Mindvalley Lifebook Reviews 2024: Is It Worth Your Time and Money? (Honest Review)

Mindvalley Lifebook Reviews


All of your questions are answered in the Mindvalley Lifebook. Humans have a tremendous brain ability and are continuously analyzing their life. Mindvalley provides a range of mental health and personal development courses.

Out of 10


  • It brings balance to life
  • It improves focus and instills happiness
  • Creating a Lifebook is super fun and very easy to maintain
  • The fee is refundable if you complete the course on time
  • The questionnaire allows you to confront yourself


  • Not each category is relevant for every individual
  • Printing and binding of your Lifebook has to be done on your own


Price: $

This post has shared our unbiased and in-depth Mindvalley Lifebook Reviews 2024. Let’s start by knowing what exactly the Mindvalley Lifebook is.

But before that, if you want to know more about Mindvalley, check out our detailed Mindvalley Review.

Why did I do this? Did I want to do this, or did I do it for the sake of my family? Many such questions keep on popping up inside the human brain from time to time.

Mindvalley Lifebook Reviews

Bottom Line:

The Mindvalley Lifebook provides answers to all of your questions. Humans have an enormous mental capacity, and they constantly analyze their lives. Mindvalley offers a variety of courses related to mental health and personal development.

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This tendency grows with age, and we begin to analyze our entire lives rather than just specific incidents.

We frequently reflect on our life choices, wondering whether the kind of life we are living is the one we always imagined as children or whether we are simply living it to fit into society and lead a respectable life.

We ponder the question due to our unwavering faith in our parents and our efforts to meet their expectations.

Mindvalley Lifebook Review

The most perplexing question is whether our life is simply an idea of a perfect life constructed by others or whether I chose this journey based on my plans and desires.

What if the kind of fulfillment we’ve always desired isn’t the same as what we’re experiencing now?

Such thoughts are normal, and we ask ourselves this question at least once. Most people begin analyzing their life paths in their late 30s, while others may think about it in their 50s or later.

Humans are always looking for a reason for everything, and the driving force behind such emotions and thoughts in our minds could be a major personal loss or an unfortunate incident that turns our lives upside down and forces us to reconsider our life choices, which can be eye-opening.

Mindvalley Lifebook User Review

We begin to examine our lives, our past choices, our upbringing, as well as our current and future circumstances.

We often question our fate, wondering why things like this happen to us or if other people are in similar situations; do I have to bear this all alone?

We contemplate our fate and become irritated by our lack of control.

We devote our time and energy to finding answers to such questions and making appropriate changes in our lives. This is not always simple.

Finding answers to our life questions is not the same as giving someone else life advice. Understanding the depth of these thoughts is exhausting, so most people never confront their inner selves with these questions.

Bringing a change to our lives necessitates calling into question the entire life reality we have been living, and it is not easy to question yourself, confront your life choices, talk about fears, and try to overcome the anxiety that limits your growth.

Face the truth

Truth is always harsh,” says a proverb. Not being answerable to ourselves is the worst harm we can cause to ourselves. 

People try to opt for the shortcuts in life and ignore these mental disturbances, ignoring their most important life questions and thinking they can let life be as it is.

Here is the trap! 

It’s not an end, but the start of other major life issues as your brain will keep reminding you about such questions, and they will haunt you whenever you are sad, and even a small disturbance in life may affect you badly. It’s not a good thing, though! 

Mindvalley Lifebook User Review 1

Here comes to the rescue, the ultimate guide for all our life questions,  the Lifebook by John Butcher. It is a power-packed tool that allows you to analyze your life step by step.

You can easily calm down, look back at your past life, then plan your life and move further in the future accordingly.

Mindvalley Lifebook Reviews 2024: An Idea of Life

Butcher’s Lifebook puts your life thesis before your eyes, and you curate that book. Now that’s Amazing!

Lifebook assists you in analyzing both your past and present, allowing you to develop an idea of your plans. It allows us to explore ourselves from the inside out, giving us a clear picture of what we want from life.

It is specifically designed to assist anyone in thinking about life and writing about their experiences, allowing one to easily analyze one’s life. You can meet yourself in Lifebook!

Mindvalley Lifebook Review

Lifebook allows you to keep track of your life, whether it’s financial, personal, professional, or romantic relationships, which we usually don’t think about regularly, leading to hopelessness and aimlessness.

Keeping track of your life actions and being clear about your goals is critical, and Lifebook Online is the answer to your search.

It leads to a more purposeful life because you can track the progress of your life goals, allowing you to live a more responsible life and be accountable for your actions. In a nutshell, it is a surefire way to live your life at your leisure.

Lifebook provides you with nearly 12 categories that cover every aspect of your life, and you can fill in your life details under those categories and track them as you see fit.

