad spend
  • + variable on monthly ad spend

Premium plan:

  • $1,999/month + 2% monthly ad spend
  • More than $50,000 in monthly ad spend
  • + variable on monthly ad spend

2. 😃Helium 10:

jungle scout alternatives- helium 10

Generally, Helium 10 is a suite of powerful software tools that mainly contains dozens of tools that can help Amazon Sellers to easily find ranking keywords, identify trends, spy on competitors and fully optimize your product Jungle Scout Alternatives listing in order to get more sales and conversions easily.

Here with the help of this tool, anyone can simply discover the product ideas and get deeper into the market by simply researching Jungle Scout Alternatives and validating those ideas so that they can get better insights.

Basically, it has more than 10 tools right for Amazon Sellers that can help sellers in making a huge profit without putting any extra effort and money.

Right inside the Helium 10 tools suite, you can easily find various tools like Black Box, X-ray, Magnet, Cerebro, and more in a row. We have previously reviewed Helium 10 on Bloggers Ideas Jungle Scout Alternatives and we have explained each and every tool in detail.

Here this tool, Helium 10 will definitely save you time and money and with the help of this tool, you will be able to get a huge ROI on your Amazon FBA business.

Using our special discount link you can get up to 50% off on Helium 10 right away.

3. 👍Viral Launch:

Best JungleScout Alternatives Viral-Launch

The Viral Launch is a powerful and reliable Amazon Growth Platform tool that can really help you in making with a huge profit. With this tool, you can simply optimize your sales for Amazon domination.

With this tool, you can easily get the Amazon Product Finder for the advanced idea generation. You can track your most important keywords analytics right in a simple-to-use dashboard.

You can also get the most sophisticated Amazon product research tool in order to validate the product ideas. Simply discover the innovative and effective listing improvements that you can easily make right away.

It also has the most accurate and easy to use Amazon Keyword Tool in order to find your products for the most relevant keywords and more.

If you want to buy Jungle Scout and get a discount of up to 50%, then you must check out our article on Jungle Scout Discount Codes. Click here and know the best Jungle Scout offers available

The pricing plans are very simple and quite affordable as well. They actually offer more than 3 plans for you that anyone can choose from according to their needs and requirements.

Jungle Scout Alternatives And you can get two months for free when you start with the yearly plan.

4. 👀ASINspector:


Here ASINspector is a powerful and reliable tool that can really help you in finding Amazing Amazon Products. Using ASINspector anyone can stay ahead of their competitors simply by turning the Amazon products into high ROI giving products and they can get more sales as well.  

The products that you’re going to find with the help of ASINspector will be like a high-profit cash machine Jungle Scout Alternatives for you and trust me this tool will never let you down. ASINspector is one of the best Jungle Scout Alternative.

With the ASINspector, you will also get all of the “Insider Info” that can really help you in learning what is actually selling better and what doesn’t so that you can avoid costly mistakes.

The best part that I liked most about the ASINspector is that it doesn’t keep anything private and also there will be no secrets of product data, it’s like an open book for all.

Right with this ASINspector anyone can easily find out what exactly your competitors are doing so that you can outrank them easily. 

The pricing plans offered by ASINspector are very simple and flexible as well. You can easily get started with ASINspector and get ready to become a sales-generating expert.

Without having any second thought I would like to say, you can easily get detailed insights into your competitor’s business and can easily find the high ROI amazon product.

5. 🙌AMZScout:

amzscout review

Here this one, AMZScout is one of the best and reliable Product Research Tool for Amazon Sellers which is accessible as a web application along with a program extension as well.

Basically, both of the tools are very simple and easy to use and operate for a beginner. It also helps you to locate the most beneficial and offering items on the Amazon Marketplace. 

You can simply use the AMZScout extension to your program as well. Starting now, the AMZScout expansion is now easily accessible right from the Google Chrome Browser. 

Now here you can easily move to any of the Amazon pages where you actually want to investigate and just tap on the extension in order to get this tool to begin running Jungle Scout Alternatives.

You can also utilize and examine any page or any item or even scan for any phrases of your choice. You will also see a spreadsheet right with a great deal of information.

And trust me with this tool you can easily find out the best selling Amazon products so that you can get more sales and conversions.

