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Which is the Most like comment on YouTube ? What did you learn from the most liked comment on YouTube?

As of November 2020, the most liked comment on YouTube was posted by Seth Everman. It has 3.3 million likes so far. He posted it beneath the original video for Billie Eilish’s hit song, “Bad Guy.”
This is the most popular comment on YouTube:

“I’m the bald guy.”

What surprised me was the comment. People don’t know why it got so many likes so quickly. It is the first comment to have 1 million likes, and it’s also the most liked comment on YouTube!

Perhaps the most exciting thing I learned from this comment was how to use viral marketing.

To understand what are the takeaways from the viral marketing perspective, you need to learn why the comment went viral in the first place.

I did some research and found four main factors: popularity, placement, performance, and push. Let’s take each of these points one by one to decode how the YouTube comment went viral. By studying this process, you can learn how to replicate the viral marketing success for your own ideas, products, or content.

If you have many followers on social media, then people will share your content more often. I don’t have many followers and that’s why my content isn’t shared as often.

Seth Everman is a YouTuber, internet celebrity, and musician.

The lesson I learned from the most liked video on YouTube is that people like videos with a lot of people watching and they also like videos on platforms where they usually watch things.

The YouTube comment went viral because he posted it in a genre where he is already well-known. In other words, the right thing was done at the right time and in the right place.

Performance is how good the content is. The “I’m the bald guy” comment was not very smart, but it did have some good features. They were short, simple, and a joke. The comment was relevant and personalized.

Seth is a YouTuber. He made a video on his YouTube channel about how his comment went viral. It is the most liked comment in the world, and he tweeted and posted it on Instagram too to keep it going. When he had more than 1 million likes, he celebrated by posting it.

If you want to create content that goes viral, then think about the things that popular people do. First, post where your fans can see it. Second, post on topics and areas where you are already popular. Third, make it short. Fourth, make it simple and easy to understand by anyone. Fifth, be clever or funny or relevant to other popular topics. And lastly, make it personal with something about yourself in the content!

I think Seth’s YouTube comment is a great story. It has a good ending. But there is no exact science for viral marketing.

And we will be going into 2022 ans still the…

 most viral YouTube comment in the world:

“I’m the bald guy.”

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