5 Powerful SEO Tips For Writing Better Blog Posts

In This Post, We’ll Talk About Powerful SEO Tips For Writing Better Blog Posts

Everybody got their confusions when it comes to optimizing content for search engines. Making it easier for the Search Bots to analyze your content will let the door of organic traffic opens to your blog and that’s how you win the pace.

But, are you really shaping your content for Search Engines?

To be frank, if you give it a try Search Engine Optimization is not such a hard thing and it’s one of the most important tactics you should give priority to in your blog promotion strategies.

In this article, I will be sharing the Powerful SEO Tips to Optimize Individual Blog Posts before publishing.

What are these Powerful SEO Tips?

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Lets start from the first thing to the last.

Optimization of Titles on your Posts.

Titles or Headlines are the decision maker of users to decide whether to read it or not.
But it also plays a vital role in Search Engine Rankings. Tweak it harder and the results will be astonishing.
So how to optimize your titles for Search Engine?

  • Include your Main Keywords on your Title.
  • Keep it short but describing.
  • Use Long Tail Keywords, which people might search for.
  • Avoid using words twice or more. A word a single time is enough.
  • Use multiple keywords wisely.
  • Always balance it between 70 characters or less. More of it will show an excerpt in the Search Results, confusing the users.

But make sure you don’t overthrow your content for Search Engines. Your ability to wield Title’s decide your Click-through Rate.

Optimization of Meta Description.

As you know, the description tag comes just after the Title on Search Results and it’s more than letting your readers know what the article is about. When bots analyse and index specific content, they keep fragments of the content in the description tag. So whenever a Googler search for a query, the system will submit a list of content/pages with more matching with that keyword and description.

So, you must really make good use of your Meta Description tags for a higher impression.

  • Make sure you use at-least 2 combination of Long Tail Keywords in your description.
  • Just like the way we did in Titles, you must keep an eye for repetition.
  • Try to avoid stuffing or unnecessary use of words like – is,of,and,to & or.
  • Make sure you don’t use Special Characters in your description.
  • Keep it in 156 characters.

Know that it’s what the users see at the Search Results, show make them descriptive and magnetic.

Shaping the Meat. Content Optimization.

I love to call the content – Meat. Because it’s the high priority thing on your blog. It decides your Blogging Career Totally. Always give top priority to your content and you won’t regret it.

Ops! Am I throwing you off from the topic? Sorry! Lets get straight to it.

Before proceeding, I’d like to inform you that – your content is the life of your blog and always remember to keep your readers first on the list. They are the blood of your blog. 🙂 Shape it for Search Engines later.

Keywords are the door to organic traffic. Make good use of relevant keywords.
Do Keyword Research more often which will dramatically improve your writing skills and traffic rate. Try to stick on to relevant keywords.

  • Bold up your Main Keywords.
  • Italics your Phrases which have chances to be searched.
  • Make sure your content stays in the limit of 600 – 900 characters. 750 is the green  zone. So throw for 650 and you will hopefully reach 750 in the end 🙂
  • Replace ordinary keywords with Long Tail Keywords.

Oh! Did I say Long Tail Keywords? I think I’ve missed it.
Long Tail Keywords are the best way to demolish SEO at the present situation if you ask me.
Let’s take an example. Consider you want to Learn the magic trick of vanishing a coin. What would you search for?

  1. Coin Magic Trick
  2. How to do the Vanishing Coin Magic Trick

Ask yourself, you would definitely go for the second one since it’s more Human. People search humanly these days since the Search Engine have changed a lot. An end if you are a one who go for the first query, no offence, I think you got a serious problem with you! 🙂

And that’s how you make use of Long Tail Keywords. Replace the poor, short ones with long tails and let the results amaze you.

Include Subheading Tags inside your Post.

Don’t forget to slice and shape your content to small fragments. It will improve the ease of readability and flags green for search engines.
Make sure you use at-least the h2 and h3 tags. It will tell the Search Engines that – “Hey! I got a bunch of Stories inside and you might wanna include me in the top of the list”.

Optimizing Images on your Blog Posts.

You should always do image optimization for your blog too. Optimizing has two benefits. Making it easier for readers and Making it easier for search engines.
Always implement 2 or more images on your blog posts. This will enhance the richness of your content and push it to the top of the Search Engine Rankings.

  • Use short description that includes keywords on the ‘alt tags’ of your Images.
  • Use Title  tags with long tail keywords and make sure they describe the image to the readers when they hover on it.
  • The file name also matters. So give relevant and appropriate names to your images.

It’s best if you implement images only after completing the post. This will help you to write in a flow and output great content.

Over to you.

Howdy Blogger. Aaahrg ! Be a lion and shape your content for Search Engines from the next time on wards. Make good use of these Powerful SEO Tips and you won’t regret it.

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