Jitendra Vaswani

Malware Or Spyware?

Malware is a new term used to describe malicious “mal” software “ware” that has no other purpose other than to destroy or disrupt a computer. Spyware and adware are considered to be malware.

There is only one reason for spyware to be put on your computer, and that’s to make money, and no, not money for you. When you download those funny and comical files that your friends emailed to you, free video or music files, free wallpaper, etc. spyware usually comes attached. The spyware industry is a billion dollar industry. There are people getting very rich selling the information they track about you and hundreds of thousands just like you.

Adware is a software program that also is attached with free downloads of many kinds. What adware does is cause pop-ups on your computer, even when you’re done with the initial site you visited. That means that anytime you’re on your computer, surfing, checking email, or even working, annoying pop-ups will appear.

There are ways for you to protect your computer. The first is for you to perform an on-demand scan of your computer on a regular basis with anti-spyware software. It is suggested that you reboot your computer after the initial scan and then re-scan to make sure that there are no “ticklers” left behind on your computer. These ticklers are designed to reinstall spyware. Don’t forget to run your regular anti-virus software on a regular basis.

Next, stay away from free downloads. Don’t open up unsolicited email from anyone. Delete it from your server without opening it. malwarebytes coupon

It seems wrong that people can do this to you, and it is. It would be nice if it was against the law too. Well, someday it might be. There is a case in court in the State of New York right now. The State is suing a Los Angeles based company called Intermix Media for placing unwanted spyware on computers. If the State of New York is successful it could be the end of spyware.

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