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MrBeast Net Worth 2023: Earnings, Salary and Source of Income (How Is MrBeast So Rich?)

What is MrBeast Net Worth? The net worth of MrBeast is $25 million.

In addition to his YouTube channels, MrBeast’s official storefront, etc., his entire income comes from his businesses online.

MrBeast, better known as Jimmy Donaldson, had approximately one million subscribers in May 2017. Currently, MrBeast has over 67 million subscribers (as of September 2021).

He is known as the Santa of YouTube among MrBeast fans.

A famous YouTuber named MrBeast has donated millions of dollars to random strangers, friends, and family members.

What made MrBeast become the richest and most influential YouTuber on the planet from NOTHING? In this MrBeast net worth post, we’ll find out just how much he’s worth.

Who is MrBeast?

MrBeast Net Worth
MrBeast is 23 years old YouTuber

His YouTube channel was started on February 19, 2012, by MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson.

Among the gaming videos he uploaded on YouTube were Minecraft, Pokemon Online, Black Ops 2, Battle Pirates, etc.

All the items in a grocery store have been purchased by him, allowing people to walk in and pick what they want, and donating the rest to the homeless. Aside from the show on Netflix, the American influencer hosted his very own version of the Squid Games, with a cash prize of $456,000.

MrBeast Net Worth: How MrBeast Gained 67,500,000 Subscribers?

Find out what works by experimenting

There are so many videos on MrBeast’s main channel that it’s hard to keep track. He tried a lot of things when he first started his YouTube channel by posting gaming videos.

MRBeast worth and salary

As well as offering tips to aspiring YouTube creators, he also offered YouTube tips. No videos were successful. In 2017, despite making videos since 2012, he went viral with a video in which he showed himself counting to 100,000, a feat he later revealed had taken 44 hours.

MrBeast’s take on the challenge is below. It wasn’t making much money for me after dropping out of college. I knew it would become viralIn the years that followed, MrBeast made videos such as spinning a fidget spinner for 24 hours, being buried alive for 50 hours, and spending 24 hours in slime.

The first video went viral, and MrBeast made several similar videos including one where he spun a fidget spinner for 24 hours and another where he spent 50 hours buried alive.

As a result, millions of views and subscribers followed him to his channel.

Make Viral Videos

According to Casey Neistat, a filmmaker turned YouTuber, MrBeast lives on a different planet from the rest of the YouTube world.

MrBeast gets millions of views on his YouTube videos EACH TIME! The secret to MrBeast’s mega-success is his evergreen content, which is enjoyable during any season.

Each MrBeast video has received over 20 million views. His videos on his primary channel receive between 15 and 20 million views within 24 hours of posting.

Even among YouTube’s biggest stars, getting so many million views each video is unheard of. MrBeast’s YouTube videos attract millions of views, so how does he do this?

Youtube’s secret code has probably been cracked by MrBeast. His content is automatically linked to millions of views each time he uploads it to YouTube because he understands the YouTube algorithm.

According to MrBeast, the key is to get as many videos out as possible once you have figured out how to make a video go viral.

Thus, here are three PROVEN YouTube viral video strategies.

1. Evoke emotions: MrBeast’s videos always have one thing in common: “emotions”. Emotions are often evoked by MrBeast. His laughter is contagious. His tears are contagious. The content he creates impacts people.

It is a lot like cooking to create a viral video. Cooking tasty meals becomes easier with the right ingredients and a good chef.

MrBeast has that. With the right team at his disposal, he evokes people’s emotions perfectly.

2. Tell a story:  Do you ever notice that MrBeast’s videos tend to be shorter than his full albums? It isn’t for promotional purposes.
MrBeast’s videos are almost always narrative in nature. MrBeast’s videos are not the only videos that tell a story. You are most likely to reach a LARGER audience online by telling stories.

What’s the reason? Storytelling helps you connect with your audience and will keep them coming back for more.

What would a MrBeast video look like?
3. Do the unexpected: MrBeast is a viral video that deviates a little from the norm.
Consider thinking outside the box when creating a viral video.

As an example, MrBeast orders pizza and gives the pizza delivery guy a house in one video!

What kind of lunacy would it be to even consider such a thing? The house was fully paid for by MrBeast, who bought it from the pizza delivery guy.

Engage and motivate your YouTube subscribers

MrBeast’s channel is subscribed to by millions of people because he makes his subscribers happy. Many of his subscribers receive free stuff worth millions of dollars.

