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5 Tips To Build Natural Backlinks

In This Post, We’ll Talk About Tips To Build Natural Backlinks

Last Year Google launched 27 algorithmic updates and they are considering more than 200 plus ranking signals to rank any domain on SERPs. Simply in this every changing SEO field, the life of every individual blogger has become a lot hard. But not all blogger and webmasters has to suffer. So a big question arise in every blogger’s mind that how to build natural backlinks?

Those who follow the Google’s webmaster guidelines and remain sticked to white hat SEO, survive every panda and Penguin updates. So today we are going to discuss one among those white hat SEO, and it is natural link building. So what it is and how to build it. Just remain on this page and you will learn it ” most probably “.SEO

What are Natural Backlinks

This type of backlink generation happens when someone likes you content or website and then he/she links it to their website or article. So in simple terms if you have capability to convince your readers or to build authority in your niche, then you will be successful in building natural backlinks to your site.

I think it would be better to take a simple look in the Google’s official guide to ” Link Schemes “. Over here you will get all information on black hat techniques or other methods of link generation.

How To Build Relevant Backlinks

This is something which can’t have any exact answer. The answer to this question will always vary from individual to individual. But their will be 5 different things very common in all of them even if their strategy might be different.

Quality Content Matters.

Today everyone says, write quality content and people will come automatically. But do you think this is true. If I don’t use H1, H2 and H3 tags properly, don’t include my keywords in my post, don’t use LSI and long tail keywords and finally if I don’t promote it on social media, then will search engines and people will every notice my master piece.

The answer to this question is NO.

So write quality and in-depth contents which is focused on one particulate topic and is targeted for your readers. And then finally craft it into your master piece. Below I am listing out few of the important SEO content marketing strategy.

  • Use tools like longtail pro or WordPress plugins like Easy WP SEO, SEOPressor 5.
  • Perform extensive research before writing a single word.
  • Collect a list of top 10 keywords which has low search volume and are still related to your niche.
  • Now finally craft your images or graphics so as to make your post sticky.
  • Make sure to include your one targeted key-phrase in your Title.
  • Remove every stopping words from permalink structure.
  • Add your key-phrase within first and last 50 words of your content.
  • Try to write article with more than 1000 plus words.
  • Use WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin to check your reading scale and try to maintain between 60 to above.
  • Try to divide your content segment in two to three sub heading and points.
  • Perform extensive internal and external linking. ( for every external link make it rel=”nofollow” ).
  • Finally offer social media buttons to let your readers share it on their social profiles.

Source : SEOMOz, Search Engine Land, Kissmetrics

I have collected this data from above source and have tried to make it as short as possible.

Using Infographics As Link Bait

Creating a useful and attractive infographic may cost you in 1000’s but in terms of profit this cost will be nothing. One of the infographic generated for QuickSprout on complexity in U.S taxation led to 20K plus visitors in just two day. One another post reveals that 47 different infographics led to 41,142 backlinks from 3741 unique domains.

These all simply shows the real power and potential of link generation with a single infographic.

Build Natural Backlink With PR

Now you might be think how article publishing and marketing can help you in this case. Don’t you worry I am here to answer you.

Please remember that by article marketing I don’t mean to say, publish or write article for goarticle, articlebase or ezinearticles. Here I am referring to Press release. Since we are going to use it as link bait, so its an marketing strategy.

I think you must be knowing about a super affiliate Zac Johnson. Just few weeks back I saw his site’s link on yahoo news. And the actual content was published on PRWEB. Press release is a costly way to get quality dofollow and authority backlink, but they are worth giving a try. Its a best way to get social and internet exposer and to build brand presence. So if you are a business owner, author or web developer then this method is perfect for you.

  • Create a free service, premium ebook, web based application or script and let it be online.
  • Now simply move to few of the best free and paid PR sites.
  • Register their and put in all required information.
  • Now simply write an article which explains about your website or blog and provides little focus on your product or service.
  • Finally link it to your website.

Not wait for few days and track your backlink profile. Use Ahrefs for latest and live links. If your PR was good and targeted, it will get copied in Yahoo news, Google news, Other newspaper and .edu websites. And this all will happen naturally.


This is the most popular method to build backlinks free. As suggested by SEO masters, you should have good density of dofollow and nofollows links and so commenting is best for you. If you write good, quality comments, author may provide you with dofollow links and its also  one among the best method to generate traffic.

But above all, commenting is a best practice to build good relation ship with fellow bloggers and readers. Now its all up to you hand, how you handle them and how much effort you put in to attract them to perform interlink with your site.

How To Create Backlinks With Guest Posting

You might be performing a good number of guest posts to create backlinks. And you are very successful in doing so, but if you check your link profile you will find hundred of extra links pointing to your domain.

This answer is, that the real administrator or author must be sharing his blog posts in his social profiles, other bookmarking and networking sites and most probably to content curation sites. So if the website in which you are going to perform a guest posting, allows you to add link in the top of the page, then its like a gold mine for you.  Make sure you dedicate your most time in writing contents for such websites, since it will help you a lot.

There are still hundreds of different methods to create and to find backlinks opportunity. You can easily find good list of commentluv enabled blogs, dofollow forums, high PR and managed directories and finally high authority article directories to write and to promote your website.

Now your turn !!

I wish my article would be helpful to you all. All your suggestions and comments are most welcome in comment area.

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