You can also create new categories according to your needs. Each category is designed with the help of visuals, templates, and videos that instruct you on creating and constructing a lookbook of your life. This creative composition of yours is your “ Lifebook. “

12 Categories of Mindvalley Lifebook Online: 

mindvalley lifebook review- categories

Let’s take a look at the 12 categories designed by Lifebook experts :

  1. Health and Fitness
  2. Intellectual
  3. Emotional
  4. Character
  5. Spiritual
  6. Love relationship
  7. Parenting
  8. Social
  9. Career
  10. Financial
  11. Quality of life
  12. Life vision

As is evident from the different categories of Lifebook, it allows a holistic development of an individual and lets one balance every aspect of life. The widely available personality-enhancing programs do not offer such a varied outlook on life; they teach you to climb the mountain of success with other life tricks.

All-round development is essential to any individual as it clears one’s mind of stress and increases focus, leading to a successful life. Thus, the balance of mind and body is essential and is the primary requisite for a happy, healthy, and satisfying life.

How Exactly Does Mindvalley Lifebook Work?

Many courses are available online regarding various aspects of life and learning. You must have encountered one of them at some point in your life.

They offer a variety of paid video courses. Just submit the amount, and you can get access to the online content. It is natural to consider Lifebook Online as a similar course.

That is where you are incorrect! The difference between other online courses and Lifebook Online is that it allows you to access video records and includes many other benefits.

John and Missy have carefully curated this wanderlust experience, and it is a full-fledged 6-week detailed course that includes various video lessons, cues, and access to creative workbooks.

You can also get more help by joining their private Facebook group.

Every week, you must concentrate on two different aspects of your life. You must watch the videos and fill out the questionnaire. But wait, there’s more!

Tell me more

The question forces you to examine your life, think about it, and decide what kind of future you want. The videos are brimming with wisdom and insights, diverting your attention from the daily grind and toward your inner self, where you gradually interrogate yourself.

It is recommended that you carefully review the provided videos before beginning your workbook, as the available material is intended to help you focus better on planning and accessing your purpose.

Maintaining the records in your workbook may be a tedious task at first, but you must persevere, or you will miss out on the exciting benefits this course offers.

Mindvalley Lifebook User Review 3

This course provides you with a lifetime membership; you can work on it whenever it is convenient. Lifebook provides you with excellent tips and information that will be extremely useful.

Lifebook gives you control over your life, allowing you to plan it exactly how you want.

How to be a part of Mindvalley Lifebook Online?

Working of Lifebook mindvalley

Let’s begin this exciting journey:-

1. Sign up

Signing up with Lifebook is free, and you can then purchase the course. To gain access to it, you must first pay $500. If you are concerned about the large sum, don’t worry; it is completely refundable if you complete the course within the time limit.

It is difficult to complete your lessons on time because our lives are so hectic. You are directed to a life satisfaction quiz when the payment is completed. And so the adventure begins!

2. Pre-assessment

As you sign up, you are eligible to access the online Lifebook. Before you check for the course, you must do a pre-assessment called the Intra-Spect Assessment. It is a way to check your level of life satisfaction. This is a contrasting feature and more exciting feature compared to other life courses.

Mindvalley Lifebook Intra-spect Assessment

As part of this assessment, you must provide your name, age, gender, relationship status, etc.

You have to fill in regular details about your life at first, but as you progress, the assessment questions may itch you because they become more complex and require you to be brutally honest about yourself, which is quite difficult.

Your lies will detract from the overall goal of the course, so don’t try it. Your honest reviews will help you in the long run, and since you are the only one who has access to your account, there is no point in lying to yourself.

You can freely discuss things that make you happy or sad; your happiness and sadness are right in front of you in your Lifebook!

By taking this 20-minute test, you will obtain a baseline score. Your scores will improve as you work on yourself through this course.

3. Welcome videos

Mindvalley Lifebook - Intro Videos

As you obtain your baseline score, you can encounter 6 exciting exercises before looking at the categories. These activities include many topics like FAQS and videos. These explain the entire concept and the idea behind this course.

4. The 12 categories of Lifebook

You can now access your categories and complete two categories per week, requiring you to invest three hours per week to complete the lessons provided.

You may, however, complete the course in as much time as you require. According to John and Missy, the money-back guarantee requires you to complete the course in six weeks. You must devote approximately one hour daily to benefit from the Lifebook fully.

5. Lifebook Pages

After completing each course, you are given templates to download and get help while filling out your workbook. You can download, print, and easily note your answers on them, or you can type and take printouts.

