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PinPointe Email Marketing Software Reviews : Pricing & Demo

Email marketing is one of the prominent ways to attract customers and users for products. It is designed for the product campaigning that helps businesses of small scale to campaigns their products through smart and attractive emails which are entirely customer focused. However, it has been noted that in most cases that the emails designed turn out to be overly flashy, too much unnecessary details and hence lose the charm for the apt purpose.

It lacks the robust automation features which reflect sophistication and aesthetic sense of the company. Hence, drafting of good, attractive yet customer-oriented emails are very important.

The large scale companies spend a lot of capital on their minute features including emails as one of them and get the best of skills from the market to create and design the right templates and content for their emails. However, small and mid-size companies might not be able to cope up with this and hence fail miserably in email campaigning.

The business to business (B2B) customers are often overlooked while they too need robust features, automation and targeting capabilities to track, optimize their campaigns via emails.

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Pinpointe Review In Detail and its Origin

Pinpointe is a private firm with its headquarters in Silicon Valley, California. It was founded by a few Silicon Valley executives who had broad expertise and experience in B2B email technologies and services. They are actually a team of extremely passionate techies with combination of marketing and problem solving attitude who have dedicated to improvise on the email marketing feature for all B2B firms and organizations.

Pinpointe is extremely customer focused and simple to use with its robust features. It has eased the process of creation, automation, targeting and analyzing of email communications for everyone in business.

It allows tracking, optimization of email content and allow boosts the sending of about 1-20 million of emails on monthly basis for product campaigning. It rests on a user friendly platform and has a scalable dedicated infrastructure.

Features of Pinpointe


Building relationships with clients and maintaining them is one of the significant methods of extending business. The response time and communication plays a big role in maintaining the relationships with clients. Here are some of the most useful and robust features of Pinpointe which makes it an extremely reliable and easy to use for product campaigns through emails.

For Mobiles: Pinpointe is designed to have one of the largest libraries of mobile-friendly, pre-tested and easy to use html email templates.

  1. We can create attractive emails very quickly with the available features.
  2. Responsive emails can be easily created with the help of templates that adjust to correctly display the responses on mobile devices, iPads and even on desktops. It simple adds immense value to our campaigns.
  3. Response rates are significantly increased as it allows sending and viewing in the same way on mobile devices as well.

Inbox Acceptance: Pinpointe offers permission based email marketing and have nurtured relationships with prominent ISPs and participated in feedback loops. Their Return paths and IPs are certified and secured.

  1. Pinpointe monitors the IP reputation to ensure that the inbox acceptance rates are significantly high.
  2. It has been recorded that the app users have achieved 96% – 99% delivery rates in inboxes.

Automation: Marketing efficiency can be maximized with this software solution application, Pinpointe. Its powerful automated auto responders trigger the campaigns. Auto responders have been recorded to boost results by nearly 100%.



  1. Pinpointe allows the creation of flexible auto responder campaigns and triggers campaigns based on the behaviour of the product.
  2. You can set up an automatic drip sequence with filters for each email.
  3. You can also setup auto responders to send on behalf of some people within the organization.

Precision and Accuracy: The smart-segments features of Pinpointe allow us to target the prospects with higher levels of precision. It defines the complete segment criteria with combination of different behavioral information collected. This includes scenarios like if subscribers have clicked on specified links or opened a campaign.


  1. Pinpointe allows building of complex selection criteria and mix with the AND – OR logic with easy pull down menu options.

Make Your Emails Social in Just a Single Click: Pinpointe is designed to magnify the email campaign results largely with the help of automation in social platforms too.  It allows the increase on followers in social platforms by adding like and share buttons in the email marketing campaigns.

  1. Adding of social sharing via email campaigns is extremely simple. All I had to do was select the button style and click on ‘Insert Social’ in the email campaign editor.
  2. Pinpointe automatically adjusts to insert the social sharing codes for every recipient with options like ‘ Follow’, ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ in the email campaigns.



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Real Time Site Analytics: Email marketing has been taken to an all new level with this highly integrated real time analytics website in Pinpointe.

  1. We can get a 360 degree view of our contract and campaign activities.
  2. It also helps in the inbound tracking.

Working Procedure of Pinpointe


The working of Pinpointe is simple and user friendly as the application itself does most of the things for us. Once we register with Pinpointe, it takes care of the below items:

  1. It sets up and confirms our account in just about 10 minutes. Each of the applications is reviewed in order to ensure protection to all spammers and customers.
  2. It is used for sending out permission based email campaigns and hence takes care to review on the applications.
  3. It has provided some terms and conditions on signing that allows us to agree with the rightful conditions stated for sending permission based and authentic email marketing campaigns via emails. It does not permit the use of purchased contacts either.
  4. It also offers a cancellation policy such that users, who are on month to month programs, can cancel any time. That month will be billed in full while the account will not be completely re-billed.
  5. It is available for customers who are on 6 months billing too. Any remaining balances will also be refunded.


With all the above features, it has been noticed that Pinpointe is a highly useful email campaign solution provider with in affordable rates. The pros are listed below:

  1. Easy setting up of Account to get started.
  2. Protection ensured against spammers.
  3. Excellent customer support with call and chat activities. Provides unlimited access to on demand training videos.
  4. No hosting fees or contracts or setup costs. Any kind of fancy or hidden costs are also not attached.
  5. Creation of simple yet robust, attractive, auto responsive emails to boost product campaigns via emails.
  6. Affordable pricing plans.


The features and benefits with Pinpointe are so immensely useful that it’s difficult to identify the cons of this software application. However, it terms and conditions are slightly rigid in terms of making it fully secured to avoid any spanning which can be little extensive for the users.

Apart from this, it’s hardly anything to mention about in its cons.


The cloud based software used for email marketing, Pinpointe has won better results for all small and mid-sized companies and enterprises with the help of permission based email communication.

Its comprehensive features like segmentation, drip marketing campaigns, and permission based emails to avoid spamming has helped to deliver more quality outputs by the marketing and sales team in business.

Customer Support

Pinpointe offers excellent customer support with its chat activities. They provide live chat support to their customers during business hours. You can even call them to discuss on their plans of pricing and features. The cancellation policy or pricing plan related queries are handled by the customer support team who are highly responsive to your queries. They will respond your email within 2 to 4 hours.



There is a free trial programme attached for Pinpointe that allows its users to try this software solution absolutely free of cost and avail its features. There are other pricing plans too based on the number of active contacts in your list. The subscription plan helps customers who send regular emails.

You can also prepay for 6 months to avail 10% additional discounts. If you want to send email to your complete list of contacts more than six times per month, there are other discount prices available too which are described below:

  1. 5000 contacts with 75000 emails send limit at 49 USD per month.
  2. 1000 contacts with monthly 150,000 emails send limit for 74 USD per month up to 100,000 contacts with monthly 1,500,000 emails send list for 480 USD per month.
  3. For more than 1,500,000 emails send list, you need to call their customer care number.

The send limit is the actual number of individual emails one can send every month. You can easily contact their customer care to know more about the pricing details.


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Pinpointe is cloud based email marketing software application which is enriched in email campaign features offering to small, mid-size and large scale companies. Its award winning systems has brought big-business features, automation and services at very reasonable and affordable prices for all level on firms.

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