Thrive Leads Review 2024 : Is this the Best Email Listing Building Plugin ?

The e-mail is probably the first cyber messaging service and still, it is considered as the official method to connect. Nevertheless, it seems to be an outdated promotion technique for most digital marketers.  Professionals say “money is on the list”.

That means you should right from the first day of your blog. Ask any experienced blogger from where they get the greatest conversion rate. Their answer will be none other than “email list”. Everybody can visit our blogs. But only those who trust us become our subscribers. Trust generates leads and conversions.

Thrive Leads Review: Is it Worth the Price?

I am assuming that you are a WordPress user. So using suitable plugins is an important thing to grow your list. We must understand our visitors’ minds and the magic of converting a first-time visitor to a subscriber. That’s why I am here with a fabulous plugin called Thrive Leads which can increase the size of your list within a short time span.

What is Thrive Leads?

Skyrocket Your Conversions Now: Thrive Leads Review

Simply, it is a list-building WordPress plugin developed by Thrive Themes team. You might have seen a number of such plugins. Most probably, you had your hands on some and got disappointed. Yet, this one will not be disappointing to you, I swear.

There are a number of features available. Different types of opt-in forms, Shortcodes, A- B splitting, daily overview, beautiful templates, etc. Hence, building an email will no longer be a worry if you have Thrive Leads plugin.

Before discussing Thrive Leads, let’s watch these videos by Thrive Themes on YouTube:-

Let’s dive into the amazing features of Thrive Leads.

Diverse Types of Opt-in Forms

Skyrocket Your Conversions Now: Thrive Leads Review

Forms are the first thing a blogger who wants to grow his/ her email list should use.

With Thrive Leads, you will get about seven types of opt-in forms that can easily seduce your visitors to be a subscriber. Placement of forms is a key thing to increase the size of your email list. Some areas in our blog can bring a decent number of subscribers, but some other areas can’t. Know this first.

Here are the types of forms.

  1. Widgets: – The effective method to put subscription forms on sidebars and footer.
  2. Ribbon Styles (Floating bars): – Can be put on top or on the bottom.
  3. Light Boxes: – Works like a pop-up but is not as annoying as it. Within a given time, a box with a subscription form appears above the content by fading it.
  4. Post- Footer: – Some people subscribe only after being satisfied with your content. You can use post- footer forms for them.
  5. Slide-in: – Appears on the bottom corner of the screen.
  6. Shortcodes: – With a specific Thrive Leads Shortcode, you can ask to subscribe to a post or a page.
  7. Two-step opt-in: – One of the types which get maximum CTR. By using this option, you can show a button or a text before one sees the form.

Awesome A/ B Testing Option

Skyrocket Your Conversions Now: Thrive Leads Review

You might have asked yourself a doubt whether Thrive Leads has a split test feature or not, right from the beginning of this post. Don’t worry.

Thrive team has integrated a really cool split testing (A/ B testing) option to analyze the conversion. With this option, it is possible to clone a form you already created and make slight changes to it. Then, you can examine the change in conversion rate between the original and cloned items.

Make sure that you apply a single change at a time. So that, it will be easy for you to realize which change brings out the difference.

If you enable Automatic Winner Settings, the plugin itself chooses that one that has a higher CTR and conversion rate to keep on showing.

Predesigned Templates

Skyrocket Your Conversions Now: Thrive Leads Reviewthrive-leads-opt-in-template-library

Not everyone is a pro to building a superb opt-in. That’s why you get already designed templates with this plugin. Even if you are a pro in designing your own subscription forms, I doubt whether you can beat Thrive Leads’ predesigned templates.

They took extra effort for making it fabulous. What to do if you want to make some changes to the templates?

Drag and Drop Content Builder comes to your rescue now. Select any template and choose the option to customize. Save the changes after you are done. That’s all.

Triggers and Display Frequencies are Easily Customizable

Skyrocket Your Conversions Now: thrive-leads-form-triggers

It is important for you to make sure that your visitors are not irritated by the subscription forms. They really feel awkward to see an abrupt pop-up. Hence, keeping trigger and display frequency to a moderate value is highly recommended.

Scrutinize yourself on a computer. Check when and how you prefer a popup while being on your blog. Think like a reader then, not as the blog owner. In this way, you can get to know an approximate value for each.

Set the value inside the setting tab of the plugin. If you are still hesitant, create a split test with two different values. In that way, it will be easier to get what works most.

Other Significant Specs

Skyrocket Your Conversions Now

It supports almost all major email list-building tools like MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, iContact, etc. It is possible to get a report of conversion rates, sign-up count, comparison between the two forms.

Content Locking option is available. With this, you can provide a significant portion of your post only to your subscribers. That specific part will be visible after signing up. You can choose a form to be shown on specific posts or pages. For two-step opt-in forms, buttons can be animated to increase the interest of visitors. The pricing is also in the affordable bracket!

Thrive Themes affiliate program

Thrive Themes Affiliate Program
Excellent Products & an Excellent Earning Opportunity

At Thrive Themes, they pride themselves on delivering amazing products and having a stronger focus on quality (over quantity) than any of our competitors. Just read some of the reactions from their customers on the blog and you’ll see that this isn’t just an empty platitude. We’ve turned over-delivering into a business model.

For you as an affiliate, this means you can promote extremely high-quality products and your audience will thank you for it.

In addition, they are a company specializing in conversion optimization, and naturally, their own sales material is highly polished and tested to get your the highest EPC possible.​

Sign up for their Affiliate

Thrive Themes Pricing Plans

Thrive Membership Pricing Information

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Final Thoughts: Should You Use Thrive Leads?

Oh, are you still hesitant?

Thrive testimonials

It is the best email list-building plugin available now. I am pretty certain that you won’t regret the moment you choose Thrive Leads.

We need to think twice before taking our wallets out, I know. So, if you are not convinced yet, just talk to fellow bloggers who use this plugin. Most probably, they will tell stories about how they skyrocket their email list using it.

Watch this video to know how you can increase your sale using Thrive Leads

Be prepaid to experiment. Change triggers, frequencies, and area of placements. Use a split test to find out what works and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, you will know that you spent the money wisely.


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