Lifebook online courses bonus

These templates start with the same questions:

(i) What are your beliefs regarding this category? (ii) Why do you need this course? (iii) What is your perfect vision? (iv) How will you be achieving this? These templates contain some pages from John’s workbook, which will help you to fill your workbook as John has a wonderful clarity of what he wants and what not.

The page marks bullet points, and you can further dive deep into your discussion with yourself about your life.

6. Weekly coaching calls of Missy and  John

Missy and John have the right to call you twice a year. Registration in these 6-week sessions is required to receive your money back. This call system is an essential component of the course mentioned above. These coaching classes allow you to contact John and Missy and get your questions answered directly.

7. Postassessment

The final step of this course is the post-quest, which is indirectly the pre-assessment you must do again. As you complete it, you are given your final score, which is categorically divided, enabling you to track your progress in each category.

8. Printing and binding your Lifebook

 You can get your Lifebook printed and bound for future reference as you finish all this. Reading this Lifebook often increases your focus on your life aims and gives you a  feeling of contentment.

What do you learn from Mindvalley’s Lifebook?

Lifebook online courses and modules

Below are the four basic learnings of Lifebook:-

1. Invest in the process and not in the outcome

It would be best if you did not sacrifice your happiness for anything, including the need to meet your deadlines. This is extremely important. Focusing on your goals is important, but don’t sacrifice your sense of fulfillment and happiness.

It is advised to appreciate your actions and be pleased with your efforts. Live in the present moment!

2. The importance of balance in life

Mindvalley Lifebook Review - Emotional Life

Creating balance in our life makes half the work done. John and Missy focus on this aspect essentially. Everything and every aspect of our life and the universe is based on balance. Focus on creating balance in your life!

3. Development of understanding about yourself

Mindvalley Lifebook - Intellectual Life

The main aim of Lifebook is to provide clarity about an individual. It makes you question yourself and analyze your actions by being responsible for your actions. It directs you towards the right path in your life and enhances your focus. It leads to happiness as you acknowledge yourself gradually.

4. Never ignore your inner being

Lifebook’s course content gradually leads you down the path of self-awareness. It assists you in listening to your inner self. It improves your spiritual life and brings you mental peace, happiness, and satisfaction.

This Lifebook gives you peace of mind and calms your inner self, resulting in life satisfaction. When you discover yourself, you will be grateful in life.

5. The importance of an ultimate mission

Motivation and mission are critical for growth. Being true to one’s purpose in life and being honest about one’s goals are essential for success.

Your goals must be attached to your inner being for all your energy to be focused on achieving them; otherwise, you will be diverted from your true life goal.

Pros and Cons Of Mindvalley Lifebook


  • Coaching calls provide clarity and are full of wisdom 
  •  The pre-and post-assessment part lets you analyze yourself and motivates you further, giving you a sense of satisfaction as your score improves with time.
  • Video lessons are very inspiring and easy to grasp
  • The lessons provided let you understand your inner being
  • The questionnaire allows you to confront yourself
  •  The fee is refundable if you complete the course on time 
  • Creating a Lifebook is super fun and very easy to maintain
  • It brings balance to life
  • It improves focus and instills happiness


  •  It is very hectic for many people to fit in the timings of two sessions per year.
  • There is no facility to know if Lifebook has helped people in life 
  • Printing and binding of your Lifebook has to be done on your own 
  • Not each category is relevant for every individual

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How much does Mindvalley Lifebook cost?

Lifebook online course by MindValley usually costs $1,250. But, the discount on Lifebopok can give you up to 60% off. Hence, the discounted price is $500 on enrollment.

How can I get Lifebook for free?

To get Lifebook for free, you need to complete the course within six weeks of the enrolment and fill out the Lifebook. If you complete it before the given time, you can grab a 100% discount.

How long is the Lifebook course?

Lifebook course depends on how much you want to extend it. Generally, it is a six-week long term with two lessons per week.

Who should take Lifebook?

Lifebook is best recommended for those who have suffered from completing their goal and cannot focus on vision clearly.

What Lifebook online?

Lifebook is the online course published by Mindvalley, and it's one of their most popular courses. It promises to help you (YOU) write your book that will get you to create a master plan for your life. In short, it helps you make your dream life a reality.

Mindvalley Lifebook Reviews: Is It Worthy Of Such Praise?

For self-improvement activities, John and Missy are ideal mentors. They assist you in setting goals and growing in life. This course is strategically designed to assess your life, track your progress, and help you develop holistically.

You can fill out your templates, which will help you gain confidence. Analyzing and writing about yourself allows you to understand yourself better.

Mindvalley Lifebook User Feedback

The Lifebook course is energizing and motivating. It’s a lot of fun to look back on your own life and learn from it. This course will lead you to spirituality and inner peace. This course is especially beneficial for developing a positive attitude in life.

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