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Skillshare Free vs Premium 2023: Which One Is The Best?

Learning new skills can be a difficult and expensive endeavor, especially if you need to pay for expensive courses.

To make things a little easier on the wallet, Skillshare is an online learning platform offering an affordable variety of classes in many different fields.

With its two main subscription options: Free and Premium , how do you decide which one will give you the best value?

In this blog post, we’ll break down all the features of both plans so that you can better determine which one will meet your learning needs.

Is Skillshare Free vs Premium Worth Buying?: 2023

Skillshare Overview 

Skillshare Dashboard- Skillshare Free vs Premium

Skillshare is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of educational courses and classes.

Founded in 2010, Skillshare has become one of the most popular and successful platforms for learning, offering both free and paid memberships to its users. 

The platform features thousands of courses in areas such as entrepreneurship, design, technology, business skills, marketing, creativity and more.

Most of these courses are taught by expert instructors from around the world, who have been carefully vetted by the Skillshare team.

Each course or class consists of short-form video lessons and interactive projects designed to help students learn in a fun and engaging way. 

In addition to its library of courses, Skillshare also provides its members with exclusive access to seminars taught by influencers like Seth Godin or Kathy Sierra:

  • live classes taught by top industry leaders;
  • discussion groups for students to share ideas;
  • Q&A sessions;
  • feedback tools;
  • career resources including resume help and job postings;
  • a community forum where users can connect with other learners;
  • project showcases so students can show off their work;
  • various special discounts on courses and other related offers;
  • weekly newsletters featuring new releases;
  • and plenty of other tools to help enhance the Skillshare experience. 

What makes Skillshare unique is its focus on collaboration between teachers and students. Through its “Projects” feature, people can work together on projects related to their courses.

This helps build a sense of community among users while also encouraging them to stay engaged with the material they’re learning.

Additionally, Skillshare’s focus on improving the quality of education available online provides students with high-quality experiences that are easy to access from any device with an internet connection. 

Overall, Skillshare is an excellent resource for anyone looking for an affordable way to gain knowledge from some of the best minds in different industries without having to attend traditional universities or colleges.

Whether you’re interested in building your own business or just want to expand your skillset through self-learning, you can rest assured that Skillshare will help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently – all at an accessible price point!

Should You Buy Skillshare Premium? 

Skillshare Plans


If you’re looking to learn something new, then you may have already heard of the skills-based learning platform called Skillshare.

The company offers a wide range of courses that are taught by industry professionals in a variety of disciplines from coding to design and photography.

While some courses are available for free or at a discounted price, one of the most popular options is the Skillshare Premium subscription.

It offers unlimited access to thousands of classes for one low monthly rate. But is it worth your money? Let’s take a look at what this subscription has to offer and help you decide whether or not it’s right for you. 

Skillshare Premium offers unlimited access to thousands of skill-based classes taught by experienced professionals.

This includes topics on marketing, coding, design, business and photography among others.

The content is organized into different categories with clear descriptions so that you can easily find what interests you most.

You can also quickly search across all topics to find an instructor that works best for your needs and goals. 

One key benefit of Skillshare Premium is that it offers exclusive discounts on products from partners such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Shutterstock and others so that subscribers can get access to tools and resources they need for their projects at lower prices than if purchased separately.

There are also special discounts on physical products such as books or merchandise featured in certain classes which can be useful if you’re looking to buy something related to the topic you’re studying. 

Another great feature included in Skillshare Premium is its “Project Gallery” which lets users showcase their work done during their coursework and receive feedback from fellow students as well as instructors who can give valuable advice on how to improve their skills further down the line.

Plus, there are numerous live events with industry experts where attendees have the chance to ask questions directly which can be very helpful in getting personalized guidance on various topics related to their field of study. 

Overall, Skillshare Premium appears as a great option if you want to learn something new without breaking the bank.

Its selection of courses is extensive and its exclusive discounts are definitely worth considering when deciding whether or not this subscription is right for you.

If nothing else, it could be a great way try out different topics without committing too much time or money upfront – something which could prove invaluable for those looking for direction or exploring new avenues before taking more serious steps towards achieving their professional goals.

Do You get Accredited Certificates in Skillshare?

The answer is yes! Skillshare is a popular online learning platform that offers courses in a wide range of subjects, with courses tailored to both beginners and experts.

When you complete a course on Skillshare, you are offered the opportunity to receive an official Accredited Certificate from Skillshare.

The certificates are issued by TES Global, one of the world’s most respected accreditation and certification bodies.

This means that when you receive an Accredited Certificate from Skillshare, it will be recognized as valid proof of your professional qualifications.

These certificates are highly valuable in the job market – employers know that having this kind of credential shows that you have a level of experience and knowledge within your chosen field. 

The process for obtaining an Accredited Certificate from Skillshare is simple: all you need to do is complete a course on the platform and pass its final assessment with greater than 70% accuracy.

Once this has been achieved, you can download your certificate directly from the course’s page. The certificate will provide evidence of your successful completion of the course, including details such as test scores and completion dates. 

In addition to making use of their Accredited Certificates for job applications or further education opportunities, users can also leverage their certificates when applying for membership with professional organizations or associations.

As long as they meet any other criteria required by these organizations, they can then become part of them with their Accredited Certificate as proof that they have taken their expertise seriously enough to be certified by an internationally renowned institution like TES Global. 

All in all, it’s clear that having an Accredited Certificate from Skillshare carries great weight in today’s job market and can benefit professionals who wish to demonstrate more than just their knowledge; namely, their commitment to gaining certifications and qualifications which show employers just how serious they are about honing their skillsets in order to stay ahead in their industry or profession.

Skillshare Pros & Cons

Pros –

Skillshare is an online learning platform that offers users access to a wide range of classes and tutorials.

There are many benefits to using Skillshare, including access to a large library of courses on various topics, the ability to watch lectures and tutorials at any time, the opportunity to interact with other users in the forum, and low-cost or even free courses.

Skillshare also provides users with access to professional instructors and experts who can offer personalized advice and feedback on projects. 

Cons –

While Skillshare does offer many advantages for learners, there are some drawbacks as well.

For example, since many of the classes are available for free or at discounted prices, the quality of instruction can vary significantly from one instructor to another.

Additionally, some courses may require additional materials that need to be purchased separately from the class.

Finally, since Skillshare is an online platform, there isn’t always much face-to-face interaction between students and instructors which can limit the amount of personalized support that is available for learners. 

Overall, for those looking for an inexpensive way to learn about new topics or hone their skills in existing areas of expertise, Skillshare can be a great resource.

With its flexible approach to learning and wealth of courses covering a wide range of topics, it’s easy to see why so many people turn to this platform when they want to learn something new.

However potential students should be aware of the potential drawbacks associated with using Skillshare before making a decision regarding whether or not it’s right for them.

Skillshare Premium Pricing

Skillshare Membership

The individual subscription of Skillshare premium costs $168/year, which is around $14/month.

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Conclusion: Skillshare Free vs Premium 2023

If you’re trying to decide between Skillshare Free and Premium, the best option for you depends on how often you plan to use the site.

If you only want to watch a video or two every once in a while, then Skillshare Free is probably the best option since it’s free and easy to access.

However, if you’re looking for more comprehensive learning with unlimited access to all courses, then Skillshare Premium is probably a better fit since it offers more features for a monthly fee.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to how much time and money you’re willing to commit to learning new skills on Skillshare.

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