It is something he does often.

Keep your subscribers engaged if you plan to build an audience as engaged as MrBeast. Make sure they appear on your videos. Give them a shout-out.

Answer their comments. Comment on your videos and pin the best ones if they are thoughtful or funny.

Ensure that titles and thumbnails are attention-grabbing

Do you want your YouTube videos to get more views? Make titles and thumbnails that draw attention.

The title and thumbnail of your video will be the first things people see before clicking on it. Watching other videos is an option if the videos are not compelling. It’s that simple.
Have you noticed any patterns? After reading the titles, you’ll be compelled to click on them right away.

The titles of almost all of his videos seem like clickbait.

MrBeast’s thumbnails are also simple since he keeps his mouth open. It can be seen above that MrBeast creates thumbnails with his mouth wide open in a strange pattern.

Consistently be outrageous

MrBeast’s YouTube success is dependent on his consistency.
On MrBeast’s main channel, MrBeast uploaded 11 videos in the last four months. MrBeast Reacts, MrBeast Gaming, and more on his other channels.
Although he has a huge following on YouTube, he’s extremely consistent.

He has always been consistent with his YouTube channel since he began in 2012. Videos of him playing games, watching horrendous intros, and giving away items are often uploaded to his channel.

Even after most of his initial videos failed to attract many views, he continued to upload videos.

Watch his initial videos to see how many views he has received.

Have you seen that? Many of them don’t even reach 100K views. Has he stopped posting videos?

Not at all! He tried a variety of different things to find what works best for him.
To succeed like MrBeast, you need to be consistent.
Organize your schedule according to your convenience. Follow it.

What is the source of MrBeast’s large earnings?

Money, houses, cars, gifts, boats, and other products worth millions of dollars are often given away by MrBeast.
MrBeast must have a lot of money to spend, but how does he do it?

Money is generated by MrBeast primarily in three ways:

– Sponsorships
– YouTube ad revenue
– Selling merchandise

I want to discuss the above three strategies that make MrBeast so successful on YouTube.

1. Sponsorships

Sponsors account for the majority of Mr. Beast’s net worth. The following is a list of sponsors who pay MrBeast a lot of money.
MrBeast’s first sponsor, Quidd, donated over $10,000 to MrBeast which he then donated to a homeless person. Quidd is still sponsoring MrBeast.

Honey: MrBeast frequently promotes Honey on his YouTube channel, and Honey probably contributes the most to his net worth.

Apex Legends: Apex Legends is another YouTube channel sponsor for MrBeast. They sponsored $200,000 for a “$200,000 YouTuber Battle Royale” and donated $100,000 to Shroud for each kill.

Dragon City: Dragon City also sponsors MrBeast’s videos, which include “Giving $100,000 To A Homeless Person”, “$70,000 Extreme Hide and Seek – Challenge”, etc.
Besides the above, MrBeast also promotes other brands in his videos, such as Coinbase via a link in the description.

2. Selling merchandise

Mr Beast merchandise- MrBeast net worth

MrBeast’s merchandise also contributes a lot to his net worth and YouTube donations.

MrBeast sells a wide range of products through his online store called Shop Mr Beast, including;

  • Hoodies
  • T-shirts
  • School bags
  • Accessories and more

In addition, MrBeast Burger operates 900 locations in North America and Europe that deliver fast food. Burgers, fries, desserts, and canned drinks are available on the menu.

3. YouTube ads

MrBeast YouTube channel

As MrBeast receives millions of views every single day on YouTube, his AdSense revenue is also enormous.

MrBeast attracts over 10 million views on his YouTube channel EVERY SINGLE DAY.

As well as MrBeast Gaming, which attracts an equal number of views (or slightly fewer), he also has a few other YouTube channels.

On average, MrBeast generates $100,000 or more (on average) from YouTube ads every single day with a CPM (Cost Per Thousand Views) of $7.

MrBeast YouTube Videos 

What is MrBeast’s monthly income?

MrBeast makes an average of $8 to $10 million every month from YouTube ads, sponsorships, and merchandise, among other sources.

MrBeast Net Worth: A Final Thought

He has become one of the most popular YouTubers in recent years. He became a lot more generous towards others as his YouTube income increased.

It’s not just that his videos are entertaining, but they are also quite useful to many people as well.
What is your opinion of MrBeast? What inspired you about him? How would you rate his videos? Share your thoughts below

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