6. 😉SellerLabs:


Here the Seller Labs has mainly provided a set of powerful tools and applications that are capable of doing the product campaign, data analysis, suggestions, etc. Jungle Scout Alternatives and it can really help in generating a lot of productivity in business effortlessly.

Basically, Scope is a powerful and reliable tool that is provided by Seller Labs. As here this tool easily identifies new keywords and products that can help you in boosting your sales and conversions as well.

This tool generally comes with the multiple features of improvising on your Amazon search effortlessly. It also indicates the highest ranking for a particular product in the Amazon marketplace.

Actually, this tool is like an SEO tool that generally optimizes the search and gives potential new and better ideas for your products.

If you’re a new user you can easily get started with the free trial program and try the tool for 7 days. With the help of free trial, you can easily find out if the tool is working out for you or not.

The free trial will definitely help you in simply understanding the working of the tool and you can easily avail all the features and benefits of this tool.

7. 💁‍♀️Unicorn Smasher:

unicorn smasher- jungle scout alternatives

Unicorn Smasher is a reliable and free product that generally runs right on Chrome (a Chrome extension) and is easy to install and you can use it effortlessly.

All you have to do is simply add it to your Chrome, Open the  Amazon marketplace and look for a product.

And after that click on the Unicorn button add list of vendor details like as the range, estimated sales, estimated earnings, comments and more. This is one of the Jungle Scout free Alternative. 

You can also see if it is an FBA product (completed by Amazon). Jungle Scout Alternatives Use this information to determine a product you want to buy and sell on Amazon and find out high ROI giving Amazon products.

The filter option also allows you to simply filter the low or high price products, select sales lists or even show the FBA products tool.

This is a useful addition that makes it closer to an objective than a simple search in the broadest sense. And trust me this one is the best free option available out there in the market.

Unicorn Smasher Pricing:

The Unicorn Smasher Chrome extension is always free to download and you can use forever for free without paying a single penny. It was created as a free tool by the creators of AMZ Tracker that we have listed in the list of Jungle Scout Alternative.

This is another powerful and reliable Amazon tool that can help you in the analysis, monitoring, and improvement of overall Amazon sales. This tool can really help you in boosting your sales and conversion as well.

8. 👩‍🚒AmazeOwl:

amazeowl review

AmazeOwl is an Amazon Product Research tool that offers information on promising products, best-sellers, products with lower shipping fees, and competitive on the market. 

With this tool, you can also keep an eye on your competitors’ products, prices or any tactics in market competition. Jungle Scout Alternatives You will find historical data of your competitor’s product listings and movement on products with reviews.

With AmazeOwl’s Amazon product listings, you will find the best price offer with good reviews and scores. 

AmazeOwl offers monthly plans to their customers. The plans are quite competitive and cheap because they offer essential needs in order to boost sales.

Pricing Plans:

The Starter plan of AmazeOwl is absolutely free and it allows you to track 1 niche, 3 keywords, and get auto-updates for 1000 niches. But the free plan doesn’t have product database access and customer support.

The next plan is the Growth Plan which costs you $14.95 per month. This plan suits both the beginner and the business class. With this plan, you can track 10 niches, 10 keywords and be able to update 1000 niches. This pack includes 50 product database access a month and customer support for customers.

The final plan is Established Plan which costs you $29.95 per month. This pack is best for growing businesses. With this plan, you can track 300 niches, 50 keywords and be able to update 1000 niches. This pack includes 200 product database access a month and customer support for customers.

9. 👏Sonar:

sonar alternative

Sonar is a free Amazon keyword tool provided by Sellics. Jungle Scout Alternatives Sonar is a user-friendly tool that allows you to search keywords, ASIN numbers, and extended searches which leads to an easy generation of Amazon listings and products.

With this tool, you can export data. It is also available in other countries such as Europe and India.

Pricing Plans:

Sonar is a FREE program offered by Sellics where every seller can cross-check any data points. It offers a 14-day trial with a basic package of $9.99 which is much less than AMZ Scout.

10. 👮‍♀️Amachete:


Amachete is an Amazon FBA seller tool that offers global product research. This is an excellent way to find potential products for marketplaces.

The features of Amachete are above average but not for industry leaders, outside of the PPC management functions. Overall it is a very powerful tool and the pricing is lower than most comparable packages.

