8 Powerful Techniques to Set Your Mind to Write Stunning Articles in 2024

Imagine this…

You are sitting in front of your computer. You have a great idea for a blog post. You think it could make you and your blog very popular – get links from A-list bloggers and hundreds of retweets.

You cannot control the excitement. You just want to start working on the best blog post idea you have ever come up with. BUT something in your mind doesn’t let you do it.

You say to yourself: “Well, let me tweet for some time and write the post once my mind is free and in the mood to write.”

I’m sorry to disappoint you because that moment, which you are waiting for, is not going to come any sooner.

Techniques to Set Your Mind to Write Stunning Articles
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Techniques to Set Your Mind to Write Stunning Articles

If you decide to tweet for some time, there is only “one thing you should tweet at that moment and I’ll get to that ‘tweet’ a little later.

Now back to imagination…

You start tweeting and you never write the post. What do you do then? Well, there’s always a tomorrow right? At least that’s what your mind says.

Self-talk: “I will surely write the post tomorrow – first thing in the morning. I won’t check my mail, I won’t open Tweetdeck and I will never play a game until I finish the post”

Next morning, you get up and the first thing you probably do is, check your mail.

Alright, back to reality, which is probably the same that you imagined (;))

Now I’m telling you all this because I have been there and I still experience it every now and then. I’m no productivity expert. The techniques that you are going to learn in this post are the ones that I use whenever I feel like “I will write tomorrow”.

So what will you learn in this blog post?

Most probably you wouldn’t have read half of these tips anywhere before. Just a quick outline of what this blog post is about:

  1. 2 ways twitter can help you stop procrastinating your writing
  2. 2 tools that are extremely useful… And best of all – FREE
  3. One method top copywriters use regularly to beat procrastination

And a little more…

I don’t intend to waste your time. I value time as much you do. So I’ll straight away tell you about these 7 methods. Here they are:

1. Set up Egg Timer and start writing in Dark Room

8 Powerful Techniques to Write Stunning Articles in 2023

Dark Room (for windows only) is software, btw. Check out Write Room for Mac.

Sometimes you just have a small starting problem. And in those occasions, this method will work perfectly.

Go to Egg Timer website and set it to 20 minutes. Open the Dark Room software. Now start writing the post. And even if you cannot start, do anything but simply stare at the empty screen for 20 minutes. Most probably you will start writing something at least by the 10-minute mark.

This method is so simple and it works. Both Egg Timer and Dark Room are completely free.

2. Read a success story

There are tons of them out there. Read blog posts that teach you how to grow 6500+ subscribers or the posts that explain how the author earned $20,683.09 in blog revenue.

2. read a success story

These stories inspire you to start blogging. What I do is, I bookmark posts like these and read them when I don’t feel like blogging.

I read Success stories whenever I feel like “I don’t want to start this blog post. I will write it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or next week or may be never”

You can also read success stories about blogging in general. Simply go to Hubspot blog and search for (or use tag browser) keywords like:

  1. 1. “How we grew”
  2. 2. “We increased”

You will find tons of success stories like these:

This method is different from the first one because instead of getting inspiration and motivation, you read about what others did to succeed. I use this method sometimes when I get overwhelmed by blogging or feel like giving up.

The best thing about success stories is that they are written by real people who succeeded in blogging, not some fake guru.

3. Read a previously received compliment

You’ve probably received positive comments or compliments from your readers at some point in time. Go and read them. I’m very sure it will inspire you.

You can use Twitter creatively here. When someone sends a positive comment about you, favorite the tweet by clicking the star icon near that tweet. This will save it to your favorites. You can read it whenever you want.

This is one of the ways Twitter can be used to achieve our aim of beating procrastination. I’ll teach you the second way now (I said there are 2 ways right?)

4. Send out a tweet that you’ll publish a post today

Remember that I told you, you should not start tweeting when you don’t feel like writing unless that tweet is a ‘particular tweet’?

Here it is: “Gotta go and write now. I Will publish a post today”

You can reword it in whatever way you want as long as you are saying to your followers that you will publish a post today.

This works. Guaranteed. Why?

Because you are actually saying to the world that you will write. You can escape it when you say only in your mind. But you will feel guilty when you don’t publish a post after saying that you will write one today, to all your followers.

They might not ask you about it if you don’t write a post but they will know.

5. Start Reading Headlines

This is the technique some of the top copywriters use. Brian Clark uses it for inspiration. Michael Martine uses it for coming up with headlines. And so does many other bloggers and copywriters.

The best thing about reading headlines is that it not only helps you come up with blog post ideas but it also helps you to write. It triggers your “love for writing”.

I have headline swipe files that I often browse through for inspiration. You should create one too. It’s simple and doesn’t cost you a penny. Just save all the stunning headlines that you come across in a file.

6. Write a list post

Write a list post
credits: pixabay.com

List posts are the best way to start blogging when you don’t feel like writing anything. I know it may sound counterintuitive but, when I started out blogging, list posts gave me an opportunity to practice my writing skills even when I didn’t want to write.

I have made list posts as my default posts for months. Why? I don’t know.

I just liked the idea of making a list post every time I didn’t feel like writing anything else. It helped me to write regularly and come up with ideas that I otherwise couldn’t think about.

7. Watch a video… An inspiring one

When I say video, don’t watch just about anything. There are just too many good videos, which will keep you occupied for a long time and you might never return to writing.

Watch only the inspiring ones. I recommend watching the below Gary Vaynerchuk’s video :

I don’t know why but every time Gary says “hustle”, I get blood pumped up. And you will feel it too. He is charismatic.

I have it downloaded to a computer hard drive so that I don’t need to go to youtube every time.


If all this doesn’t help you start writing the post, here’s what:

8. Post a comment on any article or on social media posts 

social media posts 

Okay, not necessarily this post. Go to any blog – your favorite blog – and comment on a blog post.

When you post a comment, you actually break that “I don’t feel like writing” obstacle and dive into the creative zone.

Your brain starts to open up and you will feel the need to quickly write down your thoughts in a paper. I’m telling you this from experience and I’m quite sure you would have experienced it before when you commented on a blog post.

And, if the blog is your favorite one, you will be giving something to them too.

Give it a try. It works for me every time.

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Conclusion : Techniques to Write Stunning Articles in 2024


You have a stunning idea for a blog post and you are struggling to start writing. It’s all in your mind. Just follow one of the above seven techniques. You’ll be halfway through the next best blog post in no time at all.

How do you stop procrastinating and start writing? Do you have any special techniques? Post a comment here or write a whole blog post about it and let me know.

Please share your views in the comments. I would appreciate it if you can tweet this post and spread the word.

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