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MrBeast net worth : Is MrBeast born rich? (Channel, Income & More!)

Mr. Beast is a YouTube star and social media sensation who has amassed an impressive 14.7 million followers on his popular @mrbeast Instagram page, 77 million subscribers to his MrBeastYT channel, and 12.1 million Twitter followers via @mrBeast. What’s more, celebrity net worth estimates that Mr. Beast is worth $25 million.

Mr. Beast Up Early, Up Late

Mr. Beast aka Jimmy Donaldson was born on May 7th, 1998 at 6ft 3 inches with a net worth of $25 million dollars from his gaming career as a Professional Gamer and Content Creator for a YouTube channel that he started quite early is baed out Greenville, North Carolina.

When he was just 13, Donaldson uploaded his first-ever YouTube video. The young man’s early content ranged from Let’s Plays and estimation videos to tips for upcoming creators as well as commentary on drama in development at the time of upload. He made few appearances himself during this period but has slowly increased engagement with fans since then; today many know him better by the nickname “MrBeast”.

Mr. Beast First Ever Video

How much is MrBeast net worth?

YouTubers who create content for YouTube make a lot of money. MrBeast Net Worth is estimated at $25 million according to estimates, and he has been listed among the top 100 most popular YouTuber’s in 2019 by Forbes magazine as well!

In addition to his successful channel on Youtube that brings him an annual income of between 922k – 14 mn$, there are other sources from which this man makes even more cash including endorsements with products like TikTok or CSGO Lotto just one example out many others available through ads placed both online & offline.

Mr. Beast on Social Media

As well as the highly popular @mrbeast social media profile on Instagram, Mr. Beast also has a Facebook Page and a Twitter account which he uses sporadically to communicate with his fans.

Through social media, Mr.Beast has amassed an impressive 14 million followers on his popular @mrbeast Instagram page and 6 million& 12+ million Twitter followers via the @Mr_Beasts account!

Mr. Beast YouTube Channel

Mr. Beast have around 6 active Youtube Channels.

  1. MrBeast is the channel where all of Mr. Donaldson’s fun happens! On this channel, he regularly posts videos giving away money and more to his fans- with 77 million+ subscribers as a result.
  2. MrBeast’s second channel, Beast Philanthropy is undoubtedly the #1 philanthropist on YouTube with more than 5 million followers and counting. MrBeasty donates money at an incredible rate! His channel description says it all “100% of the profits from my ad revenue, merch sales, and sponsorships will go towards our Food Pantry!”.
  3. MrBeast Gaming is the go-to for all of your gaming needs. With videos that cover everything from Minecraft, GTA, and more – this channel will have something for everyone! On average everyone gets 10 million views, His uploads are always exciting with new content being uploaded regularly.
  4. YouTube recently launched YouTube shorts, which are basically video clips that are 60-seconds or less (and mostly user-generated short catchy videos). MrBeast Shorts channel includes all the shortest uploads to date with over 9 million followers.
  5. Beast Reacts, The channel is where MrBeast and his friend Chris react to the Internet’s viral videos. Some popular videos on this channel include:
    -World’s Fastest Workers (10 million subscribers) -Most Expensive Houses(2 billion dollars!)- Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations which has 10.8 mn Subscribers
  6. MrBeast 2 is another channel with a subscribers base of 3.72 million, where he had uploaded just 2 videos to date. Signing Shirts For 6 Hours Straight, Solve This Riddle For $100,000.

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How does he spend his money?

In a recent interview with fellow YouTubers Colin & Samir, MrBeast offered the duo an opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes of his finances. What they discovered was that he spends about US$4 million every month on creating content for YouTube which amount brings up the total annual video budget at around $65 million (AU60+M).

MrBeast is a YouTube sensation who has donated items to help the homeless and veterans. He’s won multiple awards for his charity work, including one where he gave away televisions that were auctioned off in order to raise money for Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital!

For instance: In December 2018 MrBeasts’ video “All My fault” raised $100k by donating clothing and other essentials needed at shelters across Los Angeles County while raising awareness around veteran suicide rates among mixed-race military service members.

Mr. Beast Family Life

MrBeast’s father is Stephen Donaldson a businessman by profession and his mother Mrs.Donaldson who is also a housewife.

Mr. Beast elder brother, CJ Donaldson is also a popular content creator and very well-known name in social media, and a Youtuber by profession too.


Mr. Beast first began posting videos to the Internet back in 2012 and his popularity has grown exponentially ever since. Mr. Beast’s fame is not limited to YouTube; he has become one of the most famous young social media stars worldwide, with a global empire that stretches from the USA to India.

Mr. Beast’s regular video posts of new challenges and ‘donating money’ have made him a YouTube star and his more adventurous challenges (such as I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive) have helped Mr. Beast build up a global following on social media.

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