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Ringba Review 2022– Best Enterprise Call Tracking Service Software

There’s one software which gives you complete control over your call marketing, one can easily track the sources of calls, see detailed information about callers generated from online marketing, that is Ringba.

It is a revolutionary digital product that is surely going to take over the market and apparently would not be having enough rivals to compete with.

Ringba provides enterprise grade call tracking to businesses, networks, agencies and performance marketers of all sizes. It gives the client’s unparalleled real-time tracking and analytics like no one else in our industry.

This being made with versatility can be used to power many different business sectors and the call flow they follow by managing the call streams, the applications and the use cases too. Each business needs different methodology which is handled by the developing new products for the clients each day.

Users can also manage their product’s affiliate marketing programs, control call flow into their contact center and an entire pay per call network could be adopted.

Take for example a call centre, managing one is a complicated process. Ringba is specifically designed with these challenges in mind, allowing dynamic routing plans for your campaigns based on schedule, concurrency, volume caps, productivity, and performance.

Also, it can monitor groups of agents across numerous campaigns making sure to never overload your team and gives you the flexibility to adjust your concurrency in real-time. Arm your team leaders and floor managers.

Ringba review

Ringba doesn’t let you rely on partners to keep your agents on the phone rather one can add additional revenue streams by using the past experience which ultimately, increase the margins.

By using Ringba’s intelligent performance routing one can virtually eliminate abandons and have the opportunity to run their contact center at maximum capacity where it’s most profitable.

Ringba support Real-Time report generation so that one can have immediate access to critical information .The developers have developed an amazing mechanism to aggregate all the data generated through people who call and who don’t to optimize the process.

Ringba can also track and attribute calls to any and all available data providing rich understanding of the users and traffic sources.

Each process is automated and entirely configurable. With such access to the powerful attribution data say from calls one can easily eliminate the flaws, the traffic sources and eliminate non-compliant partners thus optimising the process.

The Intelligent Call Routing is supported by Ringba using which one can attain the ability to add specific targets and target groups, prioritize the routing, cap volume with extremely flexible time tables and restrictions.

Ringba dashboard screenshot

Inside Ringba the partner that receives or buys calls is referred to as a “Target”.  It provides the ability to add specific targets, prioritize the routing. It can also route calls by user data such as device, location, ISP, browser, referring website, landing page, caller ID information, and most importantly performance.

Number Pooling supported by Ringba can track specific information about every user that visits the website. In this system groups of numbers are called which is used for tracking “Number Pools”. These pools are activated by a simple to use tag that is placed on your website.

It can also manage pools of toll free or localized phone numbers in over 80 countries providing the much needed flexibility to run and optimize campaigns in the most profitable way.

ringba review features

As Ringba is designed for optimisations it doesn’t restrict the information to itself rather gives the partners the same level of insight as partnerships are an important part of any business.

It provides a detailed and granular access to the data to the clients which ultimately optimises the campaigns at a level never experienced before in a partnership.

Such transparency awarded to the partners allow them to streamline their business and increase their ROI without any intervention, adding a longer lifecycle to the campaigns.

The reporting interface allows access to view the publisher activity, track revenue, revshare, pay-outs, and convert and export all of the data to properly manage the payables.

As discussed before Ringba isn’t limited it can implemented to business sectors like:

ringba features

  • eCommerce Vendors: A customer’s journey through your online store tells you more about their intent than anything else. Ringba supporting dynamic number pooling and tracking features can follow customers throughout their lifecycle from initial touch points to after sale follow-up, that is a customer’s journey through an online store. And can further detect where the customers call for support or to buy. Hence the store can be optimized for maximum profitability.
  • Television advertisers: Ringba can help TV Advertisers by issuing multiple geographically relevant or toll free phone numbers to be inserted into specifically targeted TV advertising campaigns. Hence TV networks can show different commercials in different areas depending upon the data received, thus tracking the performance of different channels and shows.
  • Performance marketers: Ringba here allows Performance Marketers to tracking your ad spend and optimizing your campaigns at an unparalleled level giving visibility into granular reporting. The advanced rule based routing and optimization functions allows one to buy, sell and manage millions of calls in over 80 countries simultaneously, while routing those calls by availability, schedule, user and performance to the right sales agent at the right time. Reduce your abandons, optimize non-performing traffic sources.

So if you want to stay compliant, up to date, be intelligent and most importantly drastically improve your profit margins, you can do it with nothing but Ringba.

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