Pricing Plan:

Amachete offers a 14-day free trial without any card details and this should be sufficient to try it out and see what you think. Apart from this Amachete also offer 3 plans. The first one costs $39/month – You will get everything but the PPC tool.

11. 👨‍💼KIPRT – Keyword Inspector’s Product Research Tool:

kiprt review

KIPRT is an Amazon keyword research tool that helps you step up on Amazon in order to suit the searches of your prospect by showing the real Amazon search volumes. 

Keyword Inspector also offers Reverse ASIN for Amazon marketplaces such as the US, Canada, UK, India, Germany, Japan, and more. Jungle Scout Alternatives If you are from the US then KIPRT offers data of over 150 Million Top Amazon Products.

12. 🌏AMASuite:

amasuite review

No doubt, AMASuite is one of the best and most reliable software or tool in the market that can help your online business grow to the maximum. This tool can really help you in boosting your sales and conversions.

AMASuite was basically founded by David Guindon and Chris Guthrie, between them, one is a premium class developer and has a very deep knowledge of software development and affiliate marketing as well.

Right after you sign up for AMASuite you would be provided with the login details for you to simply access the AMASuite, your purchase would give you access to the following items, and trust me these tools are really lit.

Pricing Plans:

The pricing plans offered by AMASuite are very flexible and affordable so that anyone can easily get started. And also we have got a very special deal for you guys:

Now you can easily get full access to all the AMASuite version 5 (AMASuite 5) software apps including the bonus Ali Inspector software for just $197 … $97

13. 🎁AMZBase:

amzbase review

AMZBase is also a free and useful tool for assisting you in your search to find products to sell on Amazon. This tool helps sellers to quickly get the ASIN number and the title description of listings on Amazon. 

While calculating FBA fees to estimate your potential profits it also provides immediate access to CamelCamelCamel, Alibaba, AliExpress, eBay and Google search engines.

AMZBase is absolutely free. You can add to your Chrome extension for information on products with descriptions. You can effortlessly obtain the ASIN No and title description of the listing.

14. 💥CashCowPro:

cashcowpro review

CashCowPro is a complete Amazon management tool that offers tools and functionality for automated messaging, keyword tracking, real-time data tracking and more.

The CCP provides a huge amount of data to allow you to discover and analyze your entire Amazon strategy.

CCP gives you Net Profit figures in multiple currencies and you are also able to calculate your ROI for each individual product, product type, the marketplace, etc. It diagnoses your overall FBA business and finds aspects that need improvement.

CCP offers a 10-day free trial with both Monthly and Annual plans. 

15. ✨Keepa:

keepa review

Keepa is another product research tool that is downloadable as an app or Chrome extension.

If you are searching for the best deals on products or an agency that wants to retrieve its client or competition product information then this is the best price tracker tool for Amazon.

Keepa is a perfect tool to scout new markets for your clients and find new business opportunities. There are loads of data options available so it takes some time to process. 

Keepa used to be completely free but now it costs $15/month since 2019.

16. 😎CamelCamelCamel:


CamelCamelCamel is another product research tool that is downloadable as an app or Chrome extension. The best part of this tool is that it is absolutely free like AMZBase and Unicorn Smasher.

CamelCamelCamel lists the most in-demand products for the users and also gives the ability to monitor products that are most popular and interesting for Amazon buyers. The tool alerts you when the price of a product is changed. 

As told earlier, this tool is absolutely free and there is no trial period required for you to buy this tool.

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🏆Conclusion: Jungle Scout Alternatives [Year]: Which One Is Effective To Its Cost?

Jungle Scout Alternatives- All these Jungle Scout Alternatives are extremely powerful tools that will help you in getting more sales and profits as an Amazon Seller.

Jungle Scout is a great option but tools like Helium10 and Teikametrics stand out from the crowd due to its unique features and capability of being more accurate than Jungle Scout.

If you really want to ramp-up your Amazon Business then you should definitely get started with tools like Helium 10 and Teikametrics which are the best Jungle Scout Alternatives in the market.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a free Jungle Scout Alternative then there is Unicorn Smasher, just install the Unicorn extension and get ready to boost your sales by finding the high Jungle Scout Alternatives ROI giving Amazon product easily.

We hope this post- Jungle Scout Alternatives suit your purpose well. Feel free to tell us which tool you liked the most from the list. If you liked the post, then do share it on one of your favorite social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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