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Soulja Boy Net Worth [Year] : How much Do Soulja Boy Make A Day?

What is Soulja Boy Net Worth in 2022? Soulja Boy’s net worth in 2022 is around $30 million now.

Read this article further to find out about the rapper Soulja Boy’s net worth, his source of income and earnings and we will be sharing his net worth each year.

Who Is Soulja Boy?

Soulja Boy rapper

Soulja Boy is a Chicago, Illinois-based rapper and record producer. He is popularly known for his debut track, ‘Crank That (Soulja Boy),’ released in 2007.

Since then, he has been promoting and playing his music with great success.

The real name of Soulja Boy is DeAndre Cortez Way

Early Life

Soulja Boy was born as DeAndre Cortez Way in Chicago, Illinois on July 28, 1990.

His family relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, when he was six years old, and he became interested in rap music. He moved to Batesville, Mississippi, when he was 14 years old.

To encourage his son to work on his music, his father built a recording studio in the family home. Soulja Boy uploaded his tracks on the website SoundClick in November 2005. They received excellent feedback, and he created accounts on YouTube and MySpace.

He released his first album in March of 2007 “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” and “Unsigned and Still Major: Da Album Before da Album,” his first independent album.

In addition, he created a low-budget film to demonstrate the “Crank That” dance.

By the end of May of that year, “He signed a deal with Interscope Records when his song Crank That (Soulja Boy) was broadcast on the radio. “Crank That” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in September 2007 and stayed there for seven weeks. Soulja received a Grammy nomination for the song.

In October 2007, he released his debut major-label album, “Souljaboytellem.com,” which charted at number four on the Billboard 200 and was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. “SouljaBoyTellem,” his follow-up album, was released fourteen months later.

In 2010, he released “The DeAndre Way,” his third studio album. “Loyalty,” his fourth studio album, was released in 2015.

Gucci Mane, Sammie, Shawty Lo, and Arab are among the hip-hop musicians with whom Soulja Boy has collaborated. “How Can You Blame Me?” was his fifth studio album, released in 2019.

Soulja Boy Career

Soulja boy career and performance

The internet has played a significant role in Soulja Boy’s popularity.

He began his career by making accounts and continuing to share his music on other platforms after posting one of his first songs on the website SoundClick in 2005. After obtaining a great reaction, he expanded his career by creating accounts and continuing to share his music on other platforms.

He was signed to Interscope Records in 2007 after his smash single ‘Crank That’ reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.

His second and third albums were less successful, with the musician’s third album reaching an all-time low. From 2011 to 2014, he released a slew of mixtapes, all of which were commercially successful.

He got signed to Universal Music Group in 2014.

Since then, he’s produced a slew of mixtapes, songs, albums, and videos, all of which have aided in his rise to fame.

How did Soulja Boy make so much money?

Soulja Boy net worth and income

Soulja Boy made all his money through his songs and albums.

His multiple popular tunes account for the majority of his fortune. His most successful film, Crank That, grossed $8 million on its own.

His tremendous singing career, combined with his commercial interests, has allowed him to amass a substantial amount of cash over time.

Although his best music is behind him, he has masterfully prepared himself for life after music and will continue to make millions.

Controversies of Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy challenged rapper Bow Wow to a race in their costly sports vehicles in early February 2009. At the time, both rappers were driving Lamborghinis.

Soulja Boy sparked a controversy when he said Bow Wow’s car was rented, adding gasoline to the flames of their feud. Bow Wow showed he owned his automobile, sparking a Twitter battle over the topic.

Both artists released insult tracks to each other in a couple of days. “F*ck Bow Wow,” Soulja Boy wrote to Bow Wow. “What I Think About You” was sent by Bow Wow to Soulja Boy. In 2016, the two rappers reconciled their differences and produced “Ignorant Shit,” a collaboration mixtape.

Key Lessons To Learn Away From Soulja Boy

Here are the key lessons to learn from Soulja Boy:

1. Do everything to the best of your ability

Even if you don’t succeed, you’ll be able to claim that you gave it your all and battled as hard as you could. When you put your heart and soul into something you’re passionate about, it becomes much more significant to you when it succeeds.

2. Count Your Blessings

Soulja Boy previously stated that even if he lost a Grammy to someone else, he was grateful for getting nominated in the first place.

Rather than being sad or furious about things you don’t have or have lost, you should be glad for the things, people, and chances you do have.

3. Internet is your Best Friend

Take advantage of the internet; you can use it to create, view, and share practically anything.

Soulja Boy’s career was created in large part on the internet, as he was one of the first superstars to use it to launch his career and share his songs with the world.

4. Words matter

A few words may go a long way, so be careful what you say, publish, and comment on since what you say, post and comment on can reveal a lot about a person. You never know what impact your words will have on others.

Powerful Quotes from Soulja Boy

“People in the media, it makes their day when someone they say is a five-star artist goes platinum.”

“I hate it when people come up to me on trains and ask ‘Are you Soulja Boy?’ If people want pictures or autographs, that’s cool, but I don’t like the dumb questions.”

“If I’m going to make music for the streets or the clubs or whatever, I go at it with 110 percent.”

“Now that I’m in the position I’m in now, I like to take all my creative ideas and put ’em on the Internet for my fans to interact with. Give ’em something to do.”

“I hate it when people come up to me on trains and ask ‘Are you Soulja Boy?’ If people want pictures or autographs, that’s cool, but I don’t like the dumb questions.”

Soulja Boy Assets

Soulja Boy cars and assets

Soulja owns a $6 Million Penthouse in Hollywood, Hills. He also owns an expensive mansion in Agoura Hills, California.

Soulja Boy has an exotic collection of cars. He owns three cars:

  • BMW i8 worth $164,000
  • Bugatti Veyron worth $1.7 mn.
  • Porsche 911 worth $100,000

Soulja Boy on Social Media

  • Instagram: 6.9 million followers
  • Twitter: 5.4 million followers
  • YouTube: 3.12 million followers

Conclusion: Soulja Boy’s Net Worth [Year]

Soulja Boy is a well-known and talented rapper who is incredibly dedicated to his craft. Soulja Boy’s net worth is already $30 million at the age of 27 and is expected to rise as he continues to develop music.

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