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Training that deliver! Online & offline

I have done countless digital marketing workshops at conferences and events all over the world and still aim to continue doing this by becoming a source of personal branding to others who wish to reach the same pedestal where I am today.

I have learned the art of performing informative and interactive workshops over the years and now provide the same knowledge base to newbies by covering the topics in depth to become highly competitive in the digital marketing world.

Quality Affiliate Consulting

Getting into Affiliate marketing or struggling with one already? Not sure why your present campaign is not delivering results? Get answers to all this and a lot more from top quality Affiliate consulting with me. This marketing ninja has all necessary answers in place to see you through every hurdle you face with your campaign and help you 10X your sales through affiliate marketing.
I have a knack of building a good rapport with people regardless of their profile.

I will personally help you choose the best affiliate platform and how it can help you to grow your business rapidly by getting 150% ROI on any of your product or services! Since you will be the one that sets the commission rates, this is a highly cost-effective marketing strategy that guarantees ROI.


Blogging is an increasingly rewarding career path for both individuals and groups when it comes to flexibility, monetary growth, fiscal benefits, travel and leisure, satisfaction and knowledge etc. Keeping that in mind, I have consistently made an effort to make the Blogosphere a better world through my brainchild, BloggersIdeas!

BloggersIdeas is a brilliant blog that aims at providing a very elaborate service, for an important and essential aspect of earning profits online by managing blogs, WordPress blogs, and other CMS platforms.

PR marketing

It is an important thing to believe that Public Relations (PR) is one of the most important components of your company’s online reputation with clients, customers and subscribers. PR involves a variety of programs designed to maintain or enhance the image, products and services your brand offers.

My team of experts and I, harp on the fact that successful implementation of an effective public relations strategy can be a critical component to a marketing plan

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Digital marketing consultation

Experts and influencers have often stated that SEO and digital marketing services are two key elements which if done well, can be the prime reasons behind the success of your online business! These are two aspects that are in high demand nowadays, mainly due to the exponential outburst of the internet and social media as a leading platform for advertising, generating leads, creating customers and generating revenues.

However, doing it the right way is an art that requires skills and knowledge about how various factors of business in the Internet world go around. The biggest trouble people usually face is whom to trust, because there are numerous people online who claim to be digital experts and SEO consultants.

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Content marketing

In the end it is all about SELLING! What sells well, goes well. It is not about what you are selling, it’s about HOW ARE YOU SELLING? Marketing your content on the internet so that it effectively reaches your target audience and fetches you the results you are looking for is the objective of content marketing!

Social media consulting

Marketing and promoting your business, brand or organization on social media platforms by engaging with your audience is a MUST DO task! This involves no rocket science. Just simple elements like staying in touch and being updated through regular tweets, posts, status updates, and comments to stay connected to your customers is what needs to be taken care of here. This involves old, new as well as persuading potential future customers.

My team and I will teach you the importance of understanding audience feedbacks to analyse your customer’s demands and know what they want, so that you can work on it and ultimately boost your sales and services!

Buying affiliate/amazon sites

Google loves authority websites which have solid backlink structure and Amazon affiliate niche-based websites are one of those! The websites usually have highly targeted keywords-based content & have high authority in eyes of Google. If you are looking to buy one of those micro niche websites, I will personally suggest you the #1 resource for buying websites that will keep your cash counters ringing!

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